Player character
Basic information
ActorTravis Willingham
Biographical information
Full nameFjord Stone[4][fn 1]
  • Captain
  • Admiral (by 843 PD)
Also known as
LanguagesCommon, Orc
PartnerJester Lavorre (fiancée)
StatusAlive (resurrected)
Cause of deathStabbed by an agent of Uk'otoa
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
Level20 (Warlock 14 / Paladin 6)
walk 40 ft., swim 40 ft.
Stats reference[13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21]

Sometimes it's just hard figuring out who you should be, instead of who you want to be.

— Fjord, "Clay and Dust" (2x72)[22]

Fjord (pronounced "Ford") is a half-orc warlock/paladin and a member of the Mighty Nein. He is played by Travis Willingham.

Born in Port Damali in the Menagerie Coast and raised as an orphan, he worked for many years as a sailor aboard the Tide's Breath under Vandran, the ship's captain and a mentor to Fjord. Shortly before Campaign 2, the ship was sabotaged and sunk; Fjord accepted a warlock pact with Uk'otoa to save himself from drowning. Over the course of his adventures with the Mighty Nein, he broke his pact with Uk'otoa and swore himself to Melora, the Wildmother.

Following the campaign, he uses a full name of Fjord Stone, with a surname he was given as a child and reluctantly used while aboard the Tide's Breath but rejected using while traveling with the Nein. He operates a maritime shipping company Stone's Throw Shipping out of Nicodranas with his fiancée Jester Lavorre.

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Fjord is a half-orc with green skin, yellow eyes with vertical slit pupils, and black hair with a lock of gray. He has notable scars on the left side of his face, an X-shaped pair on his forehead that cuts through his brow past his eye and one through his upper lip.[23] He is about 6'1".[24][25] He has been described as handsome by multiple characters, including Jester Lavorre, Beauregard Lionett, Caleb Widogast and Nott.[26][27]

At the start of the campaign, his tusks were intentionally shortened and not visible when his mouth is closed; the tusks have scratches, divots, and chips across the top.[28] After "A Favor in Kind" (2x16), he decided to stop shortening them,[28] and by "Clay and Dust" (2x72), they had grown back enough to be casually visible.[29]

At the beginning of the campaign, Fjord wore beat-up, piecemeal leather armor.

During the battle with Cree in the tunnels beneath Cognouza, Fjord acquired a red eye on his left palm.[30] Upon Lucien's final defeat, the eye vanished from his person.

Portrait gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Fjord is described as a strong silent type,[31] and he tends to keep a cool and rational frame of mind. Though willing to break rules when needed,[32][33] he seems to operate under certain principles of honor, claiming that he tries to be honest and he thinks people should do what they say they will.[34] However, when he raised the question with his other party members of whether they would hijack a caravan, Fjord told the thievery-prone Nott that he did not want to change her behavior to be more lawful and that he might take her up on the offer to learn how to steal.[35]

Fjord is able to change his voice with ease and magically alter his appearance at will, and he is eager to use his talents to get the party out of difficult situations.[36][37] He initially spoke mimicking Vandran's accent[38] (a Texan English) around the other party members, using only his natural accent (a light English accent) during dreams with his warlock patron[39] or when alone.[40] Jester Lavorre implied to him that she felt this was his way of mourning Vandran, and that he would stop if they found Vandran alive, although Fjord did not confirm that.[41] Fjord himself said that he felt mimicking Vandran's voice allowed him an ability to be listened to that he never possessed before, which "felt better". He began to fully use his own voice again in "Clay and Dust" (2x72) after breaking his warlock pact and coming to feel that imitating Vandran no longer suited or served him.[38]

Beneath his mysterious exterior, Fjord appears to harbor deep-seated insecurities about how he is perceived by others and shortens his tusks to appear more approachable.[42] He has some body image issues; he sees himself as "misproportioned" compared to other orcish children and feels the need to look more muscular around full-blood orcs.[42][43][44] He has no desire to lose the magical powers he has obtained because he feels like who he was before he got them was not a person worth being.[45]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 2[edit | edit source]

Fjord was orphaned and grew up in the Driftwood Asylum orphanage in Port Damali in the Menagerie Coast. He does not know who his parents were,[46][47] and his earliest memories are of the Driftwood Asylum.[48] The headmaster of the orphanage gave him the last name "Stone" to remind him that he had been cast aside, like a stone.[49][4] Life in the orphanage was difficult: the orphanage was associated with an unidentified criminal organization,[50] and the children were set to work creating wooden goods for sale.[51]

He described himself as a chubby, short, mis-proportioned stumpy kid with big teeth.[52] He was the only half-orc child in the orphanage, and the other children teased him relentlessly for being different, particularly for his tusks. One night, Fjord was grappled a group of orphans (including Sabian) in his sleep who put a bag his head and pulled in the quit of the streets, beating him until Fjord's shirt and the bag were covered in bloodstains.[53] This event was the catalyst to shorten his tusks himself to ward off the teasing. Because his tusks continually grow, Fjord began shortening his tusks regularly; he claimed he continued to do so in adulthood out of habit, not "necessarily" because he felt the same about his tusks as in childhood, but he generally remained self-conscious when others noticed his tusks.[28][54] Fjord eventually worked at the docks, at one point loading and off-loading goods for the Pink Giver.[55]

When Fjord was 17, the asylum was visited by the Captain of the Tide's Breath, Vandran, who was searching for sailor recruits, offering a small but stable wage for an arduous labor on his ship. Sabian was the first to volunteer. Fjord had no reason to stay in the asylum, but wasn't eager to join the crew and work on the ship along with Sabian. However, Vandran, noticing Fjord's stout built, brought him onto the Tide's Breath anyway.[53] Fjord and Sabian stayed with the Tide's Breath for many years.[56][57] Fjord worked primarily as a boatswain, with some additional responsibilities in barrel-keeping.[58] In his first year at Tide's Breath, Fjord got into a bad incident, while working on tarnishing a leak from the outside of the ship. The safety ropes were no longer attached to the ship and Fjord started plummeting into the sea. In the last moment, he managed to grab onto a net fastened to the side of the ship and pull himself back onto the board. Fjord didn't investigate the cause of this incident, but right after its conclusion Vandran called him to his Captain quarters and told Fjord that he had been promoted in ranks. Fjord was initially reluctant and ready decline the promotion, fearing the envy of his crewmates, but Vandran argued that he should learn to live with an ever present "target on his back" and mentored Fjord throughout the years to effectively perceive his surroundings, rhetoric lessons, ways of mingling in society, and proficiency with a sword.[53] Fjord was ultimately elevated to be the ship's first mate and quartermaster.[59][60] They developed a close personal relationship in which Fjord considered him like a father and Vandran grew paternally protective of Fjord.[61][62]

