Fresh Cut Grass

Fresh Cut Grass
Player character
Basic information
ActorSam Riegel
RaceHarmonious Aeormaton[1]
ClassCleric (Empathy domain)[2]
Biographical information
Full nameFresh Cut Grass
Also known as
LanguagesCommon, Marquesian,[11] Aeorian[12]
PartnerFRIDA (long-distance partner)
StatusDeceased (16 Quen'pillar 843 PD)
Cause of deathSelf destructed to kill Otohan Thull ("True Heroism" (3x91))
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid[14]
walk 30 ft.
Stats reference[16] See also their level page.
First seen"The Draw of Destiny" (3x01)
Last seen"True Heroism" (3x91)
StreamCampaign 3 (86 episodes)

It's little and it's metal, but it seems to have a purpose. I've been doing a lot of thinking about where I came from and who I am and who made me, but I think maybe I should be looking ahead more at what I want to be or what I should do or what my purpose is.

— Fresh Cut Grass, to a cleric of the Changebringer[17]

Fresh Cut Grass, or FCG for short,[fn 1] originally designated as Faithful Care-Giver,[7] is an aeormaton[1] cleric and a member of Bells Hells. FCG is played by Sam Riegel.

Faithful Care-Giver was a Harmonious aeormaton designed by Aeorian scientists as caretaker-assassin for The Care and Culling plot. Long after the downfall of Aeor, around 836 PD, FCG was patched up and awakened by another aeormaton named Devexian, without much memory of his past. Journeying across Exandria and reintegrating aeormatons in the contemporary society, Devexian sold FCG to Dancer, a traveling mechanic and the founder of an automaton adventuring group named the Division of Public Benefit (DPB). The noticed an abbreviation spelling "FCG" engraved on the aeormaton, deciding to deconstruct it as "Fresh Cut Grass". FCG regarded Dancer as his creator.

Due to his original designation, FCG was simultaneously: a physical/emotional healer (a cleric of the Empathy domain) and spontaneously raging murderous aeormaton when accumulating an excessive stress. One night camping with the DPB near Evishi, FCG got especially stressed out and lashed out on his party, destroying all the automatons and leaving Dancer without an arm. However, he blocked out this event from his active memory, thinking an unidentified on-eyed creature did it. FCG went searching for his creator, meeting his first Ashton Greymoore in Jrusar and joining a newly-formed adventuring party named Bells Hells.

Despite initially thinking he had no soul, FCG had a great capacity of unconditional love and empathy to most living beings around him. He welcomed to have a discussion of anyone's thoughts and feelings during his therapist sessions to lighten their emotional load. FCG traveled with Bells Hells in search of a new meaning and hoping to learn more about his origin.

Along his journey FCG eventually reunited with Dancer in Bassuras, who stirred his memory about the true cause of the event and was still frustrated with FCG, but weeks later accepted his apology. In the Greying Wildlands FCG encountered his first aeormaton colleague called FRIDA, creating a deep emotional bond with him. In a culminating battle on Ruidus moon, Fresh Cut Grass sacrificed himself by exploding his core and killing Otohan Thull, which has saved the party from a probable death.

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Fresh Cut Grass is a Harmonious Aeormaton[18] with yellow metallic plating, big blue eyes of different shapes, and a tiny wheel he uses to roll around. There are four stripes on his chest plate that look like blades of grass.[19] He is 3 feet 8 inches tall,[20] and because he is made of various high-density alloys, he weighs twice as much as expected.[21] They speak in a Southern American English accent, which is mimicked in part from Dancer.[22]

Their chestplate is affixed to their torso by a series of clips or bolts.[23] Behind their chestplate, FCG has a metal vat or bowl[24] that stores objects they ingest.[25] A number of transmutation runes are written across the bottom and around the back of the bowl. Ley tethers further connect this bowl to other parts of FCG's body through a power cord, which glows faintly violet.[26] The transmutation runes reallocate any objects that FCG ingests so that they can repair themselves.[27] FCG described this as a very complicated self-repairing system, allegedly designed by Dancer, that required raw materials. The portions of consumed materials that they don't require (such as the non-metallic components of ore) are excreted through their mouth.[28] There are additional invisible runes on their chassis and on the inside of their casing; when they cast spells, both the visible and invisible runes glow.[29]

