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Information added to Encyclopedia Exandria should be sourced. References communicate to others where the information came from, and it allows for readers to verify information as desired. Citations are added in a variety of ways, and this page covers the basics of referencing: templates, placement, timestamps, and missing citation tags.

Citation templates[edit source]

This wiki uses a number of templates to streamline the process of adding citations, particularly by automatically linking to VODs and linking to specific timestamps within them. These templates are summarized in the table below. Reference tags, which are often used when there is no applicable template, are also included.

This table provides the basic usage of each template, and more complex features and syntax are available at the template documentation linked in the first column.

Template Common usage Wikitext example Output
{{ep ref}} YouTube VODs {{ep ref|ep=2x72|3:06:11}} [1]
  1. "Clay and Dust" (2x72) at 3:06:11.
{{print ref}} Print media and comics {{print ref|EGTW|71|74}}
{{print ref|MNO Fjord}}
  1. Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, Chapter 3: "Wildemount Gazetteer", pp. 71–74.
  2. The Mighty Nein Origins: Fjord Stone.
{{Twitch ref}} Twitch VODs {{twitch ref|vod=|ep=Aabria Iyengar Character Sheet Tour|channel=DnDBeyond|0h52m51s}} [1]
  1. "Aabria Iyengar Character Sheet Tour" on DnDBeyond at 0:52:51.
{{Beacon ref}} Beacon VODs and pages {{Beacon ref|URL=content/3-86-cr-cooldown-c3-e86|title=Critical Cooldown C3 E86|1:45}} [1]
  1. "Critical Cooldown C3 E86" (membership required) at 1:45 at Beacon.
Ref tags
Websites <ref>[ "Brennan Lee Mulligan & Aabria Iyengar Detail Exandria Unlimited: Calamity"] (June 6, 2022) by E.L. Meszaros for</ref> [1]

Placement[edit source]

Citations should be placed in a way that best communicates where the information came from. Usually, this is at the end of a sentence or paragraph, but citations can also be placed at the end of a phrase or a clause if that makes the source of the information more clear. Citations go after punctuation, like so,[a] or like so.[b]

  1. This is a placeholder.
  2. This is a placeholder.

Timestamps[edit source]

When citing an especially lengthy episode, include a timestamp. This allows the appropriate templates to link directly to that moment in the YouTube or Twitch video, and for videos that cannot jump directly to the cited time, this makes it easier for everyone to locate that information within the video.

If a timestamp is not yet available, or you are otherwise unable to currently provide one, add cite=needed to the citation template. This marks the citation as needing a timestamp and adds it to the appropriate subcategory of Category:Articles needing citations so that editors can track these citations and add timestamps. When you add a missing timestamp to a citation, remove cite=needed so that the citation can be removed from the tracking category.

Still uncertain?[edit source]

Generally, provide your sources as best as you can. If you are uncertain how to use any of these templates, how to format references in the standardized way, or how to cite a source that does not easily fall into these categories, simply provide identifying details about the source as clearly as you can in a way that will allow others to easily locate and verify the information themselves. Video sources generally will include a URL, the title of the video, and a timestamp. Website sources generally will include a URL, a title, a date, and an author.

Simply: strive to clearly communicate where information in an article may be found by providing what identifying details about the source are available.

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