It is crucial that you treat your fellow editors with respect on the Critical Role wiki, for the good of the community. You don't have to agree with everyone, but you do need to resolve disputes in a mature and civil manner.

Examples of uncivil behavior

This is a noncomprehensive list intended to provide an idea of what sort of behavior is not tolerated.

  • Rudeness
  • Derisive or condescending edit summaries (eg: "fixed terrible grammar")
  • Personal attacks
  • Aggressive accusations, even if true
  • Lying
  • Edit warring
  • Defacing user pages
  • Requesting a block on a user who is not engaging in vandalism/hate speech.
  • Revealing personal information about an editor
  • Slurs of any kind and other bigotry or hate speech

What incivility is not

The following are acceptable and indeed, encouraged when appropriate.

  • Respectful disagreement
  • Constructive feedback
  • Reverting a edit once with a polite reason why

De-escalation and resolution

It is tempting and understandable, if someone behaves in a way that is aggressive towards you, to respond back in kind. However, that rarely resolves the issue. Instead, it is advisable to remain respectful and to explain your reasoning if relevant, or ignore the perpetrator if not.

If a user persists in uncivil behavior, please feel free to bring it to the Administrator noticeboard along with a link to the offensive behavior. The administrator will likely speak to the perpetrator. If this is unsuccessful in preventing future offenses, a block may be issued. Repeated instances of uncivil behavior may lead to a permanent block.