Every time they confronted with the traumatic memories of their past, Fresh Cut Grass starts glitching and gains points of stress. When FCG crosses a certain stress threshold, they fall into an uncontrollable anger and their eyes turn red.[30]

During their visit in Uthodurn, Fresh Cut Grass got a set mithral armor integrated into their form by Jaquoby Macyl,[31] giving them a golden sheen. Paying homage to FRIDA's outfit, FCG also bought themselves a dark blue leather duster jacket from Catlyn's Clothier.[32]

While on board the Crimson Abyss, FCG got a tattoo of a flaming bell etched[33] on one of their forearms.[34]

Portrait gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

FCG is extraordinarily kind, polite, and helpful. He considers Ashton Greymoore a close friend and is keen to aid in their various crude pursuits. FCG is well aware that he is an automaton and does not believe that he has a soul. They are outwardly dismissive of their own feelings because they are not sure whether those feelings are genuine, or merely from how they were built.[35] However, FCG has displayed emotions, including investment in mental well-being of Bells Hells and sadness about the death of their friends. When Pike confirmed that FCG had a soul, FCG was unprepared for this news. He had devoted himself fully to being a caretaker of other people, and had to adjust to the personal responsibility of having a soul. They were not quite sure how to care for themselves as well as for others.[36] Until Bells Hells' first mission to the Malleus Key, FCG was on the journey of meaning and heavily interested in their past to define their purpose.[37]

FCG is also at times judgemental or passive-aggressive when upset, notably in response to Orym accidentally losing their coin, which had been a gift from Dancer.[38]

After FCG "has gotten such gifts and boons", connection with their god, friendship with FRIDA, and hope for the future, they became less concerned with their past.[37] During the course of their adventures with Bells Hells, FCG met several people, including Jiana Hexum and Imahara Joe, who told FCG that they are special. At the beginning, it annoyed them, but around "Embattled in Bassuras" (3x70) it "sort of came full circle" and FCG started to think that they are perhaps special, after all.[39]

By "The Promise and the Price" (3x77), FCG has started to feel like he's really part of the team's "weird little family" and thanks people for compliments they pay him instead of deflecting, even though he isn't fully sure if he believes them yet.[40]

FCG doesn't like birds and finds them annoying.[41]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

Originally designated as "Faithful Care-Giver",[7] FCG is aeormaton who was functional during the Age of Arcanum, living in a flying city with many other aeormatons. During these times, FCG knew an angry man with graying blond hair who instilled them with fear. In contrast, FCG also was close with an older noblewoman, whom they found kind and compassionate, and to whom they also provided support.[42]

Post Divergence, in around 838 PD, about five years prior to the events of Campaign 3,[43] FCG's deactivated body was purchased by Dancer[44] from individual who called themselves D, claiming that the automaton was taken from the Rumedam Desert.[45] FCG was re-named "Fresh Cut Grass" by Dancer, who named all her creations after her favorite smells including Oatmeal, Apple Pie, and Pussy.[46] Each construct was designed for particular tasks, and each was unique. Fresh Cut Grass was designed to heal, and believes their magic does not come from a divine source.[47]

FCG was later part of a group of adventurers called the Division of Public Benefit[48] working out of Bassuras.[13] About Thunsheer 843 PD, a couple of months before joining the Bells Hells,[49] the Rayia family of Evishi in the Oderan Wilds hired the Division to clear out giant creatures native to the area from a silver mine that the family owned east of the city. The task was more difficult than expected, and the group sustained heavy injuries. They retreated to the entrance of the cave to rest and make camp for the night.[50][51][52] While at camp, Fresh Cut Grass suffered an unknown but untenable stressor and, in response, attacked the others. All were killed except Dancer, who narrowly escaped.[53][54] The killed were eviscerated,[52] and various descriptions by Ashton Greymoore, who later discovered the scene, suggested that the bodies were horribly mangled.[55][56]

Fresh Cut Grass had no memory of the event; he believed himself to be in stasis mode while it happened and remembered the attacker to be a one-eyed monster.[57][52] Ashton remembered that Fresh Cut Grass had only one functioning eye when they found him.[53]

A week later, FCG met Ashton when Ashton was sent in by the mine's owners to find out what happened.[58] Ashton discovered FCG, who was glad that Ashton had come to help them. Together they buried the bodies, but FCG kept some of the other automaton parts with him, including Pussy's sawblade[59] and Oatmeal's grappling cannon.[60]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

FCG had accompanied Ashton to the Spire by Fire Inn on a search for employment when a magical disturbance nearby created several animated objects that threatened to attack innocents. To fight the constructs, FCG and Ashton spontaneously coordinated with two other groups: Imogen Temult and Laudna; and Dorian Storm, Fearne Calloway, and Orym. The seven individuals' effectiveness as a team impressed Bertrand Bell, who promised to make introductions to high-placed people in the city to help them with their various goals, and took them to see Lord Ariks Eshteross.[61]

FCG experienced some glitching after the fight with the Shade Mother, and was unable to identify Imogen's gnarlrock, but recovered after a rest.[62]

In Bassuras, Fresh Cut Grass told Chetney to keep an eye out for Shithead, a vindictive bird who had frequently attacked him, and Chetney agreed to.[63] Soon after, they visited Esmer, an old contact, and she revealed that Dancer was apparently still alive.[64] FCG was shaken by this news, and experienced some glitching again both prior to[65] and following the Deathwish Run.[66] He also learned, from Imahara Joe, that Dancer was not his creator but rather, his purchaser, and that he was an aeormaton.[67]

FCG contacted Dancer twice via Sending in an effort to check in with her and see if she might lend her technical expertise to the Veilscatter Scope after Ira Wendagoth's departure. The first time, she seemed rattled and provided little information.[68] The second time, she seemed scared, telling them she had barely escaped and that she never wanted to see them again.[54] At this, FCG seemingly went catatonic, until Chetney hit him on the head. They then attacked Chetney, and anyone else who attacked them in the ensuing fight, saying cruel things to anyone who dealt damage to them.[69] After being knocked unconscious and then healed back by Fearne, FCG had no recollection of the past few minutes in which they attacked the party,[70] which Imogen corroborated via her psychic abilities.[71]

Upon returning to Bassuras later that day, Imogen contacted Dancer, claiming to have subdued FCG.[72] Dancer was convinced to speak to FCG from a distance, and told him that his personality was his own and not of her creation, and that she had seen him as a friend.[22] However, until they resolved the issues that had led them to kill the rest of the Division of Public Benefit, Dancer could not make peace with them.[73] FCG and the rest of Bells Hells then went to Imahara Joe's to learn more about FCG's inner workings. Imahara Joe told them that they might be one of the aeormatons from The Care and Culling, an assassination plot from the Age of Arcanum.[74] Imahara Joe also gave FCG a coin of the Changebringer, telling him that it might help him free less lost.[75]

Fresh Cut Grass was able to revivify Fearne following the brutal fight with Otohan Thull, which in turn meant that she could revive Orym.[76] After the party traveled to Whitestone to attempt to resurrect Laudna, Pike Trickfoot was able to verify for FCG that he did have a soul, which somewhat unsettled FCG.[77] The next day, FCG went to the Horizon Temple and spoke to Guide Osli Kamyda, who provided them with some understanding of the Changebringer.[78] FCG prayed for a sign that she was listening.[79]

In Yios, FCG was attacked by Shithead, who said that it was not a punishment; it just really didn't like them.[80] FCG was shaken by this, and following the further attacks from the Ruby Vanguard worried he would reach a breaking point again.[81] They also went to see Vitro Isham, an automaton expert. Vitro reaffirmed FCG's personhood and identified him as a Harmonious Aeormaton,[82] and, by FCG's request, built a small oven in his chassis to help with his budding interest in cooking.[83]

During the party's time in Yios and the Feywild, FCG began to more frequently use their Changebringer coin in order to guide their decisions, although the answers were frequently confusing or strange.[84][85]

Thanks to FCG's spell Shared Dream, Imogen was able to repeatedly gather information about the Tishtan excavation site and eventually contact her mother, Liliana.[86] FCG's contribution to planning the party's attack on the Malleus Key was to offer to serve as a living bomb, but this was turned down.[87] Initially FCG stayed with Fearne on the Silver Sun, but after verifying Ira was dedicated to destroying the key, joined the rest of Bells Hells on their request since only they could help with the warder automaton.[88] FCG was able to attach himself to the exterior of the warder and pilot it so that the party could infiltrate.[89] They attempted to save Ryn, but accidentally dropped a wall on her.[90] He also, during the ritual, attempted but failed to dispel the Collar of Silence on Caleb Widogast.[91]

FCG was transported to the Crystalsands Tundra along with Imogen, Fearne, and Chetney. Like Imogen, he found that Sending was not working during the apogee solstice.[92] While traveling towards Uthodurn, they met FRIDA, also an aeormaton.[93] FCG cast Shared Dream on Imogen in an attempt to contact the rest of the party, but the dream pulled them towards the Tishtan site instead.[94] Later, in Uthodurn, FCG's casting of Tongues on Umudara permitted the creature to communicate with the party, resulting in them leading him out of the city to return to the forest.[95]

FCG cast Shared Dream on FRIDA to experience their dreams, and in it, saw a humanoid child sharing the same space as FRIDA. The two aeormatons did not know what it meant, but discussed what their purposes may have been.[96] The following day, after meeting with the the diarchs as thanks for their handling of Umudara, FCG and FRIDA went to Jaquoby Macyl to integrate the new mithral armor into FCG's chassis. Outside Jaquoby's house, FRIDA indicated romantic interest in FCG, and the two kissed.[97]

The party then left for Molaesmyr, and on the way, FCG cast Commune with the Changebringer for the first time. She appeared to him and indicated she was both real and watching him. They then asked if she needed help, to which the response was "yes".[98] Following a second Commune after the party had left Molaesmyr, the Changebringer warned FCG about the "Red End" and tasked them with aiding her and preventing it from waking.[99]

The night before the second Commune, Imogen and FCG used Detect Thoughts to try to probe into FRIDA's memory, with their permission. FRIDA remembered a fight in the halls of Aeor between citizens from different factions, in which they were told to "Defend the Factorum."[100]

Upon returning to Jrusar, when FRIDA, Deanna, and Prism left together, FCG considered going with FRIDA but decided to stay with Bells Hells.[101] Ashton told them they were happy FCG had seemingly found a purpose.[102] While in the Grey Valley, FCG cast Commune again, and asked the Changebringer if the gods could help the party; if she was worth saving, and if she was scared. Her answers to all three questions were "yes".[103]

When the party returned to Zephrah, FCG attempted to cast Divination to learn where they could repair the harness, but the answer of whether to go to Dancer in Yios or D on the Menagerie Coast was unclear. Ultimately, the party decided to go see Dancer, who was still guarded around FCG, and declined several offers of help. FCG accepted this, and agreed to treat their time together as a professional relationship. Following that conversation, Bells Hells were immediately attacked by Shithead, whom they then defeated using Destroy Undead, leaving FCG feeling absolved despite Shithead's hatred of them being unrelated.[104] When the party continued on to the Shattered Teeth, FCG befriended one of the Dolabos, which led the party to Jirana.[105] She recommended they talk to Evontra'vir, though ultimately he did not get a chance to do so before the party went on to Igthuldus and then Whitestone. While there, Dancer told FCG she understood that he had not been in control of himself when he attacked, and while she was still not entirely comfortable she wanted him to know she didn't blame him. FCG also asked her about D, but she was unable to give them much information.[106] From there, FCG went to the Horizon Temple again and prayed to the Changebringer, who warned them of dark days ahead. He asked her to direct dangers to them, to show a sign to Ashton, and reflected on his purpose.[107]

