Help:Plagiarism Policy

Wikipedia's plagiarism guide is an excellent source for understanding what plagiarism is, and it is recommended you read it.

What is plagiarism/close paraphrasing?

In the context of editing this wiki, plagiarism might look like, but is not limited to, one of the following:

  • Making an edit with text taken from a D&D sourcebook without enclosing it in quotations and citing it properly.
  • Using extended quotes from an episode transcript without proper attribution or citation.
  • Copying material from Critical Role's website without attributing it to the cast or crew member who wrote it.
  • Close paraphrasing of one of the above.

Note that plagiarism is still plagiarism regardless of intent - even if it's accidental.

How to attribute quotes

Check out the paraphrasing sources section of the style manual. In short: if you are making a direct quote, enclose it in quotations and cite the source, whether it is an episode or a book.

Consequences for plagiarism

Editors making a first or minor offense will be given a warning and directed to this page. You may be blocked for 24 hours for an offense after that, and up to a week for future offenses. Repeated and deliberate plagiarism after multiple warnings will be construed as vandalism and treated as such.

If you find a page that has plagiarized material, please use the {{copied}} template to mark it for revision, and explain which material is plagiarized in the template or talk page.

This wiki contains material imported from FANDOM which may not have followed this plagiarism policy; please still mark it with the {{copied}} template.