Administrators are wiki editors with special privileges. Initially, the administrators and bureaucrat were appointed from the people who started this wiki, but moving forward, they will be elected by the community. Additionally, the existing administrators and bureaucrat are subject to term limits, described below, and will be up for election.

What administrators can do

  1. Block IP addresses or users, in compliance with the blocking policy
  2. Manage the visual appearance of the wiki.
  3. Edit or move fully protected pages such as the Main Page and key templates.
  4. Protect pages
  5. Delete or undelete pages, per the deletion policy.
  6. Manage the rights of other users (eg, promoting them to confirmed, autopatrolled, or rollback status).

Responsibilities of administrators

  • Respond promptly (within ~1 week) to deletion requests
  • Regularly check and respond to the Administrators' Noticeboard
  • Address and prevent vandalism as soon as possible.

To retain administrative privileges, administrators must make at least 200 mainspace edits and use admin tools (such as blocking or deletion) at least once in any six month span. Bureaucrats must make a total of at least 400 edits across all namespaces.

Becoming an administrator

An experienced editor with at least 6 months of experience editing may be nominated to be an administrator. You cannot nominate yourself. Nominees will be voted on by all those who are eligible.

Bureaucrats must be nominated either from current administrators (including administrators who are up for re-election) or past administrators who stepped down voluntarily on good terms. However, as with administrators, all active users in good standing may vote in the election of a bureaucrat.

Term limits

Administrator term limits are 2 years. You may serve an unlimited number of terms, but you must be re-nominated and re-elected each time.

Administrative abuse

The following page covers further expectations for administrators. If you believe an administrator has behaved inappropriately and/or abused their power, please respectfully speak with them if possible, and feel free to ask the bureaucrat or another administrator to mediate as needed.

If you believe an admin has repeatedly abused their position, please contact the bureaucrat (if the admin in question is not the bureaucrat) or another administrator and provide examples of this behavior.

If after exhausting these resources you still have concerns about governance on this wiki that you feel have not been fully addressed, please contact the Miraheze wiki Stewards. They may not be familiar with our wiki specifically and you will need to include additional context in the documentation you provide.

Current list of admins

The following is a list of admins as of October 2023: