Fond Farewells

"Fond Farewells"
Campaign 2 episode
"Fond Farewells" (2x141) thumbnail featuring the cast of Critical Role.
Episode no.Episode 141
AirdateJune 3, 2021 19:00 PDT
Running time7:02:56
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"Fond Farewells" (2x141) is the final episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein return to the Blooming Grove to process what they've endured and to take their first steps towards embracing whatever the future holds in store...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

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Part I[edit | edit source]

Caduceus's Plane Shift pulls the party through the Divine Gate and into the Blooming Grove in a peaceful early afternoon where they are joyfully greeted by the Clay family. The party takes a short rest to re-attune to their Amulets of Proof against Detection and Location and investigate the contents of the recovered Bag of Holding. Jester attempts to talk to Mollymauk and shows him the tarot cards, but he remains vacant and can say only, "Empty."

That evening, Caleb quietly goes off to the place where he had previously told Frumpkin he planned to free him[1] and summons him. He absolves Frumpkin of any bindings and tells him to go where he will. After a moment of purring and rubbing Caleb's legs, Frumpkin slowly wanders away into the ferns. Jester has seen this, and in a conversation about their plans assures Caleb he is a good person, joined by Essek. Beau tells Essek she thinks he is a good person as well.

Yasha and Beau talk about Mollymauk, who is wandering the Grove aimlessly, worried that as he regains his personality, it will not be the Molly they knew, and hopeful that they can let him grow into who he wants to be. When he falls asleep by the spring, they stay to watch over him.

Fjord is asleep, but Jester cuddles up to him. As he sleepily stirs, she tells him, "I love you," but then panics and tells him to go back to sleep and not say anything back. She tries to cast Modify Memory but is out of spells.

Veth goes down to the spring and removes her clothing. After a deep breath, for the first time voluntarily she enters the water, where she floats looking up at the stars.

After a long sleep, they wake for breakfast with the Clays, and Jester Sends to her mother and Yeza, confirming they are alive and well. She then casts Greater Restoration on the sleeping Mollymauk and he jolts awake, language restored but memories still gone, other than vague images of a dream of a circus, a beautiful woman in a red coat who showed him secrets, an angel, and adventures where he felt kingly. Yasha looks familiar to him, and she gives him a hug. Jester asks what he wants to be called and he decides on "Kingsley Tealeaf". He finds Molly's old clothes a bit garish and Jester paints him a sleeveless black coat.

Caleb, Veth, and Jester Teleport into the Evening Nip. Jester runs to her father's room and when he opens the door, she sees a naked Marion in the bed behind him. Marion declines to come to the Blooming Grove, and she explains to Jester that she and Babenon have a lot to discuss and many differences, and she does not yet know what their eventual relationship may end up being.

Veth joyfully reunites with Luc and Yeza. They pack up, and Caleb teleports them and Jester back to the Blooming Grove where they join the others inside the Clays' home to discuss what to do next. As they are talking, Caleb hears Trent Ikithon's voice in his head, asking him once more to parley with him. When Caleb asks where and when, Trent responds, "Now. Outside. It would be a shame for history to repeat itself."

They discover the windows and door are blocked with solid stone, and smell smoke as the roof has been set alight. Jester uses Stone Shape to create an opening in the stone blocking the door, and Fjord casts an Arcane Gate leading into the nearby woods. Jester, Veth, Fjord, and Caduceus escort the families through the gate, apparently unnoticed, and are shortly joined by Beau. Caleb walks outside and sees Trent floating thirty feet above him. Trent tells him he admits he has failed with Caleb, and thinks it best to erase that failure. As Trent shatters a necklace worn around his neck casting Time Stop, combat begins.

Trent seems to be shielded from both magical and physical damage. When he begins casting Horrid Wilting toward the others of the party, Caleb Counterspells, but is himself Counterspelled by the previously unseen Eadwulf. When Caleb later attempts to cast Globe of Invulnerability, Astrid reveals herself when she Counterspells it as well. She activates the tattoos on her arms in a Glyph Chant, speeding her movements. Jester then casts Dominate Person on Astrid when Trent's attempt to Counterspell is negated by Caleb, and tells her to fight on the Nein's side.

Essek casts Tether Essence to tether Trent and Eadwulf so that damage to Eadwulf should harm Trent, but although Eadwulf becomes grievously injured, Trent seems unaffected. Caleb casts Dispel Magic on Trent and succeeds in dispelling one of the spells protecting him, but a secondary shield continues to protect him. Astrid succeeds on her saving throw and is no longer charmed, but Jester successfully casts Dispel Magic on Trent, removing his second shield, and he begins taking at least some damage.

