Help:Page protection

Administrators have the ability to protect pages so that only certain wiki editors can edit or move them. This is meant to maintain the integrity of the wiki, and all users can request edits to a page even if they can't edit them themselves. Protected pages are still viewable to all, and you can see the list of protected pages at Special:ProtectedPages at any time.

Full protection

Fully protected pages can only be edited by administrators. This level of protection is mostly only used for pages like the Main Page and pages in the Mediawiki namespace, which control the look and structure of the wiki. Policy pages are also locked to ensure they remain intact and can be read as intended by anyone, and common templates may be locked as well. Changes to these pages can be very disruptive to people's experience on the wiki and should not occur without discussion, but you are welcome to provide recommendations to administrators if you believe they need editing. The talk pages for these pages are open.

Full protection may temporarily be put in place for a non-infrastructural if a specific pages is being repeatedly vandalized or if an edit war between confirmed users is occurring. The reasoning for this lock will be placed on the Talk page if so.

Only logged-in users

Self-explanatory; you must be logged in to edit this page. This is a minor stop-gap against vandalism from IP users.


Semi-protected pages can only be edited by confirmed users. This is a slightly higher level of protection against vandalism, and may also be used for pages that frequently have unsourced information added, or discussion or voting pages.

Move protection

Some pages have open editing but cannot be moved except by an administrator. This may be done for pages that have been moved to other titles in the past and wiki consensus was to keep it where it was. Note that only logged-in users can move pages at all; see Help:Group rights for more information.

Upload protection

Files can be upload-protected to prevent them from being overwritten by anyone but an administrator. Again, this will likely be a reactive measure, and only logged-in users can upload files.

If you have questions about a protected page, have suggestions for edits to a protected page, or would like to request a page be protected, please contact an administrator.