In early 835 PD, Fjord briefly met Jester Lavorre in Port Damali while she was searching for her father, who was a sailor, along the Coast and playing tricks on people.[63] He saw her multiple times in the city afterward.[64][65] Shortly after, he left Port Damali aboard the Tide's Breath for an unknown port west of Darktow.[66] As the ship returned, Sabian planted an explosive in the cargo hold, and Fjord was knocked into the water by the explosion (for further detail, see: Tide's Breath § Sinking).[67][68] Panicked and desperate, Fjord subconsciously agreed to a pact with Uk'otoa to avoid fatally drowning;[69] upon waking on the shore of Bisaft Isle,[66] he could not remember the pact,[69] but soon after, gradually became aware of the pact powers granted by the sword.[53] He returned to Port Damali to investigate Vandran's warehouse there, finding that Sabian raided it shortly before his arrival.[67] Multiple people in Port Damali quickly noticed that the Tide's Breath and its crew did not return, except for Sabian and Fjord.[70][71] Because Fjord's survival of the sinking was met with suspicion,[71] he left the city and, remembering that Jester cast spells, pursued her to the next town over.[65]

Jester could not help him in understanding his magic, so he decided to travel to the Soltryce Academy in Rexxentrum in the Dwendalian Empire. He asked if she would like to accompany him, and she agreed.[65][72] During their time traveling to the Empire, Fjord changed his bearing and accent to imitate Vandran.[73] After about a week and a half to two weeks of travel along the Amber Road, they arrived in Trostenwald and, about a day or two before "Curious Beginnings" (2x01), met Beauregard Lionett.[74][75][72] The three of them saved the daughter of Rinaldo, a fisherman in town, from a giant constrictor snake[76] that in the process dropped Jester unconscious in one attack.[77]

Arc 1: Come Together[edit | edit source]

Trostenwald and Alfield[edit | edit source]

Fjord, along with Jester Lavorre and Beauregard Lionett, first encountered the rest of the party at the Nestled Nook Inn in Trostenwald. He was immediately suspicious of Nott and Caleb Widogast. When Jester acted boisterously, Fjord reminded her that they were supposed to be keeping a low profile. The group was invited by Mollymauk Tealeaf to a show put on by the The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities. However, the unexpected events that transpired at this show ultimately intertwined the fates of the seven individuals who met in a simple pub. After an elderly man transformed into a husk zombie and members of the Carnival disappeared, the party was placed as suspects by the local authorities. The party set out to investigate the mysterious circumstances of the show and clear their names.[78]

Beauregard was taken to the stockades by the Crownsguard, and Fjord to negotiate her release with Norda (the law master of Trostenwald), making up a story that something similar had happened to Beauregard's sister.[79] Norda wasn't persuaded and put most of the group, including Fjord, under house arrest at the Nestled Nook Inn until the investigation was complete.[80] When prompted, Fjord revealed that he had recently discovered that he could use magic. However, he sidestepped further questioning into the circumstances around how this had happened to him.[81]

Learning about the persona and the location of the main suspect, Fjord secured passage to Crookedstone Island of the Ustaloch lake from a local boat owner by indicating that he was a sailor from Port Damali.[82] On the island, the party found Kylre, the nergaliid they had been hunting. During the battle, Fjord cursed Kylre, prompting his falchion to grow barnacles and start dripping water.[83] He secured the killing blow on Kylre, slamming his Eldritch Blast into the nergaliid and turning him into ash.[84]

While traveling northward towards Alfield, Fjord experienced a vision in his sleep. He found himself underwater, facing an enormous, yellow eye. He tried to speak to it, but it responded only in single words: "Watching. Potential. Learn. Grow. Provoke. Consume. Reward. Patience." He woke up coughing out seawater, and found that his falchion was missing from its sheath.[85] When questioned by the party, Fjord explained that he received his magical abilities at the same time as the sword. He also noted that this happened around the time a trip on a merchant ship went badly.[86] Focusing on the sword, Fjord found he could conjure it into his hand at will.[87]

While fighting with the manticore in Rill's Mouth Mines, Jester was knocked unconscious. Fjord used a healing potion to revive her.[88]

Jester spoke to Starosta Kosh of Alfield and secured a letter of recommendation to the Soltryce Academy for Fjord, in return for the party having dealt with the gnolls plaguing the town.[89] The group formally named themselves the Mighty Nein.[90]

Zadash[edit | edit source]

In Zadash, Fjord began coaching Beau on how to sound genuine when giving compliments. The pair (along with Frumpkin) attended a meeting of the rebel group the Knights of Requital. Later, Fjord and Beau brought Caleb along to meet the Knights of Requital, accepting a job to sow discord between the High-Richter Dayana Prucine and Lord Sutan.[91]

In the sewers, Fjord was ambushed by the phase spider the party had been hired to exterminate. Back at the Leaky Tap, Nott attempted to steal Fjord's letter of recommendation to the Soltryce Academy, but was caught by Molly and Fjord.[92] Fjord, Beau, and Caleb once again attended a meeting of the Knights of Requital.[93]

Fjord, Molly, Caleb, and Nott organized an infiltration of the Guided Hand Infirmary. They decided to disguise themselves as sick people to get in, create a distraction, find Ren Sutan's office and go through the papers there. Fjord acted as a sick person for his part in the deception, and along with Molly, immediately began making a large ruckus. Mayhem ensued as the group get out safely.[94] The same day, during the Mighty Nein's heist on the Sutan residence, Fjord stayed outside with Molly. He then participated in the heist on the High-Richter's estate, securing entrance for the party with Jester by disguising themselves as Prucine and a Crownsguard escorting her.[95] Fjord caught Caleb attempting to steal Prucine's spell scroll case and threatened him to put it down.[96] The delay gave Dayana Prucine time to catch the party rummaging through her things. Ulog of the Knights of Requital sacrificed himself to kill Prucine, allowing the Nein to escape in the ensuing chaos.[94]

When fleeing the aftermath of the heists making their way through the sewers, the Mighty Nein recovered a strange dodecahedron-shaped artifact. Beau and Fjord went to Dolan and Horris's home to tell them what had happened. Later, the party confronted Nott about Caleb attempting to steal the scroll. Nott told the group that she felt responsible for protecting Caleb. Fjord thanked Nott for sharing that information with the group and told her she didn't need to look out for Caleb by herself. Now that they were with the group, all of the Nein would look out for each other.[97]

In the the Gentleman's hideout underneath Evening Nip, Fjord played a Marquesian card game called the Gambit of Ord with the Gentleman. If Fjord lost the game, he would be bound to The Gentleman's service. Fortunately, Fjord won. The following day, Fjord attuned to the Waste Hunter Blade recovered from Thuron, granting its attributes to his pact weapon.[98]

During their mission in the laboratory of Siff Duthar, Jester was knocked unconscious in the battle with the gelatinous cube. Fjord gave Jester a health potion, and she called him "Oskar," (the name of the love interest in Tusk Love,) when she awakened.[99] When taking a long rest, Fjord dreamed he was holding the falchion when he saw a large yellow eye calling for him to "Consume". Fjord felt ravenously hungry, and forced the falchion down his throat, despite being cut and bleeding. He continued until he had consumed the entire blade. The pain subsided and the voice said, "Good." The yellow eye closed and a heavy current began to drag him into an endless dark abyss. In the morning, Fjord found a little bit of blood on his mouth.[100] Jester noticed a little dried blood on his mouth and Fjord lied, claiming to have bitten himself. When he pulled down his lower lip, the party saw his tusks had been chipped away. Fjord told the others about how he used to be teased and bullied for having tusks as a kid, so he would shorten them to make himself more presentable. This behavior eventually turned into a habit for Fjord. Jester and the rest of the group assured him that they would not judge him for his tusks and he agreed to let them grow out.[101]