Meanwhile, Beau and Veth are working together. Veth smears Sovereign Glue on the inside of the Collar of Silence, and as Beau leaps from the tree she is perched in toward the flying Trent, Veth uses the Wind Fan to push her toward him an extra fifteen feet, allowing Beau to reach Trent and grapple him. She fastens the as-yet-unactivated collar around his neck and hangs on. Trent tries to Dimension Door away, but Fjord Counterspells and Eadwulf does nothing.

As he desperately tries to escape, Trent throws one of his Crown of Stars motes toward Caleb, knocking him unconscious. Caduceus's previously cast Death Ward brings Caleb back to consciousness, and he casts Dispel Magic on Trent's flying ability bringing him plummeting to the ground. The damage Trent takes from the fall causes Eadwulf to fall unconscious due to Essek's Tether Essence spell. Caduceus quickly casts Spare the Dying on him to avoid further problems.

The others approach cautiously. Veth uses Silent Image to create the image of Caleb's parents, silhouetted against the still-burning house and flanking him. Caleb attempts to activate the collar, but fails. Astrid pushes his hands aside, and succeeds. The collar activates, silencing Trent.

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  • Matt gives special thanks to Russ Charles and Mat Hart of Steamforged Games for the Lucien boss minis, Mats by Mars for the final battle map mat, and Colm McGuinness for composing two custom battle tracks and other music cues for the final fight.
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  • Critters' art montage.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Veth gives the Sovereign Glue to Jester, who applies it in the shape of tiny dicks to Trent Ikithon's hands, gluing them together, then heals the unconscious Eadwulf. When Caleb declines to kill Trent, Astrid asks if she can, but Caleb tells her they are going to dismantle it all with the help of the Cobalt Soul. Beau and Caleb ask Astrid and Eadwulf to help by telling their story, but Eadwulf declines. An angry Caduceus conjures a couatl to aid in putting out the fire in his home and demands Eadwulf help, and with the help of Caleb's Control Fire they succeed in saving most of the house. Fjord and Beau convince the frustrated and angry Astrid not to kill Trent. Caleb taps his forehead to hers while holding Eadwulf by the hand, but the two walk off. Beau tells Caleb that if Astrid and Eadwulf aren't with them, they may not be able to offer them much protection, and they agree to take Caleb's story and Ikithon himself straight to Yudala Fon.

Fjord casts Create Water to create rain and calls Jester over. He tells her, "I love you, too," and kisses her.

Caduceus casts Command on Ikithon, trying to command him to "empathize", but fails repeatedly, as does Fjord. Caleb succeeds in putting Trent to sleep with the Manacles of Stasis. Kingsley arrives back, demanding both to know what has happened in his absence, and booze. Veth gives him her Flask of Perpetual Booze, saying she doesn't need it anymore.

The party helps clean up and repair the Clays' home over the next five days, at the end of which Astrid and Eadwulf return and agree to cooperate in the Cobalt Soul's investigation by telling their stories, but carefully do not reveal any information about members of the Cerberus Assembly other than Trent. Beau puts together a thorough written report, and Caduceus presses them into service repairing the house. They keep Trent for the most part asleep, waking him only for food and water, learning that he completely lacks the ability to empathize even when Commanded to do so.

Caduceus decides to stay in the Blooming Grove, and Veth and Yeza decide to open an apothecary in Nicodranas. Essek decides to return to Eiselcross for now, feeling safe in neither the Empire or Dynasty. Everyone hugs him goodbye, and Caleb gives him a kiss on the cheek as well before he teleports away.

Veth invites Caleb to teach Luc magic when they're settled, and they decide to escort her to the family's new home in Nicodranas before heading to Rexxentrum with Trent. Astrid and Eadwulf agree to meet them the next day in Rexxentrum, taking an orb of teleportation from Trent's pocket before the party takes the rest of his things.

The party, including Kingsley, Teleport to Nicodranas where they party with Old Edith and are reunited with Nugget. They also visit Tidepeak Tower, where Yussa Errenis thanks them for rescuing him and assures them that their deeds have not gone unnoticed by those who matter. Caleb asks him for the Heirloom Sphere, and Yussa proposes they study it together.

Jester takes Fjord to a water tower where he tells her he wants to visit Vandran and asks her to join him on the sea. She agrees, and they decide to make Nicodranas their home port, getting their own place together.

