This is the policy for uploading images for use in articles on the Critical Role wiki. Uploaded images that do not meet these guidelines may be deleted.

Official Images

It is preferable to use official images: VOD thumbnails, official character art, official photographs of the cast, images from Critical Role comics and sourcebooks, images from Wizards of the Coast sourcebooks (for items/creatures taken from D&D lore), or screenshots of the episode.

Please reference the documentation for art official caption for citation instructions.

Fan Art

Fan art is permitted on the wiki if and only if there is documented permission from the fan artist. It is advised that in the case of permission granted via social media replies, both the link to the permission and a screenshot thereof are made available in case the artist later deletes their account. Fan art cannot be cropped or altered without separate permission to do so from the fan artist. Fan art that has been showcased by Critical Role in a gallery, fanart of the week, or other locations, as well as fan art made by artists who have also done official work for Critical Role does not constitute official art, and still requires permission for use on the wiki.

Please use fan art judiciously. If no official art for a place or character exists, then it is reasonable to seek out fan art, but this is ultimately a wiki, not a gallery.

Please reference the documentation for art caption for citation instructions.

All Images

Images should be given a unique and intuitive name. Please refer to the New Image template for how to document images. All images must have a source, subject, copyright type, and, in the case of fan art, documented permission. With the exception of screenshots and material from non-Critical Role Wizards of the Coast sources, please also document the artist.

Images should always be credited and cited wherever they are used.

Image Deletion

Fan art without permission will be deleted upon discovery, and the uploader will be contacted. Repeated uploading of images without permission after a warning may result in a block.