When attending Harvest Close Festival in Zadash, Fjord got three natural ones in a row, causing Fjord to fail spectacularly at the carnival game "trebuchet."[102]

Berleben and Hupperdook[edit | edit source]

On the road to Berleben of the Labenda Swamp Fjord gave Kiri a dagger to defend herself with, warning her that it was sharp. He was amused and unsettled when Kiri repeated "it's sharp" in a perfect imitation of his voice.[103]

In the Gentleman's safe house Fjord was knocked unconscious twice in the battle with the merrow, but still managed to get the HDYWTDT?. After the battle, Fjord felt compelled to dive into a dark pool in the merrow lair as he heard the voice from his dreams say "Learn".[104] Swimming through a passage under the pool, he found another chamber with several merrow standing among ruins and piles of objects. Fjord swam back to tell the rest of the Mighty Nein about the room, but did not mention hearing his patron's voice.[105]

Beau told Fjord she owed Caleb an apology for their argument over the bowl in the safehouse-adjacent cavern, and Fjord encouraged and coached her.[106]

After the Mighty Nein defeated the merrow in the ruins, Fjord touched a yellow orb found in the chamber. He immediately entered a trance state, having a vision from his patron. In the vision, he was struck by an uncontrollable hunger, and pushed the orb into his stomach. When he saw his reflection, Vandran's face was looking back at him. Outside of the vision, the rest of the Mighty Nein simply saw Fjord take the orb and push it into his stomach.[107] He told the group about the vision and about how seeing Vandran in it confused him. He also went into more detail than previously about how the ship he worked on was sabotaged. Fjord summoned his falchion as they left the safe house and noticed there was now a yellow eye in the center of the hilt.[108]

Fjord was knocked unconscious three times in the fight with the venom troll of the Labenda Swamp.[109]

Figuring that Kiri would need a babysitter while the party was drinking, Fjord tried to hire Irena to take care of her. She misunderstood, thinking that Fjord was asking if she'd be his companion for the night. Extremely flustered, Fjord gave her four gold as a deposit and fled. Fjord won his round in the hour of honor drinking competition.[110]

When he learned that the Schuster children would likely be sent to an orphanage without the intervention of the Mighty Nein, Fjord insisted that they help the children reunite with their parents. In the ensuing conversation, he revealed the fact that he was raised in an orphanage and did not wish that same fate on others.[46]

Fjord was glad to see the Schuster family reunite, and wished them and Kiri well as they left. In the middle of their first night on the road north of Hupperdook, Fjord, Jester, and Yasha were kidnapped by a group of humanoids led by a bald human. The three were manacled and caged on carts that took off into the night.[111]

Arc 2: The Bad Guys[edit | edit source]

"The Stalking Nightmare" (2x29)
Fjord, Jester, and Yasha were rescued from captivity by the rest of the Mighty Nein.

"The Journey Home" (2x30)
In the aftermath of the Iron Shepherds' defeat, Fjord became upset and blamed himself for not being vigilant enough. He told the rest of the party that he, Jester, and Yasha had been tortured physically and mentally before being put to sleep with special manacles. During their time in captivity, Jester and himself had kept close to each other after being separated from Yasha.

While looting the Sour Nest, Fjord turned Lorenzo's Bag of Holding inside out and found a letter from someone named Avantika, hiring the Jagentoth Family to find an artifact for her. Fjord realized that the drawing of the artifact included in the letter looks like the orb he absorbed. Fjord took responsibility for carrying the bag of holding from then on. Before going to sleep, Fjord attuned to Molly's sword, Summer's Dance, granting its attributes to his pact weapon. Later, at Molly's grave, Fjord saluted his memory with his sword.

When the Mighty Nein returned to Zadash, Fjord talked to Caleb and Beau about their time in captivity. Fjord expressed admiration for Jester's ability to stay positive during and after their experience, while he felt deeply scarred. He decided that he no longer wanted to go to the Soltryce Academy, and that he needed to focus on trying to find the people he had lost.[112]

"Commerce & Chaos" (2x31)
While spending some downtime in Zadash, Fjord rode off toward Nicodranas to see if he could find any information about Sabian. In about a week, he made it as far as Trostenwald before turning around in frustration when he found no information and realized how long it would take. He also privately visited The Gentleman and asked about criminal organizations in Port Damali and the Menagerie Coast in general. On the way out, he informed Cree of Molly's passing. When the group regathered, Fjord reminded them of the letter mentioning Marius LePual, the orb, and Avantika, and suggested that they could deliver it to Nicodranas themselves, possibly learning more about Sabian, the orb, and Fjord's recently acquired warlock powers. The party agreed and they began traveling south.

"The Ruby and the Sapphire" (2x33)
Fjord was surprised that several members of the party had never seen the ocean before, and the Nein took a detour to the beach before entering Nicodranas. He, Caleb, and Caduceus went swimming. That evening, Jester introduced Fjord and the rest of the Nein to her mother, Marion Lavorre.

"Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35)
After cutting off Algar Dyomin's hand and with the aid of his mask of many faces, Fjord successfully intimidated Algar into leaving Nicodranas and never returning. Later that night, the Mighty Nein went to the Restless Wharf, in hopes of spying on and perhaps interrogating Marius LePual. They instead commandeered a ship, kidnapped Marius, and killed most of the crew. Fjord, the only capable sailor among the group, steered The Mist out to sea as the party made their escape.

"O Captain, Who's Captain?" (2x36)
Upon interrogating Marius and Gallan, Fjord told the Mighty Nein he wanted to go find out what Avantika knew about the orb. They agreed.

Magic's new to me; this sword is new to me. I didn't have most of this all of my life. All I had was my words to get out of situations, to try and heal conflict, to try and outsmart somebody. And now all of a sudden, I have this power; and I feel like it's a shortcut and I've been cheating myself. I don't feel like I've put forth the same effort to resolve something because I can just will something into happening. That doesn't seem right to me.

— Fjord talks with Beau about attacking Algar Dyomin and hijacking The Mist [113]

Later, Fjord talked with Beau about how all their plans in Nicodranas went wrong. Thinking back on the situations with Algar and Marius, he wondered why they did not just stick with their plans to talk. Fjord believes being able to use magic and wield power is a shortcut that he has been using. Beau and Fjord agreed to try and be better people and check each other when they see the other one abusing power. [114]

The Mighty Nein sailed the ship, newly renamed The Mistake, back to Nicodranas to hire a crew for the journey. They hired Orly Skiffback as their navigator, and Fjord took command of The Mistake as "Captain Tusktooth".[115] While on watch together one night, Fjord and Jester witnessed a beautiful jellyfish bloom. Jester asked Fjord if he ever gets sad. Surprised by the question, Fjord admitted there were some things he wished were different. He asked Jester if she was sad and tried to cheer her up.

While navigating to Urukayxl, The Mistake scraped against a shallow reef, took hull damage, and began taking on water. Fjord temporarily stopped water from entering the ship by diving overboard and holding the mattress from the captain's quarters against the hole from the outside.[116] As they neared the island, another ship came towards them and fired a warning shot. Fjord commanded the crew to stop The Mistake and get ready for a parley, as two rowboats from the other ship made their way over.

"Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37)
Fjord cast Disguise Self to look like Javeed Jawgrasp, the previous captain of The Mist before the rowboats arrived. The Mighty Nein met Captain Avantika and all gave fake names. Avantika played along for a bit but then revealed that she saw through Fjord's illusion. Fjord dropped the illusion and told Avantika they knew where the orb she was looking for is. Avantika gave them two choices: either they work for her or she kills them. The Mighty Nein agreed to work for her. Avantika revealed that she was the chosen of Uk'otoa the great leviathan, and Fjord made the connection that Uk'otoa was his warlock patron too.

Later that night, Fjord had a dream in which he was standing on a stone staircase underneath the water. In front of him stood a statue of a man. Fjord cast Eldritch Blast and shattered the statue into a million pieces. The head on the statue drifted slowly by, revealing it was Sabian. He climbed the stairs further, and reached another statue in his way. This time, when Fjord shattered the statue, half of the face floated by, now a representation of Vandran. Fjord climbed the narrowing staircase even further until his head was above the water. Standing now alone in a stone room, he cried out in frustration, "I don't know what you want from me!" He heard Uk'otoa calling out to him, "Watch." Fjord decided to put his head in the pool sitting in the center of the room. As he put his head in, he saw a giant yellow eye, and heard a voice call out, "Reward." One of the walls, now collapsed entirely, revealed a vast ocean with an armada of ships coming closer. Fjord raised his hands, and with a mighty clap, sent the ships crashing into each other.[117] After waking up from the dream, Fjord slipped into his original accent momentarily before going back to imitating Vandran.[118]

"Welcome to the Jungle" (2x38)
Avantika, Jamedi Cosko, and the Mighty Nein explored the island of Urukayxl to find the temple of Uk'otoa.

"Dubious Pursuits" (2x40)

Avantika and Fjord raced to put a Cloven Crystal in a recess within the temple to unseal Uk'otoa. Even though Fjord was the first to discover the recess, Avantika managed to break the seal before Fjord could.[119] The temple began to flood. Fjord attempted to grapple and drown Avantika during the flood, but she escaped. He managed to play it off like an accident and not arouse her suspicion. During the escape from the temple, Fjord kissed Jester and gave her his air supply to save her from drowning.[120] The group escaped from the temple and back through the jungle. While rowing back to the Squalleater, Avantika discovered she now had the power to control water.[121]

When the group got back to the Squalleater, Fjord and the Nein discussed negotiating an exit with Avantika. Fjord went to Avantika's quarters. He learned Vandran used to wield the same falchion he now wields and was the one who introduced Avantika to Uk'otoa.[122] Fjord got caught in a lie about his former captain Vandran, initially pretending not to know him. He also told Avantika where the ship he worked on with Vandran sank. Avantika and Fjord slept together to seal their pact to release Uk'otoa from his bindings, an act more of business than romance. Later on, when he snuck back into his quarters, Caduceus merely shook his head and told him sardonically: "Sleep well with your bad decisions."[123]

"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41)
The Mistake and the Squalleater set sail for Darktow Isle- headquarters of The Revelry, the union of pirates that opposes the Clovis Concord. Avantika made Fjord the new quartermaster of the Squalleater. On the way to Darktow, the Squalleater intercepted a Clovis Concord ship. Avantika put Fjord in command of the raid. Fjord convinced the ship to surrender without killing any of the crew. After unloading several chests of gold and food from the ship's cargo hold, they let them go.

Caleb was particularly suspicious of Fjord and his motives with Avantika. He was uncomfortable with how fanatically invested in Uk'otoa's release she seems to be. Fjord agreed that he didn't want to release Uk'otoa. He just wanted to find out more about his powers and what happened to Vandran. The Nein decided that their goal was to get away from Avantika eventually, but they wanted to part ways with her on good terms. They decided to wait until arriving on Darktow Isle then ask her to give them back The Mistake so they could search for the next Cloven Crystal. Caleb and Fjord spoke privately. Fjord asked Caleb to keep an eye on Avantika and him. Caleb warning Fjord that he believed Avantika would try to kill him.

That night, Fjord had another dream from Uk'otoa, giving him a vision of where the last seal was. Along with the rest of the Mighty Nein, Fjord was automatically initiated into the ranks of the Revelry upon arriving at Darktow Isle.

"In Hot Water" (2x43)
In the fight with Avantika and her crew, Fjord used Thunderstep to take himself and Caleb out of melee. He then summoned a barlgura aboard the Squalleater and brought Caleb back to consciousness with a health potion. Afterwards, at Avantika's trial, Fjord successfully convinced the Plank King to allow Beau to extort the truth from Avantika, securing a victory for the Mighty Nein. The Nein were then banished from Darktow, sailing away with the partially damaged Squalleater.

As they approached the Diver's Grave, the site of the Tide's Breath shipwreck, Fjord attempted to convince Nott to join the party underwater by making up the legend of Captain Buttonbeard.

"The Diver's Grave" (2x44)
The Mighty Nein searched the wreck of the Tide's Breath for the last Cloven Crystal. They realized the shipwreck had been looted by Dashilla, a sea fury that haunts the area. They found her lair and battled her. Fjord, having been ensorcelled by Dashilla, turned on the party and attempted to attack them. Eventually, the party managed to severely injure Dashilla, who fled and hid. Fjord found the Cloven Crystal in her lair and absorbed it.

Fjord convinced Caleb to join him in dripping blood onto a magical pedestal in the lair in exchange for an unspecified favor in the future. Fjord realized it would take more blood than they were able to give and decided they should leave. Jester and Yasha uncomfortably watched Caleb and Fjord do this, but did not interfere.

As the Mighty Nein were returning to the Squalleater, Dashilla came out of hiding and finished the ritual. A massive storm was conjured right over Dashilla's lair. The Squalleater outran it and continued on towards Bisaft Isle.

"The Stowaway" (2x45)
Fjord was initially suspicious of Twiggy. Hearing her description of her captivity and escape from Sir Cadigan, Fjord said "It sounds real familiar."[124] Whether this was a reference to his time held by the Iron Shepherds or something about Twiggy's description of Sir Cadigan was familiar to him is unclear. Beau asked Fjord to train her to be his first mate, and Fjord agreed.

Within the Happy Fun Ball, Fjord touched a mysterious ruby within a stained glass map of the planes and was shunted into a chamber separate from the rest of the party. This chamber turned out to be the lair of a blue dragon, which Fjord was forced to entertain alone for several minutes until help arrived. In the ensuing battle, Fjord cast Blink, popping in and out of the ethereal plane. When the party discovered that the crystals which powered the exit were activated by cold energy, Fjord cast Armor of Agathys on himself and headbutted one of the crystals. He attempted to distract the dragon from attacking Jester, but was foiled when his own Blink spell sent him into the ethereal plane. He successfully escaped from the Happy Fun Ball along with the rest of the party.

"The Second Seal" (2x47)
The party went underwater to find the second seal of Uk'otoa. After defeating several chuul, Fjord discussed his intentions and future plans regarding Uk'otoa, indicating that he didn't intend to fully release the leviathan. Eventually, Fjord has everyone else leave the chamber with only Frumpkin for company. When he inserted a Crystal into the relief, Fjord received a vision from Uk'otoa, showing the location of the third and final seal.