Veth says goodbye to everyone, urging Caleb to forgive himself and be happy, and he says he will, soon.

Kingsley asks Fjord if he can join his crew, since he's always wanted to be a pirate. As they talk, he is bumped by one of a group of merry-makers. It is Zenny's group of ex-bandits, who apologize profusely before running away. Jester Sends to Orly, telling him that Kingsley is coming to join the crew, Beau gives him her first journal that describes their interactions with Mollymauk, and they say goodbye.

Beau, Caleb, Yasha, Fjord, and Jester Teleport to Rexxentrum with the incapacitated Trent Ikithon in shackles. They inform Yudala Fon of the corruption within the Cerberus Assembly and give them the written depositions of Astrid and Eadwulf. Yudala promises that Trent will be dealt with and will spend the rest of his life in prison. They set the other expositors to the task of assembling a team to undermine and dismantle the Cerberus Assembly. Caleb asks that the Volstrucker also be dismantled, but Yudala tells him he will have to take that up with Ludinus Da'leth. Trent Ikithon is then presented by the Cobalt Soul before the crown and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in a deep dungeon in Rexxentrum.

Martinet Da'leth approaches Caleb privately and offers him the vacancy on the Cerberus Assembly formerly occupied by Trent. Caleb politely declines, saying he has other things on his plate. Later, he hears that Astrid has been appointed to the position.

A few weeks later, Beauregard is called to Zadash for the trial of Thoreau Lionett. He is sentenced to a brief stint in jail and some fines, and as he is escorted out, Beau gives him her Expositor badge and asks him to give it to T.J. for her. Archivist Zeenoth is found guilty of bribery, corruption, kidnapping, and conspiracy, his estate is forfeited to the Library, and he is to be jailed for a minimum of 35 years.

One day in Nicodranas, Artagan visits Jester as she walks toward the docks. He apologizes for not being the god she wanted, but she thanks him for being the friend she actually wanted. He admits he's feeling wanderlust again, and needs a change, but he has enjoyed their relationship. He tells her she doesn't need him and he might not be around as much. As they part, she bites him on the nose.

Fjord, Jester, and Kingsley sail off on the Nein Heroez for Bisaft Isle, finding Vandran's shack. Fjord asks him about the Cloven Crystal, and Vandran tells him his story: He was a smuggler with the Revelry who had a relationship with his bosun, Avantika. Vandran took the crystal from another member of the Revelry who had an "accident", and began having dreams granting him dark powers, which he shared with Avantika. He began having doubts and Avantika attempted to sacrifice him to Uk'otoa. Escaping, he rebuilt his life in Port Damali. He sold the crystal and used the money to buy the Tide's Breath, where he took on Sabian and Fjord. When the ship was sabotaged, he thought Fjord was dead.

Fjord tells him that it meant the world to him when Vandran took him in and taught him kindness, love, and honor. He offers to take Vandran aboard his ship wherever he wants to go, but Vandran tells him his sailing days are over. On the other hand, he might want to go on a short trip or two so they can catch up properly. He packs his things and comes with them to the ship.

Yasha sees her future as housekeeping and supporting Beau, but first, she wants to go with Beau back to the Iothia Moorland to give the book of flowers to Zuala at her grave. They travel together to the homelands of the Dolorav tribe, and are accosted by a sentry, who recognizes Yasha and rides back shouting, "Orphanmaker!" Numerous warriors approach, weapons ready, and Skyspear Jadek says, "The Orphanmaker returns. Let our vengeance be swift!". The tribe rushes forward, attacking, and Yasha falls to her knees as her wings emerge. She smells electricity, and a thunderbolt strikes from the sky immediately in front of her, halting the attack. The Skyspear approaches, and Yasha explains she just wants to know where Zuala was buried. It was along the Seepfeed River, and the Skyspear notes that at least Yasha will let this Skyspear live. Beau realizes Yasha killed the previous Skyspear and thinks that's awesome.

A few days trek later, they find the grave. Yasha apologizes to Zuala for being a coward, and tells her how grateful she is for having had her. She has brought her all the flowers she collected during her journey. She introduces Beau, who also thanks Zuala and tells her she'd be proud of Yasha.

