Gau Drashari

Gau Drashari
Organizational information
GoalsTend to the holy site of Toramunda
Notable members
DemographicsVaries; some Genasi[1]
Associated classesDruid

The Gau Drashari are a group of druids who were formed after the Schism to guard the holy place at Toramunda.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Schism, Pelor sealed two Primordials, the Emperor of Fire and the Empress of Earth, beneath Mount Ygora. The Gau Drashari were formed to tend to this place as a holy site and to maintain the seals.[2] The city of Toramunda grew from their society, and as it developed a reputation as a good place to live, it eventually attracted others, including the wizards of what would become Avalir.[3]

After some time, the wizards, led by Imyr Por'co, asked the Gau Drashari if they could lift the top of the mountain to create a flying city. The Drashari originally refused, but eventually agreed under the conditions of the Pact of Crown and Throne, under which, among other things, the people of Avalir would tend to and guard the Tree of Names and would return to the land every seven years to perform the Replenishment, in which they released a quarter of Avalir's raw magic back into the land.[4][5] The Drashari also created the Tree of Names to protect the world against threats from other planes, but due to mistrust of the wizards of Avalir, did not explain this purpose thoroughly to the city.[6] By the time of Exandria Unlimited: Calamity the pact had most recently been updated 119 years prior, shortly after the ascension of The Raven Queen. This update included the creation of the Arboreal Calix.[7]

Although the tithe of ether for the Drashari people was set at 25% and the other 75% was supposed to be put into the ground for the Replenishment, that hadn't been happening for the last two or three Replenishments (for 14-21 years prior to the Calamity). Just less than 5% of the city's ether was actually going into the ground of Domunas for the last Replenishment, and the rest was redistributed to the Astral Leywright or funneled out to archmages in the city to unnaturally extend their lives.[5]

The Gau Drashari were warned by Loquatius Seelie, along with the rest of Avalir and Cathmoíra, to evacuate during the fall of Avalir. Many of them used Transport via Plants to leave for other continents, including Gwessar, Issylra, and Wildemount.[8] Among these was Evontra'vir, whose most heroic moment was using this spell to permit many others to escape.[9]

Post-Divergence[edit | edit source]

The Gau Drashari were fragmented during the Calamity, but they survived in the form of the Ashari tribes, who guard Exandria's rifts to the elemental planes.[10]

Oma-Dua[edit | edit source]

One Gau Drashari, Oma-Dua, ended up in the Demithore Valley in Issylra and served as its protector. Her power drew Evithorir, a dark fey entity, to her. She sealed it beneath the nearby Cofferfall Hill, where it remained until the enchantment failed during the apogee solstice of 843 PD. Oma-Dua also became a fane for the protection of the region, known as the Emerald Tree. As of 843 PD, her shrine in the Irriam Canyon was kept by Hevestro.[11]

Relationship with Avalir[edit | edit source]

While the Drashari have a pact, and it has been maintained, they do not trust the mages of Avalir, notably with the knowledge of the Tree of Names' properties.[12] Many of the wizards of Avalir seem to look down on the druids for their focus on religion rather than the arcane.[13]

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