Material on the Critical Role wiki should be attributable to a published source.

Guiding Principle

This wiki should serve as an encyclopedia for all things Critical Role. It is not a place for original theorizing, personal opinions, or arguments. Material added to pages should be supported by canon materials (episodes, comics, or sourcebooks) or cast statements (eg, via Talks Machina, 4-Sided Dive, Campaign Wrap-ups, or social media). In the case of cast statements, context should be made clear.

How to attribute material

The Editing Cheatsheet provides information on how to cite episodes, sourcebooks, comics, videos, social media, and more.

Timestamps for videos are based off of the YouTube video. From the time the episode airs on Twitch to the time the episode is posted on YouTube, please add citations as follows: {{ep ref|ep=episode code|cite=needed}}

If you need to find a timestamp, the Critical Role linked transcript search is an excellent source for most past episodes. You can also refer to the episode transcripts on YouTube. It is recommended, particularly for interpretive statements (such as relationship pages/character personality descriptions) that you provide the timestamp, as other editors may not easily be able to find to what you are referring.

If you find a statement that seems like it may be true, but is not cited, please use the {{cite}} template.

If you find a statement that you believe to be incorrect or false that is not cited, please use the {{disputed}} template.

Canonicity/conflicting information

Critical Role is an improvised show, and there have been times when conflicting information has been provided. When possible, cite both examples.

The Legend of Vox Machina animated series is considered a separate canon from the actual play campaigns. Characters who exist both in the campaigns and in the animated series have separate sections for their appearance in the animated series.