Help:Other user policies

The following serves as a place for minor user policies.

User blogs

If you're a logged in user, you have a blog. You can create blog posts at Special:CreateBlogPost and you may view an archive of all blog posts at Special:ArticlesHome.

Blogs should pertain in some way to Critical Role, but are not articles. They're a great place to talk about what you do on the wiki, informally propose projects, and talk about the show. Policies pertaining to civility, spam, plagiarism, copyright, spoilers, etc. still apply. Blogs do not count as main namespace edits (ie, they do not count towards voting eligibility).


The wiki discord server link is here.

The wiki Discord is a great way to quickly get the attention of an administrator if vandalism or other harmful behavior is in progress, and it permits more real-time discussion than talk pages. However, it is the philosophy of this wiki that you can and should be able to contribute while keeping your presence entirely on the wiki. As a result, significant conversations that require consensus should take place on the wiki, for the purposes of transparency. Conversations on the discord may be copied to the wiki if they are judged to be relevant to a consensus topic or decision.

Good uses of the Discord include asking editing questions of other users, planning informal projects, and just hanging out.

While off-topic discussion on the Discord is permitted, the same policies roughly apply: treat your fellow wiki editors with respect and do not spam the channels. Violators will be asked to leave, kicked, or banned as necessary. Please review the Rules and Info channel upon joining the Discord.