Gwendolyn de Rolo

Gwendolyn de Rolo
Non-player character
Official art of Gwendolyn de Rolo in 832 PD, by Jessica Scates.[art 1]
Basic information
Biographical information
Full nameGwendolyn Zahra Melanie von Musel de Rolo
LanguagesCommon; Infernal[presumed]
PlacesWhitestone (home)
StatusAlive (as of 843 PD)
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
First seen"A Desperate Call" (3x36)
Last seen"Fractures" (3x78)
StreamCampaign 3 (3 episodes)

Gwendolyn Zahra Melanie von Musel de Rolo, or simply Gwendolyn de Rolo is the fifth and youngest child of Vex'ahlia and Percival de Rolo. Despite her parents being a human and a half-elf, she is not half-elven like her siblings. Due to her father's pact with Ipkesh, a fiend of Dis, Gwendolyn was born a tiefling.[2][3]

Description[edit | edit source]

Gwendolyn has red skin with black hair and grey tips and four horns, two larger central ones framed by two smaller ones.[1] Despite her age, Gwen has displayed a precocious intelligence and interest in the macabre.[4][5]

History[edit | edit source]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

In 843 PD, Gwendolyn trailed Bells Hells when they came to Whitestone Castle in their attempt to resurrect Laudna.[6] She then sneaked in to Percy's study, and he permitted her to sit on the conversation, even when Orym pointed out it was somewhat adult in its subject matter.[7] Gwendolyn kept the book she took from Percy's study, which was later revealed to be a medical text.[8] She also told Percy about what Bells Hells had told to Keyleth, including their mention of Ruidus.[9]

Orym noticed Gwendolyn following the party again when they returned to Whitestone, and invited her to meet Bells Hells. When he realized her doll Gemma had a skeleton inside her, he introduced her to Laudna. Gwendolyn was originally fascinated by Laudna and happy to talk to her, but when she touched her, she suddenly became terrified and ran away.[5] Imogen, Fearne, and Laudna followed her and asked what was wrong, but Gwendolyn went into her room and closed the door. Through talking to Gwendolyn through the door, Imogen realized that Gwendolyn had somehow sensed Delilah's hatred existing within Laudna.[10]

The following day, after Ashton's failed attempt at absorbing the shard of Rau'shan by Ashton, Fearne and Chetney began breaking the windows of Whitestone Castle to attempt to calm down. Gwendolyn saw them doing this and decided to join in, playing along with Chetney after Fearne left. When they noticed the arrival of Gwen's father, Percival, the two ran away.[11]

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