Help:Deletion Policy

Administrators have the ability to delete pages. After being deleted, pages do remain in a state such that admins can also restore them, and if you know the page title, you are still able to look at the history.

Grounds for deletion

The following sorts of articles are likely to be deleted if brought to the attention of an administrator.

  1. Articles judged to not meet the notability standards of the wiki.
  2. Articles that are non-canonical or presumptive (eg: there was previously an article for the Royal Guard of Tal'Dorei, which has never been stated to exist).
  3. Vandalism, spam, or nonsense.
  4. Fanon. This is a wiki dedicated to Critical Role canon (main campaign, The Legend of Vox Machina, one-shots, comics, etc); we do not permit articles about your PCs in a Wildemount/Netherdeep campaign, for example. If you are interested in having a wiki for Critical Role fanon, please contact the bureaucrat and they would be happy to talk through how you can create an entirely separate fanon-based wiki or a personal wiki for a home game.
  5. Unused categories, mistakes, etc.

How to mark an article for deletion

Use the {{delete}} template. More details can be found here: Template:Delete. This will put the article in the Candidates for deletion category. It is recommended you include a brief reason for the deletion as follows: {{delete|Here's why I think this should be deleted}}. For longer discussions, please feel free to use the article's Talk page.

Administrators will review the candidates for deletion category regularly. If an admin chooses not to delete the article, they should remove the deletion tag and explain clearly in their edit summary and, if necessary, the talk page, why they made this decision. Admins should also provide a reason if they do delete the article, which can be viewed at Special:Logs.

How to assert that an article marked for deletion not be deleted

Don't get in an edit war with the person who marked an article for deletion. If they did not provide a reason for the deletion, ask them! If they did and you disagree, please respectfully explain in a response on the Talk page.

If an administrator finds that there is significant support both for and against deleting a page, and it does not neatly fall into one of the categories under Grounds for deletion, they may, at their discretion, bring this to the attention to the wider community and call for a vote.

How to request an article be undeleted

If an administrator deleted an article before you had a chance to weigh in and you believe it was wrongfully deleted, please review their reasoning, and then contact the Administrators' noticeboard.