Caleb continues to work with the Cobalt Soul to deal with the Cerberus Assembly. He stays in touch with Essek, who had returned to his post near Aeor,for six months to a year and they spend time there learning as much as possible. They eventually return to the Temporal Dock chamber[2] in the Genesis Ward, where Essek reflects he has spent years researching how to fix his past. He now realizes that is selfish since one cannot see the ramifications of changing time. Caleb thinks about the plan he has had to go into the past, disguised as his younger self, and convince his parents to leave with him for Tal'Dorei, leaving two bodies from his Vault of Amber behind. He planned to create a Programmed Illusion of his parents screaming, and watch invisibly as his younger self set the house on fire. He would then escort his parents to Tal'Dorei with enough gems to start a life there, and in about twenty years he would join them. Essek offers to help him do it, but Caleb sighs, drags some dust up his arm, and Disintegrates everything in the room.

Caleb and Essek are together romantically until Caleb grows old, and they remain friends for the rest of Caleb's life after that. When things grow too hot for Essek with the Dynasty, he uses illusions to remain free and hidden. Shortly after returning from Eiselcross, Caleb visits Una and Leofric's grave in Blumenthal for the first time. He reveals that his second holstered book was a series of letters written to them, and Teleports it into the earth between them. For the rest of his life, he teaches, not only Luc, but also at Veth's summer camp for young adventurers, and at the Soltryce Academy.

Fjord plans not to let the Cloven Crystal out of his sight, but wants to be able to give a detailed report of where the third keyhole is before he turns it over to the Cobalt Soul.

Caduceus spends the next decades in the Blooming Grove, occasionally walking somewhere new and different for a few weeks, months, or years, sometimes taking Calliope along.

Kingsley continues to have odd random memories of strange black chains that invisibly wove through Cognouza, now broken and shattered between worlds. He spends years learning sailing from Fjord. One day, Fjord recovers a second ship after defeating a pirate attack, which he gives to Kingsley to captain for him. Kingsley renames it The Mollymauk. A month later, he vanishes and heads to Darktow to join the Revelry as a pirate, leaving a note thanking Fjord but telling him he's never giving the ship back.

A tale of seven friends, who became eight, then nine. Wild swells of adventure, and love, and guilt, and redemption. Family. Truth. This story comes to a close tonight, but the tale of the Mighty Nein lives on, and who knows? Maybe we'll have the chance to see some of them again in some shape or form. I love you guys so much.

— Matt's final ending.[3]

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

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Companions[edit | edit source]

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Returning[edit | edit source]

These characters previously appeared in Campaign 2 or any other Critical Role work.

New[edit | edit source]

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Mentioned[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Trent Ikithon: I ask you once more. Will you parley with me?
    Caleb: Where and when?
    Trent: Now. Outside. [...] Time is of the essence. It would be a shame for history to repeat itself.[4]
  • Trent Ikithon: (as he lies defeated before Caleb) See? You aren't a failure. Now, finish the job and fulfill your destiny.[5]
  • Beau: (to Astrid, convincing her to spare Trent) These institutions of power that go without being checked, they reside in secrecy. They are breeding grounds for corruption. If you kill him, it'll just look like another senseless act of violence without any recourse. If we expose him, he is raked across the coals of the court of the public. The only way to keep from these cycles of abuse from continuing to happen is to tell the story. [...] Do not make him the hero of your story.[6]
  • Caleb: (to Astrid and Eadwulf) I am so sorry for what you both went through. I loved you both so much, but what we believed in was a lie, and it still is. And now, we must be strong.[7]
  • Essek: (to the Mighty Nein) (sighs) What have you done? This world was so much easier when it was black and white.
    Beau: But it's so much more beautiful in all the shades of colors.[8]
  • Yasha: (to Zuala at her grave) I thought I would have more to say. I'm sorry. (tearfully, voice cracking) I'm really sorry. I wish more than anything I wouldn't have been such a coward. But I'm so grateful for you and... I brought you some things. I know that flowers are your favorite things, so I've been on some trips. (after presenting her flowers) I wish you could've been there with me, and I wish you could've just been able to live your life. I'd like you to meet someone. This is Beauregard Lionett.
    Beau: Hi. Nice to meet you. I think you'd be real proud of Yasha. And... I mean, whatever sacrifice you made in order to make me the luckiest woman alive, I'll never know. And yet, I'm still eternally grateful.
    Yasha: Well, I'm going to leave this [book] here, but all I just wanted to say was I'm sorry. And I love you very much. (to Beau) I think it's time to go.
    Beau: You sure?
    Yasha: Yeah.[9]
  • Fjord: (when asked what he planned for the Cloven Crystal) I'm probably going to drop it off with someone like the Cobalt Soul or something, but I just thought we should at least be able to give a detailed report of where the third keyhole is, just so that more powerful parties than us ever... you know, like the whole picture, just to remove all the mystery of it. And then put it to rest, to get rid of the thing.
    Jester: Are you saying we should go to the third temple?
    Fjord: I think we should try to find it. That's what responsible Chosen of a demigod should do. Right? Just from afar, like with a--
    Jester: Check it out. Don't accidentally let out Uk'otoa.
    Fjord: No. Uhn-nn.
    Jester: Because I'm getting really sick of these people attacking our ship.[10]
  • Matt: (Kingsley's epilogue) On a rare occasion, that odd memory continues to return. [...] Those strange black chains, that invisibly wove through that city, now broken. The sound of them shattering between worlds, shaking you in that liminal space. The angry, unknowable, primal ancient cry that you can never forget.[11]

