The Guiatao Clan (or Guiatao Tribe[1]) is a firbolg clan located in the Crispvale Thicket. The Guiatao suffered greatly at the hands of the Iron Shepherds, leading to a large portion of them being killed or enslaved.[2]

Description Edit

The Guiatao clan fiercely protects the natural world because they believe it is imbued with the spirits of the dead.[3]

"I have lost people before. I find ways to see them in nature. Sometimes the leaves on the trees-- I pick one leaf and I know that it is a spirit waving to me. Your friend is here. He has not left."

— Nila[3]

History Edit

On the 16th of Fessuran in the year 835 PD, a band of slavers called the Iron Shepherds raided the clan while they were celebrating Duma's coming of age.[2]

One member of the Guiatao, Nila, approached the remaining free members of the Mighty Nein and Keg after seeing them unsuccessfully fight the Iron Shepherds, who had abducted her partner Kitor and son Asar; she joined the party for a joint rescue effort.[4] Together they tracked the Shepherds back to their base, the Sour Nest, killed all the Shepherds, and freed Nila's loved ones;[5] Nila promised that the Guiatao would look over the Blooming Grove in Caduceus Clay's absence.[6]

Members Edit

Official art of Official portrait of Nila, by Ari.[art 1]
  • Asar
  • Duma
  • Fennis: died fighting Iron Shepherds.
  • Jumnda
  • Kitor
  • Masag
  • Nila
  • Ombo
  • Toffah and Wolya: got shot with arrows during the Iron Shepherds' assault.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Archivist Zeenoth it is customary in this clan to carry feathers as adornments and to make a decision only after smelling their aroma bags.[7]

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