Arc 3: The Bright Queen's Favor[edit | edit source]

"Homeward Bound" (2x48)
The Balleater sailed back to Nicodranas. Fjord cast Disguise Self to look like "Captain Tristan", an older human man, and presented the papers for the ship forged by Jester. Wharmaster Ignus was fooled by the deception and allowed the Balleater to dock. Fjord officially turned command of the ship over to Orly Skiffback. Caduceus told Fjord he was proud of him for taking care of himself and not getting distracted by "bad thoughts". He wants to get the broken sword he bought from Pumat Sol[125] fixed as a present for Fjord. Fjord was touched and thanked Caduceus.[126]

Beau, Caduceus, Jester, Fjord, and Nott examined Tidepeak tower again. Fjord missed seeing a previously invisible door open and Wentsworth's conversation with the others because he was talking to a fish monger who ended up knowing nothing about the tower. When the Mighty Nein went back the next day, Yussa Errenis initially invited only Caduceus and one other person into the tower. Caduceus chose Beau. Before she went in, Fjord told Beau to ask about Uk'otoa and said that he trusted her to make good decisions.

It's a very particular flavor of goodness that comes from those who are offered so much temptation. I have some faith in you.

— Caduceus to Fjord[127]

During the Mighty Nein's travel to Felderwin, Caduceus told Fjord about his Divination spell that confirmed Vandran was still alive and "making amends". Fjord thanked Caduceus. Caduceus told Fjord he has faith in him.[127] Fjord helped search the ruins of Brenatto apothecary and went with the group to meet Old Edith and Luc Brenatto.

"Cornered" (2x53)
Resting outside of Asarius, Fjord had a dream. He was on a dry, open plain. A small spring came up from the ground and grew until water flooded the entire plain above his head. He heard the voice of Uk'otoa in his head say, "Watching". The shape of a giant serpent uncoiled all around him. "Return". The giant yellow eye appeared, followed by dozens of different sized yellow eyes as far as Fjord could see. "Reward". Scaly serpent tendrils closed around him. "Wander". The serpent began to squeeze and crush him. "Punish". Fjord felt the air leave his lungs and woke up vomiting salty water and brine.[128] Caduceus noticed Fjord awake and asked him about his dream. Fjord explained that he was interested in seeing if he could find a counteragent to Uk'otoa's will over him. He did not want to be subjected to vomiting sea water for the rest of his life.

"Agreements" (2x61)
Fjord had another dream, where he was enveloped by water and directly confronted by Uk'otoa himself. The patron angrily spoke the word "Punish" again and Fjord immediately felt the sensation of drowning. Fjord awoke, again vomiting salty water and brine; however, he also awoke Caleb when he dropped his falchion to the floor. Fjord exited the room and found that he had none of his powers.[129] He eventually got them back later in the day outside of Wursh's smithing shop.[130]

"Chases and Trees" (2x65)
Fjord had another dream in which Uk'otoa confronted him and said the words "Return" and "Release". A heavy tearing sound filled the space around him and the eye opened to a space filled with vines. An emerald light warmed the waters around Fjord. A voice called out to him saying, "Come with me, child". Fjord swam fast and grabbed the vines coming out of the eye. The hole sealed up behind him and the Wildmother called out to him, "The womb I grant, but withers without faith. His will shall find you again, but until it does, rest."

"Beneath Bazzoxan" (2x66)
Fjord confronted Caduceus during their night watch about the strange and comforting dream he had had the previous night. Caduceus explained that the voice he heard was the Wildmother, the deity that his family worships. Fjord remarked that the warm emotions are something that he wants to feel again. Caduceus took Fjord through some guided meditation in order to help him out. He started hearing the familiar sounds of waves crashing on a shore and felt her guiding light once more.[131]

Arc 4: Swords and Angels[edit | edit source]

"Clay and Dust" (2x72)

Fjord had another dream, in which he was standing on a beach at night, seeing hundreds of stars in the sky. The lights began to fade out, and in their place stood the large eye of Uk'otoa and his gaping mouth. Fjord tried to back away, but was caught in the grasp of his patron. He tried to break free, but was unable to. Uk'otoa began to chew Fjord into a paste. He woke up in the middle of the night, scared and confused. He noticed his unsheathed falchion sitting near a sleeping Beaureguard. Carefully taking his weapon and sneaking out of the room, he found himself near the lava pit. In an attempt to intimidate Uk'otoa into giving him back his powers, he pushed the sword into his chest. Blood spilled onto the ground, causing smoke to billow out of the lava. Unsuccessful, Fjord threw the weapon into the pit. Realizing what he just did, he anxiously woke Caduceus and asked for help. In the morning, he revealed what he did to the rest of the group, stating that he did not want to be a hostage anymore.[132]

"Rime and Reason" (2x75)
Caduceus cast Commune to allow Fjord to question the Wildmother, and she assured him that she could help him regain his powers. After their communion, Caduceus asked Fjord where he felt that his inner strength came from. He explained that the ocean was his favorite part of nature, due to its meditative and humbling properties. He later remarked that he forgot to ask the Wildmother about Uk'otoa and his future plans with him. Caduceus said that this beast was definitely not yet finished with Fjord. However, there was still a chance that he could find a new deity to follow and regain his magical abilities without having to go back to Uk'otoa.

"Refjorged" (2x76)
Fjord had another dream, where he was surrounded by peaceful sea. He was then approached by the Wildmother, who informed him that, though his darkness was something she could not remove, if he was willing to serve and protect her and her servants, she would help him. Fjord readily agreed and woke up the next day surrounded by a cocoon of seaweed and his worried comrades. However, Fjord was as surprised as everyone when it was discovered his powers had been restored. Caduceus advised him that there are no accidents, "just delightful mistakes," and presented him with the newly reforged Dwueth'var.[133]

"Unwanted Reunions" (2x88)
While talking about the upcoming meeting with Ludinus Da'leth, Caduceus warned Fjord about being tempted back into old habits. Fjord asked Caduceus if it was important to the Wildmother to be honest at all times, and Caduceus responded that he did not know, and asked Fjord if he felt nature could lie. Fjord said it could certainly be deceiving, as well as unyielding and unchanging for anyone. Saying that he had never thought of it that way, and that Fjord seemed to have a handle on things, Caduceus gave him a sea-themed holy symbol of the Wildmother that he had had forged at the Kiln.[134]

"Lingering Wounds" (2x89)
Fjord decided to use his downtime in Rexxentrum meditating on the Wildmother and training with Beau. He visited the Soltryce Academy (which he had once dreamed of attending) with Caleb and Nott. The next day, Fjord fought Darrow Allocke in an arranged match at the secret fighting pit under the King's Cut Butchery, suffering a humiliating and thorough defeat at his hands.

"Stone to Clay" (2x91)
When Caduceus mentions that the third family involved with the Wildmother is the Stone family, Fjord revealed to the group that the orphanage gave him the last name "Stone". While Fjord was sure it was simply coincidence and he rejects that the name belongs to him, he was still shaken. [135]

Arc 5: Family Ties[edit | edit source]

"Dark Waters" (2x98)
Fjord had another dream in which he was standing in a lush, green forest. Walking around, he noticed that while he could go deeper into the forest, the landscape seemed to endlessly loop in on itself. He tried to summon the Star Razor and plunge it into the ground, but instead summoned his old falchion.[136] He started feeling a burning sensation in his chest and woke up to find an assassin of Uk'otoa stabbing him in the chest. A battle ensued between the crew on the Balleater and several mutated assassins of Uk'otoa. In the end, the Mighty Nein were victorious, but not before the assassins killed Fjord and Orly Skiffback.