FCG, along with Fearne, kept Ashton from dying during their attempt to absorb the shard of Rau'shan.[108] After Ashton survived but was rejected by the shard, FCG and Imogen spoke with them at length. FCG assisted Ashton, but also accused them of being power hungry.[109] Ashton admitted to them that they both had a lot in common, and after Imogen left, apologized to FCG for how they'd treated their faith in the past.[110] Once the party decided to reconnect in the Feywild, FCG worked with Morri to design team-building exercises.[111] Following the exercises, during Fearne's absorption of the shard, he briefly lost control due to stress but was prevented from injuring anyone by Chetney and Orym.[112] Bells Hells then headed to the base camp and then Ruidus. Following some time with the bormodos in Razora, FCG and Fearne ran into Otohan, who attacked FCG in the hopes of intimidating Fearne. FCG warned the party via Telepathic Bond and Banished themself and Fearne, and as a result, Bells Hells were able to escape.[113] The party later found a portal on Ruidus to Lake Umamu in Issylra, and after a shadowy entity lured many of the party members into the lake, FCG was able to free Ashton with Turn Undead.[114]

In Kreviris, FCG was the first to speak with two children, Asha and Kelito, who were fascinated by his design.[115] They also had a tense conversation, after reaching the Volition, with Vezoden Amerai, who as a follower of the Strife Emperor was opposed to a worshiper of the Changebringer.[116] After learning that the Volition intended to assassinate Liliana, FCG cast Shared Dream and joined Imogen so that she could attempt to contact her mother.[117] He then joined Fearne and Ashton the next morning in the mission to detonate an ongoing excavation led by Zathuda, on behalf of the Volition.[118] They cast Passwall on the breach wall into the excavation, which permitted the group to get to their target.[119]

As they all attempted to escape Vaterra Kreviris, Bells Hells were confronted by Otohan Thull, who immediately killed Chetney. FCG Revivified him,[120] but as the combat grew more dire, chose to cast Guiding Bolt on his own chassis in order to explode his battery, taking out Otohan with him. They realized in their last moments that they were alive because of their friendship with the others in the party.[121] Bells Hells picked up the remains of his head and torso.[122]

The Hells incorporated parts of FCG into their outfits commissioned in the Emerald Curtain to honour FCG. Orym and Chetney said they wanted to integrate FCG's metal shoulder pads to their armors.[123]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ashton Greymoore[edit | edit source]

Ashton has been FCG's closest companion since the incident at the mines. The two both live at the Krook House, and FCG occasionally helps Ashton cheat at cards.

Changebringer[edit | edit source]

FCG first became interested in the Changebringer after Imahara Joe gave them a coin depicting the goddess, which FCG began flipping to help them make difficult decisions. Initially, he said that every one of the coin results guided them perfectly.[124] Fresh Cut Grass has faith in the Changebringer and feels she cares about them.[125] However, he also sometimes doubts this, worrying that he has put too much faith in the Changebringer and that she is purely self-interested.[126]

Imogen Temult[edit | edit source]

FCG and Imogen share a number of abilities, notably Detect Thoughts, and have collaborated together several times, especially to help Ashton with their lost memories.[127] FCG also has expressed interest in helping Imogen with her nightmares, and has joined her via Shared Dream.[128]

FRIDA[edit | edit source]

FRIDA was the first other aeormaton FCG met, as was FCG to FRIDA, and the two both bonded quickly.[93] FCG cast Shared Dream on FRIDA after FRIDA told him they had a recurring dream.[129] The following day, on their way to Jaquoby Macyl's, where they hoped to get FCG some legs, FRIDA and FCG kissed and began a relationship.[130]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Current items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Aeormaton abilities[edit | edit source]

