Help:Group rights

Different people on the wiki have different levels of access. This page serves to explain the different user groups, their rights, and how they are determined.

For a full list of user rights by role, please see Miraheze's User groups guide. The following is a summarized version of user rights.

With the exception of bots, the privileges here are cumulative: confirmed users have all the same privileges as users as well as additional privileges; rollbackers have all the same users as confirmed users as well as access to the rollback tool, etc.


Even if you are not logged in or do not have an account, you belong to the (everyone) group and can view and edit pages. However, your IP address is visible. At this time, IP editors are permitted. Should vandalism become a serious problem, the administrators and bureaucrats can make a decision to turn off IP editing and require users be logged in to edit the wiki.


Users are people who have logged in and created a user account. They can view and edit pages. They can also upload images, move pages, edit categories, and send messages to other users.

Confirmed Users

Confirmed users are able to edit pages that have protections against unconfirmed users. You can become a confirmed user either by creating an account and starting editing - you will become autoconfirmed after 4 days and 10 edits - or, if you believe you should have access prior to that, an administrator or bureaucrat can promote you.

Autopatrolled Users

Autopatrolled users have their edits automatically marked as reviewed - they do not show up with a red exclamation point next to them in Special:RecentChanges. They can also mark other edits as reviewed (note: unreviewed edits do still appear on pages - this is purely on the back-end for ease of monitoring). Administrators will mark trusted editors as autopatrolled. If you've been around for a couple months as a regular contributor and no one has provided feedback, feel free to reach out to an admin to see if you can be marked as autopatrolled!


Rollbackers can more quickly undo edits by other users using a rollback tool that is made available to them. Administrators or bureaucrats assign rollback rights. Rollbackers must have at least a 3-month history of consistent valid edits. To retain these rights, rollbackers should make at least 50 mainspace edits in any 6-month span.


Administrators can delete and undelete pages, block users or change user rights, and protect pages. They can also edit fully protected pages. While the current administrators were appointed as the first users of this wiki, there are term limits and additional administrators may be nominated following at least 6 months of editing. To retain these rights, administrators should make at least 200 mainspace edits in any 6-month span, and use the admin tools at least once in that span (eg: promoting or blocking users, deleting pages). Please see the Administrator page for more details on expectations for administrators and how to become an administrator.


Bureaucrats have the same rights as administrators. They also can change the rights of administrators and edit core wiki settings. The current bureaucrat is the wiki founder. Future bureaucrats will be nominated from among current or future administrators. To retain bureaucrat rights, bureaucrats should make at least 200 mainspace edits in any 6-month span, use admin tools at least once in that span, and make at least 400 edits including to templates, talk pages, etc. Please see the Administrator page for more details on expectations for administrators, which also apply to bureaucrats.


Bots have similar privileges to confirmed users, but their edits are considered to be made by an automated process (hence bot) and are filtered from the recent changes page. If you are interested in using an automated editing process such as AWB or JWB, please contact the administrators to gain access. Bot access will be granted on a case-by-case basis following a discussion with an administrator. To increase your chances, please demonstrate a several-month history of edits, and be prepared to answer questions about the bot processes you intend to use.


Stewards are not editors of this wiki, but rather Miraheze users with special cross-wiki rights. They serve as a resource for issues affecting multiple wikis or disputes involving the bureaucrat or administrators. Please attempt to resolve issues by talking with the administrators and bureaucrat first, but be aware of this resource. Do note that Stewards will likely not be aware of Critical Role canon.