Basic information
TypeMeat dish
Culinary information
  • salted goat
  • smoked fish
  • minced steak
  • cured pork belly
Historical information
Available inWhitestone
CreatorGrog Strongjaw
Chef Varon

GoFiBePo is a meat dish prepared for Grog Strongjaw in Whitestone. It was invented by Chef Varon when Grog requested "a salad with meat in it."

What Grog received was a salad composed entirely of meat. He named it GoFiBePo, for the four meats it contained (goat, fish, beef, and pork) and encouraged Chef Varon to complete any paperwork necessary to make this dish the official meal of Whitestone.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

GoFiBePo is a layered dish composed of four types of thinly sliced meat: two-week salted goat meat, hickory-smoked fish guts, a mix of minced steaks, and salt-cured pork belly. It must, by Grog's decree, always be eaten without utensils.[2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • CritRoleStats calculated the nutrition information for one Grog-sized serving of GoFiBePo, which can be viewed here.

References[edit | edit source]

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