Fresh Cut Grass is known to have the following racial features as an Aeormaton:

  • Resistant to poison damage[145] and advantage on saves against the poisoned condition[146]
  • Doesn't require air, food, or drink[147]
  • Doesn't require sleep.[148] Rather than sleep, FCG enters "Stasis Mode".[149]
  • Immune to disease[150]
  • Can cast Calm Emotions[151]
  • Subrace: Harmonious[152]

Because Aeormatons are considered the Exandrian equivalent to warforged,[153] it is also assumed they have the additional following traits from Eberron: Rising from the Last War:[154]

  • Integrated Protection: +1 AC, must spend 1 hour to integrate armor onto their body, integrated armor can't be removed unwillingly
  • Constructed Resilience: Can't be put to sleep by magic. All other features from this trait already listed above.
  • Sentry's Rest: Inert but conscious during a long rest and thus can see and hear as normal.
  • Specialized Design: Proficiency in one skill and one tool

Feats and other mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Stress
    • FCG can accumulate stress points in response to events, which can overwhelm them and cause him to become berserk. When berserk, FCG shuts down, then begins to attack and disparage those around them. While berserk, FCG gains temporary hit points equal to twice his cleric level at the start of his turn, has advantage on attack rolls, and moves towards and attacks the nearest creature with a melee attack.[155] At the end of their turn, they make a Wisdom saving throw to end the berserk state. Either on a successful save or when FCG drops to zero hit points, their stress points and temporary hit points reset to 0.[156][157] The Berserk condition cannot be removed with Calm Emotions.[158]
    • Nuclear Meltdown: While berserk, FCG can choose to self destruct when reduced to 0 hit points. Creatures in a radius take 20d8 force damage.[159] (This mechanic was improvised during "True Heroism" (3x91).)
    • FCG can gain stress points from using features of Sympathetic Binding from the Empathy domain subclass.[112]
      • Аs of "By Goat or By Boat" (3x56), the other known stress points they collected were related to attempts to recall them attacking the Division of Public Benefit,[160][161] and, in a positive instance, when giving his Bonded Blessing[162] and in response to FRIDA's romantic affection,[163] but Sam also seemed to refer to unstated stress points accumulated at other times, notably during the Deathwish Run in "The Deathwish Run" (3x28).[164] FCG additionally described themselves as feeling pain, including sometimes when healing others;[165] this may indicate that stress points can be accumulated by healing.
    • Stress points are reduced by 1d4 every long rest, though Sam chooses not to reduce them during multi-day traveling sequences.[166] They can also be reduced by spending an hour to talk through their emotions during a short or long rest[167] and can be lost in response to events, similar to how they are gained. In "By Goat or By Boat" (3x56), they lost a point in response to FRIDA's romantic affections (though they gained two overall in the same moment).[164][163]
  • Chef[168][169]
  • Fey Touched[170]

Cleric abilities[edit | edit source]

Fresh Cut Grass is a cleric of the Empathy Domain, a subclass homebrewed by Matthew Mercer.[2] Though they use the game mechanics of a cleric, their magical abilities appear to be something they were built with, rather than something they get through worship of a god.[171]

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Deception Warforged (Specialized Design) or Background [178]
Insight Warforged (Specialized Design), Background or Cleric [179]
Medicine Warforged (Specialized Design), Background or Cleric [180]
Persuasion Warforged (Specialized Design), Background or Cleric [181]
Perception Warforged (Specialized Design) or Background [182]

Spells[edit | edit source]

In addition to their domain spells, which are always prepared, FCG knows five cantrips and has access to all cleric class spells. As a 10th-level cleric, he can prepare up to thirteen of these spells per day.