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Recovered 1 Sweet Baby Bag of Holding Veth From the Bag of Holding recovered from Lucien's lair.
Crafted 1 Sleeveless black coat Jester Kingsley Created with Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments.
Crafted 1 Parasol Jester Essek Created with Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments.
Expended 1 Gold piece Veth Evening Nip employee Given as a tip after Luc shot him with his toy crossbow.
Transferred 1 Ring of Water Walking Veth Luc
Expended 1 Sovereign Glue Veth Collar of Silence
Expended 1 Collar of Silence Beau Trent Ikithon Astrid succeeded in activating the collar.
Expended 1 Sovereign Glue Jester Trent Ikithon's hands Veth gave the glue to Jester to apply in the shape of dicks on Ikithon's hands.
Transferred 1 Flask of Perpetual Booze Veth Kingsley
Recovered 1 Vess DeRogna's book Bag of Holding Fjord From the Bag of Holding recovered from Lucien's lair.
Transferred 1 Inescapable Lash Jester Kingsley
Acquired 1 Seeds Clay Family Yasha
Transferred 1 Green Beetle Breastplate Jester Caduceus
Transferred 1 Shield of Retribution Caduceus Jester
Transferred 1 Ring of Telepathy Trent Ikithon Caleb
Transferred 1 Rod of Absorption Trent Ikithon The party With 27 levels remaining.
Transferred 1 Ring of Warding Trent Ikithon The party
Transferred 1 Potion of Superior Healing Trent Ikithon The party
Transferred 1 Winged Boots Trent Ikithon The party
Transferred 1 Mantle of Spell Resistance Trent Ikithon The party
Transferred 1 Blast Scepter Veth Yussa Errenis
Transferred 1 Celebone Veth Wensforth
Transferred 1 Painting of the Brenatto family Jester Veth
Transferred 1 Expositor badge Beau Thoreau Lionett Beau asked Thoreau to give it to T.J. for her.
Relinquished 1 Book of flowers Yasha Zuala's grave
Planted 1 Seed from the Blooming Grove Yasha Zuala's grave
Relinquished 1 Caleb's second book Caleb His parents' graves Liam revealed the book contained a series of letters written to his parents after he regained his sanity. He had planned to give it to them in person.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the longest episode of Critical Role to date, with a runtime of approximately seven hours, surpassing "Best Laid Plans..." (1x50).
  • The party leveled up to 16th at the beginning of the episode.[12]
    • Beau increased her Constitution to 18, giving her 149 hit points including her roll.
    • Caduceus increased his hit points to 136, and his intelligence to 10, probably along with a feat.
    • Yasha increased her hit points to 169.
    • Veth multiclassed with a level of Wizard, increasing hit points to 107.
    • Caleb increased his Wisdom to 18 and his hit points to 103.
    • Jester increased her Intelligence to 14 and her hit points to 152.
    • Fjord took another Paladin level, took the mobile feat and increased his hit points to 192.
  • The in-game date that this episode began was 3 Sydenstar 836. The Mighty Nein met in Trostenwald on 16 Sydenstar 835, not quite an Exandrian year earlier.
  • This is the ninth episode in which one player plays multiple characters (with Taliesin continuing to play both Caduceus and Kingsley), following "A Bard's Lament" (1x85), "Masquerade" (1x99), "Unfinished Business" (1x100), and "Thar Amphala" (1x101) with Sam playing Scanlan and Taryon in the first campaign; "The Search For Grog" (OSx28) and "The Search For Bob" (OSx31) with Travis playing both Grog and Bertrand Bell; and "Dalen's Closet" (OSx33), with Liam playing both Derrig and Vax'ildan, and Sam again playing both Scanlan and Taryon.

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