Fourth Pharos

The Fourth Pharos is Candela Obscura's vault and stronghold located within the Flare.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Fourth Pharos has a number of portals to locations throughout not just Newfaire but all of the Fairelands, as well as a vault. The hallway is shaped like a corkscrew and defies gravity.[1] The cells within the vault are locked and designed not to be reopened.[2] It also has a number of isolation rooms to treat patients.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Candela Obscura has long since kept a central lighthouse, accessible from any of their others, which serves as a magickal vault for dangerous phenomena as well as important books and artifacts. It is also used to isolate investigators who have experienced significant exposure to Bleed. These have each been referred to as "Pharos"; as of 1907, they are on the fourth such lighthouse since this inception. The Fourth Pharos is the first to be built outside of the mundane realm. It exists in the Flare, and is only accessible through specific thinnings.[4] The vaults are kept secure by magickal astrolabes.[5] Organizations at cross-purposes with Candela Obscura, such as the Red Hand, sometimes refer to the reach of Candela as "The Pharos".[6]

As of 1907, the Conservator of the Fourth Pharos is Naomi Malik. Charlotte Eaves, in her time with Candela, had visited twice.[7]

The attacks by shapeshifting creatures on the chapter houses of the Circle of Needle and Thread and the Circle of Silver Flame compromised the Fourth Pharos and made it inaccessible from those locations.[8] The Circle of Needle and Thread found a map in Duncan Walters's home indicating an entrance in Westwreck, and were able to reach it via an underground river.[9] In there, they found a number of portals to the various other chapter houses before continuing on to the vault. They found Allison Suarez being kept there, along with many other bleed-affected individuals.[10] The shapeshifters attempted to use the Pharos to breach the Flare, but were held off by the Circle of Needle and Thread and the rift sealed by Jean Basar despite Sean Finnerty's betrayal of the party.[11] Sean and Marion both died in the process.[12]

After the Circle of the Crimson Mirror recovered Decklan Murphy from the Isle of Serenity, he was taken to the Fourth Pharos for treatment, but despite this, became comatose.[13] Malcolm Trills was also treated there for his injuries sustained in his fight with the Murphys, and the rest of the circle spent the week there as well.[14] After Decklan fell into his coma, Lightkeeper Zora Manning sent the circle back to Newfaire.[15] She later provided the circle with a one-time use magical item that could transform any door into a portal to the Fourth Pharos so that they could quickly bring Atia Griffia's remains there after recovering them,[16] which they used after recovering the remains from Pyre agents.[17]

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