Grim Verity

Grim Verity
Organizational information
TypeSecret academic group
GoalsInvestigate conspiracy theories
EstablishedShortly after 743 PD[1]
Notable members

The Grim Verity is a society of scientists, researchers, and other academics dedicated to the study of potentially blasphemous historical theories.

History[edit | edit source]

Omen Archive[edit | edit source]

The club began as a small group of undergraduate students debating fringe theories, but eventually coalesced into a more unified secret academic group that investigates information which powerful organizations may find threatening.[2] Ebenold Kai and his colleagues have been leading development of the Omen Archive, an institution researching Ruidus in Yios, Marquet, for "quite some time" by 843 PD.[3] Otohan Thull was their last test subject in the Omen Archive's research into the powers of Ruidusborn before it was voluntarily shut down due to worrying outside interest.[4]

A couple of years before 843 PD, the group had "a comparably sprawling network" of 40 members located across Exandria. However, "at least half" were killed by Otohan and her Gray Assassins since.[5] Kadija Sumal believed that it was Otohan's frustration with the study shutting down that led them to begin attacking the researchers.[6]

Theft of Vasselheim texts[edit | edit source]

At one point, Baryn Vestisho, Arnold Drot, and Janina uncovered inconsistencies about Ruidus in historical records. They spent years arranging a way to locate ancient texts containing the true history of Ruidus, stored in vaults of the Temple of Erathis in the Quadroads of Vasselheim. They were prevented by the most high-ranking Highbearers, who denied existence of the texts and turned them away. Apparently some point during this, Baryn and Arnold also became members of the Grim Verity through their connection in Janina.[3]

Not long before Campaign 3, which begins in Brussendar 843 PD, Baryn, Arnold, and Janina successfully stole the texts, though Arnold was captured and Baryn assumed months later that he was still in custody of the Platinum Sanctuary.[3] The texts, which revealed Ruidus as a prison for Predathos and identified two destroyed gods, Ethedok and Vordo, were taken to Marquet.[7][3] The Highbearer of the Platinum Sanctuary and Holy Curator of the Temple of Erathis wished to retrieve the texts and sent Judicators to Marquet to do so. The Grim Verity believed that the high clerics have guarded this information to prevent it from threatening the faith of the followers of the current Prime Deities.[3] To keep the texts safe, few members of the Grim Verity know the text's precise location; as of Fessuran 843 PD, Hondir believed that they were in Yios.[8]

Following this, most members of the Grim Verity scattered to hide after a commotion in Ank'Harel caused by the arrival of the Judicators. Hondir's home in Bassuras was shortly destroyed by the Judicators.[3]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Estani told Orym and Chetney that he was unsuccessful in discouraging the Lumas twins from joining the Grim Verity. He speculated that the twins were assassinated for their membership in the group and interest in the Omen Archive.[9] He urged Orym and Chetney to find Ebenold Kai at the Aydinlan Seminary, should they find themselves in Yios, and gave them a sealed letter for Ebenold vouching for them. He believed that Ebenold could help secure justice for the murders of the twins.[10]

They and the rest of Bells Hells later met Hondir in Bassuras. Hondir had recently gone into hiding after his home was destroyed by Judicators.[11][12] He provided them with more information about the organization and confirmed that Kadija Sumal's study that included Liliana Temult was run by members of the Grim Verity.[13]

Bells Hells continued to Yios, where they broke into Ebenold's house to search for him. They found Ebenold and additionally met Baryn Vestisho and Ryn. The group learned the truth of Ruidus's origins.[7] Baryn mentioned that Janina was away trying to gain information about the Tishtan excavation site, in the Hellcatch Valley.[12] This centuries-old site was established as a focus for a solstice and reclaimed by the Cerberus Assembly in around Unndilar 843 PD.[14] When Bells Hells returned from the Feywild, members of the Grim Verity, along with Beauregard Lionett and Caleb Widogast, were on the mission in the Shadow Realm, sent to destroy the Malleus Key,[15] and had damaged it, but not beyond repair, and much of their team did not survive.[16]

Known members[edit | edit source]

Members of the Grim Verity live across Exandria.[3] A couple of years before 843 PD, the group had 40 members, but "at least half" were killed by Otohan since.[5] Beauregard Lionett and Caleb Widogast are allied with the organization.[17]

References[edit | edit source]

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