Help:IP users

Our philosophy is that anyone acting in good faith should be able to edit this wiki, whether they have a (free!) account or not, and we welcome people who want to edit relatively anonymously! However, there are some limitations to editing without an account that we want to outline so that you are aware.

  1. If you are not logged in, other users can see your IP address in the edit summary. This is not something we can change, so please be aware this will happen.
  2. User rights are slightly more limited; you can edit but you cannot add images nor move pages. You are still welcome to participate on Talk pages and ask for a page move.
  3. You are not eligible for voting in consensus or elections.
  4. If someone needs to revert your edits, they will only be able to explain why in the edit summary or talk page for the article (rather than on your user page). If someone needs to roll back your edits, they will only be able to explain why on the talk page for that article.
  5. If you are blocked, there is no way to directly message you to explain why and you can only appeal the block by contacting administrators via social media/Discord and sharing your IP address.

All of this is to say: if you are mostly interested in making edits, you behave respectfully, and you are ok with your IP address being visible, editing anonymously is a great option! If you'd like more of a voice in wiki policy, the ability to make more involved edits, or do not wish your IP address to be shown, you may wish to create an account.