Spell Level Notes Ref.
Guidance Cantrip [183]
Light Cantrip [184]
Message Cantrip Conveys a feeling instead of words. Aeormaton ability or domain spell. [185][186]
Sacred Flame Cantrip [187]
Scramble the Dead Cantrip Renamed Toll the Dead [188]
Spare the Dying Cantrip [189]
Bless 1st [190]
Cure Wounds 1st [191]
Detect Evil and Good 1st [192]
Detect Magic 1st [193]
Guiding Bolt 1st [194]
Healing Word 1st [195]
Identify 1st Fey Touched [196]
Shield of Help 1st Renamed Shield of Faith [197]
Speak with Animals 1st Domain spell [198]
Command 1st [199]
Blindness/Deafness 2nd [200]
Calm Emotions 2nd Aeormaton spell [151]
Detect Thoughts 2nd Domain spell [201]
Enhance Ability 2nd [202]
Find Traps 2nd [203]
Gentle Repose 2nd [204]
Locate Object 2nd [205]
Misty Step 2nd Fey Touched [170]
Shared Dream 2nd [206]
Silence 2nd [207]
Spiritual Weapon 2nd [208]
Aura of Vitality 3rd Domain spell [209]
Beacon of Hope 3rd [210]
Dispel Magic 3rd [211]
Fast Friends 3rd [212]
Mass Healing Word 3rd [213]
Protection From Energy 3rd [214]
Remove Curse 3rd [215]
Revivify 3rd [216]
Sending 3rd [217]
Spirit Guardians 3rd [218]
Tongues 3rd [219]
Banishment 4th [220]
Compulsion 4th Domain spell [221]
Death Ward 4th [222]
Divination 4th [223]
Locate Creature 4th [224]
Stone Shape 4th [225]
Commune 5th [226]
Legend Lore 5th [227]
Mass Cure Wounds 5th [228]
Scrying 5th [229]
Telepathic Bond 5th Domain spell [230]
Find the Path 6th [231]
Heroes' Feast 6th [232]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Fresh Cut Grass early designs, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 5]

Fresh Cut Grass' race and class were decided by Liam in a manner similar to how Sam's previous characters Scanlan Shorthalt and Veth Brenatto (as a goblin) had a race and class suggested by Liam O'Brien, though Liam stated that it was a mandate in Campaign 3.[233]

Fresh Cut Grass as a character is mainly inspired by Jack McBrayer, who is a friend of Sam's. He felt that McBrayer's personality as "a ray of sunshine and optimism" perfectly suited an automaton's programming. He also noted Ted Lasso as a likely influence, as he was watching the series before the campaign. He further asked Matt if he could play as a therapist, and this resulted in the development of the homebrewed Empathy Domain.[2] The inspiration for this came from "Titles and Tattoos" (2x84), when in an aside, Taliesin Jaffe asked Matt if they could make a therapy character class.[234]

The name "Fresh Cut Grass" comes from an article Sam read about how the smell of freshly cut grass is the grass "screaming";[235] plants, including grass, release a chemical called green leaf volatiles to signal tissue damage, indicate stress, and defend themselves. He tweeted one such article (titled "Fresh-Cut Grass Smell is Your Lawn's Shriek of Despair, Science Says") the morning after "Breaking Point" (3x31), in which Fresh Cut Grass attacked the party.[236]

Early in the Campaign, Sam considered giving FCG strong opinions about different motor oils, required to power them. Sam changed the oil to coins.[237]

Around a year before FCG's death (in the aftermath of the interaction with Kadija Sumal in "Ominous Lectures" (3x45)), Sam had been talking to Matt about the possibility of FCG exploding. After Sam was diagnosed with HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer, he wanted to take a break around the time of his cancer-related surgery and waited for a narratively justified opportunity to sacrifice FCG. Additionally, Matthew Mercer prepared a scenario, if FCG survived the battle with Otohan, the party were going to experience a Ruidus flare, which would have scrambled FCG's circuits, temporarily taking him out.[238]