"High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99)
Fjord and Orly were immediately revived by Jester and Caduceus. Fjord explained that he was unaware that the Cloven Crystal was still inside his chest, and that he thought it was destroyed when he threw his sword into the lava pit in "Clay and Dust" (2x72). Caduceus cast Greater Restoration on Fjord at 6th level in order to remove the crystal, causing Fjord to vomit seawater and the crystal onto the deck of the ship. It was stored in Caleb's amber pieces, marking Fjord's full transition from serving Uk'otoa to the Wildmother. Later, in the middle of the night, Fjord was reminded of the cold darkness after he took his final breath. Melora helped comfort him by washing away his anxiety and fear. He took comfort in the fact that if he had fallen, she would have caught him.

"Ghosts, Dinosaurs, and Stuff" (2x102)
Due to Fjord's new pact with Melora, his Hexblade's Curse manifested as green veins instead of inky black tentacles.[137]

While on Rumblecusp, Fjord expressed growing concern for Jester as they prepared for Traveler Con. Fjord expressed his fear that if people got mad at the Traveler for disengaging with them, they could possibly turn their anger towards Jester due to her acting as Artagan's high priestess. But he didn't care about the other villagers. He cared about Jester. He explained that he would support Jester in whatever she did, but that if the Traveler hurt her or caused harm to come to her, he wouldn't support that. Fjord also told Jester that he felt she had been keeping her internal feelings and discussions with the Traveler to herself, and that she could tell him.

During the opening celebrations of Traveler Con, Beau talked with Fjord about what his plans might be after the Mighty Nein eventually part ways. She also asked about his feelings for Jester. Fjord said that he wasn't really sure where he stands with Jester, but admitted that he feels very strongly for her. He has changed who he is as a person so much since meeting her and the rest of the Nein that he doesn't know what's next. But he knows he wants Jester to be happy and hopes that she is a part of whatever adventure he has next.

When an angelic servant of the Moonweaver captured the Traveler and threatened to take him away, Jester grabbed him and Fjord chased after her. He teleported up to her, hanging onto her and saying she had to let him go, but she can't. The Traveler kicks both of them off and they are caught by the Nein. The Traveler, spared by the angel, leaves and with the ceremony over Jester went to Fjord. He hugged her and assured that they wouldn't have let her leave like that. She thanked him for hanging onto her, saying she didn't know what she would have done if he hadn't.

Arc 6: Weird Magic[edit | edit source]

When the Mighty Nein traveled north with Vess DeRogna sailing to Eiselcross aboard the Midnight Hammer, Fjord spent some time meditating with the Wildmother, and in a conversation with her took the Oath of the Open Sea.[3][138] Later, the Nein were attacked by minions of Uk'otoa including a now-undead Avantika. They used Dispel Magic to break Caleb's amber necklace in which the Cloven Crystal was stored, and it fell out on the deck. During the ensuing fight, Fjord used Marine Layer, his channel divinity, for the first time. Avantika teleported away, pursued by the Mighty Nein. She was eventually killed by Fjord bisecting and blowing apart her body with the Star Razor, which grew and gained new runes. Fjord then recovered the Cloven Crystal along with the Corecut Dagger.[139] Caleb, worried for Fjord's safety following the attack, gave him the Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location.[140]

After Vess DeRogna failed to come down from her room in Balenpost and the party discovered her corpse, Fjord covered her death while the rest of the Mighty Nein investigated by first disguising himself as her,[141] then using Major Image to conjure an image of Lady DeRogna and telling the assembled that she had become ill.[142] The party then left with Dagen Underthorn to travel into Eiselcross. One night while early into their journey, Fjord, while on watch, used the Star Razor to See Invisibility and noticed a scrying orb.[143] He notified Caleb, and threatened the person who was scrying, though he was attuned to the amulet and therefore may have been undetectable.[144]

A few days later, having met Lucien in one of the ruins, Fjord and Jester spoke in Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower. Fjord expressed concern that Lucien could see Jester when she Scried on him, and gave her the amulet.[145] They talked further, and he confided in her that he had put a bounty on Sabian, and was hoping to close some other chapters of his life after they returned from the arctic.[146] Shortly after, when Jester lost several years of her life to a strange circle of statues,[147] Fjord expressed his concern for her.[148] The two spoke at length, and he asked her if he could kiss her, to which she happily agreed.[149]

After the Tombtakers caught up with the Mighty Nein, Fjord noticed another scrying orb when the Mighty Nein attempted to speak in private.[150] It vanished after Caleb indicated they were aware of it.[151] That night, Fjord kept watch, and was the first to notice when Beau and Caleb woke up from a nightmare with red eyes on their bodies after they had recently read Lucien's book.[152]

The next day, Fjord confronted Lucien after Lucien told them to let Gelidon take Beau.[153] Back at the tower, he noticed that the Bag of Holding that contained the Threshold crest, Vess's body, and the Cloven Crystal had been stolen.[154] The Mighty Nein pursued the Tombtakers, and in the fight, Fjord was hit with Lucien's Brand of Castigation.[155]

During the Mighty Nein's trip around Exandria after leaving the Vurmas Outpost, Fjord learned from Allura Vysoren that the Star Razor was a Vestige of Divergence.[156]

While Jester, Caleb, and Veth entered the Vergesson Sanatorium in order to retrieve more amulets per Astrid's information,[157], and Beau stood guard on the roof, Fjord remained outside with Yasha and Caduceus. He used Arcane Gate to get the team close to the necessary building.[158] Later, he cast Major Image to create the illusion of a red dragon to try to distract Trent Ikithon, but Trent ignored it.[159] When the party escaped to Nicodranas, he noticed that the two strangers in the Lavish Chateau appeared to be using fake Marquesian accents, and they soon after revealed themselves to be Astrid and Eadwulf.[160] The Mighty Nein fled to Tidepeak Tower, and Fjord, Beau, and Yasha went into the Folding Halls of Halas.[161]

Jester brought up that Fjord still had not spoken to Vandran as the Mighty Nein rested in the Blooming Grove prior to their return to Eiselcross. He told her that he didn't want to bother Vandran and that it gave him something to come back to, and the two shared a romantic moment.[162] Jester contacted Vandran despite this, and Vandran wished Fjord well.[163] Fjord was glad to hear from him.[164] That evening, Caleb told Fjord that he was calling in the favor he had asked for in Dashilla's lair, and that if the red eyes overtook him, Fjord was to take him out.[165] After the party picked up Essek, Essek could not remove the brand from Fjord's chest, but Jester was able to.[166] As the Mighty Nein prepared their ambush on the Tombtakers, Beau pulled Fjord aside, and he told her that while some of the others may escape, he and she would fight until the end no matter what.[167]

Fjord stayed up while the rest of the Mighty Nein attempted to take a long rest prior to the Tombtakers catching up. During the night, Dagen and the Kryn scouts contacted Essek to report a sighting of the Tombtakers, asking them to engage. Fjord told them to do so; when Essek asked him why, he told Essek that every moment of rest would improve the Mighty Nein's chance of stopping them.[168]

