Help:Blocking Policy

Blocking is a tool that administrators can use to prevent disruptions to the wiki. Blocking is not intended as punishment, but rather to maintain the quality of the wiki.

Overview of blocking

Administrators and bureaucrats have access to block users either by username or IP address. They will select a specific duration for the block and provide a reason. Blocked users cannot edit this wiki for the duration of the block. You can view a list of blocked users here: Special:BlockList.

Admins should always consider the possibility that a user has made an error - a new user blanking a single page may have made a mistake rather than deliberately tried to delete it - and if the behavior is isolated, it is strongly advised that the change be reverted and explained to the user first, and a block only issued if the behavior continues after an initial warning. Subsequent blocks for repeated behavior are likely to be longer in duration.

Reasons for blocking

Administrators may use their discretion, but the following are common reasons for a block.

  • Vandalism
  • Posting spam or self-promotion
  • Attacks on other users, the cast, or crew, or other violations of the civility policy.
  • Repeated violations of wiki policies (eg, multiple instances of plagiarism or uploading of images lacking permission) after receiving a warning.
  • Sockpuppetry: creating multiple accounts to get around a block or creating a user account from a blocked IP address.

What to do if you are blocked

You should receive a notification from the administrators on your talk page indicating why you were blocked. This message will include means of contacting the administrator who blocked you to appeal the block if you believe it was made in error. Please see the administrators page to review the expectations for administrators before making an appeal.