When Hannah Friederichs created the official art of FCG, Sam asked to give them a wheel similar to the wheel of Gizmoduck. Hannah is a big coachbuilt car enthusiast, she went through multiple options with her father, who shares her passion, and pitched "just a few" to Sam. Sam ended up with the wheel and spoke pattern of Mercer Type 35R Raceabout, white walls of the Auburn Deusenburg, and the tread structure of the American Stutz Model M.[239]

About a year into the campaign, Sam was contacted by the Flat Earth Society regarding FCG's believe that Exandria is flat and asked if he wanted their membership. When Sam told them that he didn't share their beliefs, they asked him if he wanted a membership card in FCG's name. Sam considered the offer thinking to continue the flat Exandria bit, but didn't want to express his support to the Flat Earth Society.[240]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

After "True Heroism" (3x91), they are mentioned in the following Campaign 3 episodes:

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • FCG: Smiley day there.[241]
  • FCG: (after someone accidentally dumps a piss bucket on him) Sorry I was in your way. I apologize.[242]
  • FCG: Shiny day to you![243]
  • FCG: When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with puppy smooches.[244]
  • FCG: You know, they say that the word goodbye is the hardest word to say, but it's not. It's Worcestershire.[245]
  • FCG: Of all the cities in the world, Generosity is the capital of Kindness.[246]
  • FCG: Carpe BM. When we're in a real shitty situation, you just got to seize it.[247]
  • FCG: (discussing Lord Eshteross's sponsorship of the group) When you accept sponsorships, isn't that sort of selling out a little bit?[248]
  • FCG: Dancer always said that love equals friendship plus alcohol, but I think there's more to it than that.[249]
  • FCG: The only thing more fun than a new friend is a new friend with a secret.[250]
  • FCG: You can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself, or if you have wealthy parents.[251]
  • Orym: Is there anything you want?
    FCG: Sure. Lots of things, but I want you all to get what you want first. But yeah, I want things. I need to find out who did that to my friends, and figure out if I can get them some sort of— not vengeance, but justice, I suppose? I'd like to find out what I am. That would be nice. And if there's more of me.[252]
  • Imogen: I think you are alive, FCG.
    FCG: Well, that's an opinion. And opinions are like opera. Sure, you can listen to them, but why would you, really?[253]
  • FCG: Your parents don't like you [Fearne]. They never did, and that's why they got rid of you. And you know what? They were fucking right![254] (FCG during his first rage)
  • FCG: You [Laudna] were never alive.[254] (before fading into unconsciousness)
  • FCG: ...I am alive not because I was made by D or Dancer, or even the Changebringer, but I am alive because they made me alive, and it's the connections that I made with all of them. And it's a feeling of joy, and I'm happy to do this, because they saved my life, and I'll save theirs.[255]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fresh Cut Grass' miniature was accidentally broken by Matthew Mercer during his debut episode.[256]
  • The animation on their stat card features drifting motes of bright light.[3]
  • The cast often jokes, to Matt's chagrin, that FCG inexplicably has a long organic tongue in his mouth, which they call the "flesh tongue".
  • As they are both a "robot" and an apparently healing-oriented cleric, Fresh Cut Grass is, in a different sense, literally a "healbot". The actual definition doesn't apply to them as it usually describes a support player who focuses only on healing other members of the party, often to the point of ignoring other abilities they may have and often in a manner considered repetitive and rote.
  • FCG is the first cleric played by a main cast member in a campaign to have no apparent initial connection to a deity or lesser idol.
  • The words "Fresh Cut Grass" are mentioned several times in Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves movie[257] However, Sam doesn't confirm or deny that this is the reference to his character named Fresh Cut Grass.[258]

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Bells Hells Playlist: Fresh Cut Grass (April 15, 2022) - The binary translates to "Fresh Cut Grass loves you."

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  1. Until "The Tunnels Below" (3x15), it was abbreviated as "F.C.G." on the stat card and transcript. Since then it has been abbreviated as "FCG", without periods.
  2. Sam directly stated that Fresh Cut Grass has these goggles, which is an object. However, Matt later believed that Fresh Cut Grass's ability to cast Identify would be listed under racial abilities.[138]


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