Notability in the context of a wiki means "what deserves an article". This is a somewhat subjective measure and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis; however, some guidelines are provided below.

  • The subject should require definitions that are specific to Critical Role. For example: we do not need an article for "tree", as we can safely assume that readers are aware of what a tree is; if they do not, we can link to a Wikipedia page rather than create our own article. However, monsters the party encounters do deserve articles even if their descriptions are available in D&D resources, as their role in the story is relevant.
  • We should either know the name of whatever the thing is, or they should be narratively significant, and ideally both. Eg: an unnamed guard who lets the party into a castle and otherwise does not interact with them is not narratively significant. However, an unnamed guard who steals an item from the party and flees deeper into the castle, provoking a chase and fight, likely is. The naming convention for these is typically "Unidentified X", eg, Unidentified Vergesson Sanatorium patient.
  • Generally, abide by a three-point rule: if you cannot write an article with at least three sentences and at least three significant facts about character, item, or location beyond name, race, gender (for characters), type (for items), and region (for locations), then the subject is likely not notable enough on its own. Variations of this also apply to topic types not discussed here.
    • An article that does not meet this might still qualify as notable enough if they've appeared recurrently enough, are contextually important or provide meaningful information about the narrative or another character, or are connected enough to a player character to be significant. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Sometimes topics that do meet this are still not split into their own article. Example of this include city districts or minor members of a family. This is often because those topics are best contextualized inside a larger article.
  • Redlinks are okay! If all we know of Made-Up Town is that there are some silver mines, it's okay to leave the article blank until such time as we have more information.
  • If you believe an article to be not notable, you may mark it with the {{delete}} template and explain why in the template or on the talk page. Please be respectful, even if you think the article should not have been created.