Fjord lost his hair in a wild magic surge in the ruins of Aeor,[169] but regained it after he volunteered to test one of the rejuvenation chambers elsewhere in the ruins.[170]

During the final fight against Lucien, who had become the Neo-Somnovem, Fjord was able to use Marine Layer to remain hidden from Lucien, allowing him to protect many of the others, notably Jester and Caduceus.[171] After the fight, following Caleb's initial attempt to resurrect Molly into the body of Lucien failed, Fjord comforted Essek, who found it unfair.[172]

The Mighty Nein then Planeshifted back to the Blooming Grove. That night, Jester told Fjord she loved him.[173] The next day, after Trent attacked the home of the Clay family, Fjord Counterspelled Trent's attempt to Dimension Door away,[174] then, after helping put out the fire Trent had caused, told Jester he loved her as well.[175] The Mighty Nein went to Nicodranas to check on Yussa afterwards. Jester and Fjord shared a moment on a water tower and decided to move in together,[176] and Kingsley asked to join Fjord at sea.[177] Fjord and Jester continued to sail together, and went to meet Vandran, who had washed up in the Bisaft Isles after the Tide's Breath sank.[178] Vandran revealed how he had gotten involved with Uk'otoa and more information about his past, and Fjord asked him to join him on the ship.[179]

Post-Campaign 2[edit | edit source]

In the six months after the Mighty Nein parted ways, Fjord and Jester bought a small home in Nicodranas together,[180] but spent most of their time at sea on the Nein Heroez.[181] Eventually, Uk'otoa caught up with him,[182] and a storm giant working on his behalf attacked the ship, knocking Jester unconscious, at which point Fjord turned over the Cloven Crystal to a deep scion mage in order to spare her life and the lives of the crew.[183] The giant capsized the boat, but all but one crew member, Shelda Delles, survived.[184]

Jester contacted the rest of the Mighty Nein on Fjord's behalf,[185] and they pursued the servants of Uk'otoa to the Cyrios End Forest, the site of the last seal.[186] They defeated the servants, but were unable to find the Cloven Crystal, and Fjord felt the same coldness he had experienced earlier in the ordeal.[187] His Arcane Gate spell was blocked by Zehir, who demanded a pact to ensure the Mighty Nein kept their word and would reseal Uk'otoa. Kingsley expressed interest, but Fjord took the pact as his responsibility, though he gave him the Fang of the Spire King, the sword that came with the pact.[188]

The party returned to Nicodranas and found passage on the Drensala Vis to go into the growing storm in the Lucidian Ocean and defeat Uk'otoa.[189] Uk'otoa attacked the ship the following morning, and after an intense fight, began to sink.[190] With Caleb's help, Fjord went after him and used his pact to reseal Uk'otoa, which resulted in three new Cloven Crystals appearing. He took the crystals back to the ship.[191] As he did, the Wildmother's vines grew over the rune Zehir had left on him, removing his obligation.[192] Immediately following the adventure, he gave one crystal to Beau to deposit at the Cobalt Soul; one he placed on Rumblecusp; and one he put in a secret location.[193] Later, he acquired a new ship and grew Stone's Throw Shipping into a larger business, funding the building of Jester's art gallery.[194] Eventually, he unseated Grankton at the Driftwood Asylum.[195]

By 843 PD, Stone's Throw Shipping was expanding.[196] Following the apogee solstice that same year, Fjord joined the rest of the Mighty Nein in going to the Rexxentrum Archive after Caleb and Beau suspected Trent had escaped. After going through the vault Trent had infiltrated, they followed him to Blumenthal, where they defeated him. After the battle, Fjord proposed to Jester, who accepted.[197]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Beauregard[edit | edit source]

Beauregard and Fjord met a day before the events of "Curious Beginnings" (2x01). Beau instinctively trusted Fjord by the time of "A Show of Scrutiny" (2x02), relying on his instructions in order to act more "manly" for a disguise.[198] Fjord eventually started guiding Beau towards less hostile forms of social interaction, to mixed success.[199] The two joined a meeting of The Knights of Requital together and did not reveal what they witnessed to the other members of the Mighty Nein, though Caleb saw the first meeting they attended through Frumpkin.[200]

Beau thinks that she and Fjord have similar moral perspectives.[201]

After the rest of the party was rescued from the Iron Shepherds, Beau and Caleb assured Fjord that what happened was not his fault but rather Lorenzo's.[202] The two have a great respect for one another's abilities and have formed a close friendship, often going to one another for advice. They have also made an agreement to keep each other in check.[203] Beau put herself forward as Fjord's first mate while at sea,[204] a position she seems to take seriously.

During a conversation on whether to seek out the families of those with connections in the Empire, Beau confided in Fjord about her family's abandonment of her and the birth of her baby brother. Fjord had seemed confused at first as to why she was hesitant to reconnect with her family, but on learning this he accepted her decision. Fjord advised Beau to consider her baby brother's innocence.[205]

While the Mighty Nein were in Zadash on the search for the old hag who had cursed Nott, the group stopped in the Evening Nip for the night. Noticing that Beau was more reserved than usual, Fjord comforted her. In turn, Beau confided that she was struggling with the idea of seeing her dad again. Beau also told Fjord, "You're still my captain."[206]

Fjord was very vocal that he was not okay with the deal Beau wanted to make with Isharnai, as the deal would have meant Beau had to leave her friends and her life at the Cobalt Soul behind.[207]

Caduceus Clay[edit | edit source]

Fjord and Caduceus are good friends. The two of them initially had little in common, but grew closer as they traveled. Fjord has come to rely on Caduceus's counsel when it comes to making responsible decisions and understanding others' motivations. Fjord and Caduceus have deep trust and respect for each other.

Caduceus has become something of a mentor to Fjord since the latter broke his pact with Uk'otoa, guiding him when he lost all his powers. Fjord even decided to make a pact with the Wildmother, inspired by Caduceus's bond with her. Caduceus considers Fjord to be something of an angsty teen.[208] However, he is very proud of Fjord for not being lured by the power that Uk'otoa seems to promise. Caduceus thinks it is very admirable that Fjord did not lose his sense of self during the Mighty Nein's time at sea.[127]

The Wildmother[edit | edit source]

Fjord first interacted with the Wildmother in a dream he had underneath the Arbor Exemplar. He asked Caduceus soon after about how to see her again and feel the warmth devoid from his previous visions. Caduceus taught Fjord how to meditate and listen closely to the nature surrounding him. After some time, Fjord heard the familiar waves and felt a sense of comfort wash over him.[209]

After seeking guidance from Jester and Caduceus, Fjord asked the Wildmother to take an interest in him. She agreed to give him back his magical capabilities, as long as he became her follower. Fjord accepted the offer, and soon after became a warlock/paladin of Melora. After the events of "Refjorged" (2x76), his warlock abilities were modified to fit the themes of the Wildmother, such as Eldritch Blast being a verdant green color and Hexblade's Curse manifesting as dark and shadowy vines.[210][211]

While meditating aboard the Midnight Hammer on the way to Eiselcross and asking for calm seas, Fjord started seeing visions of distant islands, calm shores, and abyssal depths. The Wildmother then asked Fjord if this is what he wanted to seek out, to become like the waves and explore the unknown. After resoundingly saying yes, she bestowed upon him a sacred oath.[212]

