Four From Foramere

Four From Foramere
Official art of the Four From Foramere, by Olivia Samson from Vox Machina Origins I #3.[art 1]
Organizational information
TypeAdventuring party
Total members3 (formerly 5)
Notable members
AllegiancesThe Clasp

The Four From Foramere is an adventuring party that appeared in Vox Machina Origins Series I. Keyleth and Tiberius Stormwind are former members of this group. The word "Foramere" can be a reference to the Foramere Basin or Foramere villages of Tal'Dorei.

History[edit | edit source]

The Four From Foramere were hired by the the Clasp to investigate the poisoning in Stilben, which they did for three days, but didn't find anything.

Spireling Harrok of the Clasp invited them over while interrogating a male prisoner, tossing iron filings at him. The man changed form into a devil and told the Spireling that he, together with a group he was affiliated with, has allied themselves with the Myriad to destroy the Clasp in Stilben. Harrok told the Four From Foramere that torture was an excellent device of extracting information.

When the halfling member, Stitch, complained about their troubles on the task and over the payment compensation of just 100 gold, Harrow gave him another 300 gold, which brought out a wide smile on the halfling. When Stitch turns away to leave, Harrok sinks a dagger into his back, warning him from fooling the head of the local thieves guild. Harro then explained that Stitch was alive, but affected by a poison that would kill him in the next 12 hours. He would stay there until the other members find the source of the poison. He said they could take the gold.

Harrok noted that the deaths seriously damaged the commerce operations of the Clasp: the local lower class was a half of the consumer market for their narcotics and were the overwhelming majority of consumers for prostitution. Harrok said that he appreciated loyalty and trust, but could bring out terror, if needed be, in a moment's notice.

Following their tense encounter with Harrow, the rest of Four From Foramere got respite in a tavern. After Tiberius explained that the poison was brewed by a especially skilled alchemist in Stilben, Keyleth turned into a dog to catch a smell of the source of the poison. Helicax and Brul were persuaded that Keyleth could find anything useful and went toward the muck to find out the answers.

Keyleth led Tiberius to the alchemist, where they encountered Grog Strongjaw, Scanlan Shorthalt, Vex'ahlia, and Vax'ildan.[1]

Members[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The party's name is ironic, as they had five members while Keyleth and Tiberius were part of the group, and only three members after they left.

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