Jester Lavorre[edit | edit source]

Jester and Fjord began the campaign as very close friends and are now romantically involved. They met in Port Damali a few weeks before encountering the rest of the Mighty Nein.[53][74] They often reach out to the other to ask how they're each doing, and have confided in each other through their personal journeys.[213][214][215]

Jester had feelings for Fjord early on, but Fjord acted oblivious to or uncomfortable with her flirting for quite some time.[216] Jester became unsure about whether Fjord was interested in her while the Mighty Nein were pursuing Uk'otoa.[217] Following the breaking of Fjord's pact with Uk'otoa, the two began to become closer again, and Fjord eventually admitted to Beau that he had feelings for Jester.[218]

One night while residing within Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower, Fjord visited Jester at her room. After discussing their mutual fears about the dangers of Aeor, Fjord asked if he could kiss her, and when she nodded, he did.[149] She then went to sleep holding the unicorn figurine he had gifted her prior. The two remained together throughout the remainder of their journeys, and Jester told Fjord she loved him the night after their defeat of Lucien,[173] which he returned the next day.[219] They discussed getting a place together in Nicodranas,[220] and when the Mighty Nein parted ways, left together on the Nein Heroez.[221]

Caleb Widogast[edit | edit source]

Fjord was initially intrigued by Caleb's wizardry, as he was interested in learning more magic himself.[222] Fjord is allergic to Caleb's (sometimes) cat familiar, Frumpkin.[223]

When the group first set off on the road together the two spoke about whether or not things would work out. Fjord seemed positive and Caleb responded that they would make it work. This became something of a mantra between the two.[224] Since that talk the two have seemingly traded off - somewhat unwillingly - the role of group leader.

During "Midnight Espionage" (2x12), they got into an argument over Caleb stealing a spell scroll and potentially exposing the operation. Caleb walked away without the scroll when Fjord held his falchion to Caleb's throat and prepared to cast Eldritch Blast at Nott.[225]

After they helped to rescue Fjord, Jester and Yasha from the Iron Shepherds, Fjord confided to Caleb and Beauregard that he felt responsible for their capture. They both assured him it was not his fault, and Caleb advised him that he should not blame himself for being taken advantage of.[226]

Caleb being part of their rescue party seemed to alleviate some of Fjord's concerns regarding Caleb's dedication to the group. As time went on he came to trust and rely on him, even taking him to one side in "A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41) and asking him to "exercise quick judgement" and protect the group against Avantika should things go badly. Caleb would later go on to do exactly this, casting Wall of Fire between Avantika and the Nein to give them a chance to get her diary to the Plank King and expose her.[227]

In Dashilla's lair during "The Diver's Grave" (2x44), Fjord pushed to explore what would happen should they drop some blood onto a runic altar, appealing to Caleb's sense of curiosity. After assuring Caleb a favor in return, Caleb cut his palm. The blood was not enough to complete the ritual and Fjord cut his own palm. When this was still not enough they decided not to complete the ritual, and clasped hands to solidify their agreement to continue to help each other in the future. [228]

In "In Love and War" (2x57), Caleb told Fjord that he appreciated him, and referenced their prior discussion on taking risks. He seemed to want to say more but a misunderstanding on Fjord's part ended the discussion early.[229]

Caleb was the first in the party to confront Fjord about his multiple accents, citing concern that there might be something dangerous in his past. Fjord did not want to explain himself, though he did assure Caleb that the group was in no danger, and replied that his current accent was related to being a version of himself that he liked. When Caleb offered to share secrets of his own in return for learning more, Fjord told Caleb if he had his way he would not tell any of the Mighty Nein anything about his past. He asked for Caleb to give him more time until he decided to share his past on his own terms and Caleb agreed.[230]

After throwing his pact blade into the lava in the Kiln and losing his powers, Fjord told the group that he was now powerless, seemingly nervous that they might no longer accept him as he might prove a liability. Caleb reminded him of his many other talents and was the first to offer him an item to help him in his magic-less state, putting the Glove of Blasting on his hand and prompting Jester to hand over the Whip.[231]

In "Dark Waters" (2x98), Caleb finally shared his past with Fjord, explaining that Trent Ikithon made him kill his parents, Una and Leofric. Fjord apologized for almost killing Caleb in the High Richter's house, stating it was his way of controlling the situation. He promised to help Caleb in rooting out the corrupt individuals of the Cerberus Assembly.[232]

Nott/Veth[edit | edit source]

Nott hoped to steal Fjord's letter of recommendation to the Soltryce Academy for Caleb to use instead. Fjord set a trap after Nott's initial theft attempt, learning of this and Nott's motivated attachment to Caleb when Molly charmed Nott. Afterwards, Nott treated Fjord with hostility.[233]

When Nott was reluctant to accompany the group into the ocean, Fjord teased her with stories about Captain Buttonbeard. Although meant as a friendly jest, he did not realize this was a sensitive topic for Nott, who appeared to be annoyed by it. After learning about Nott's life as Veth and her death by drowning, he apologized for his insensitivity (being particularly understanding, having drowned himself).[234] During their travels to Xhorhas their relationship has developed into one of more reciprocal teasing and banter.[235]

Travis has stated on Talks Machina that he likes to mess with Sam, which has informed the way Fjord interacts with Nott,[236] while Sam has commented that Nott feels she and Fjord are very similar people and is sometimes annoyed by that.[237]

Yasha Nydoorin[edit | edit source]

Fjord and Yasha have been reliable allies, though not close friends. In Rosohna, Fjord loaned Yasha 500 gold to commission a set of enchanted bracers, which she promised to pay back.

After Yasha fell under Obann's domination, Fjord tried and failed to get her out of the King's Cage. She brought him to zero hit points but he used his half-orc Relentless Endurance to bring himself back to consciousness and said, "Why?" Yasha looked at him intently and said, almost disembodied, "I heard you." Fjord was certain after seeing Yasha turn that she had betrayed the Nein, and had been tricking them all along. When fighting Yasha in the Chantry of the Dawn, he cast Enervation on her, draining her health to heal himself. He continued to pull from it even after she was freed from Obann's control, saying he would "cash in on that guilt and regret" as she knelt on the ground before him.

Later, Yasha paid Fjord back the 500 gold she owed him. He said it was not necessary, but she insisted. He took the money saying it made him uncomfortable, so as a thank you, he gave Yasha the Manual of Gainful Exercise that Caleb had given him.[238]

Sabian[edit | edit source]

Fjord and Sabian were both hired by Vandran as crew of the Tide's Breath. Fjord said he had known Sabian for many years, and they grew up together. However, he stated Sabian has "always been a piece of shit of one variety or another". In recent years before the Tide's Breath explosion, Fjord believed "that stuff had faded between us", implying the two had had many disputes during the time they had known each other.[239]

Mollymauk Tealeaf[edit | edit source]

Molly and Fjord had a friendly relationship, often being roommates at inns. Fjord wanted to learn about Molly's ritual with his swords and asked to join in. He hoped that Molly might have knowledge about magical swords that could be helpful to him as he searched for the meaning of his falchion. Before Molly's amnesia was revealed, Fjord realized Molly was lying about where his swords and his powers came from. For unknown reasons, he decided not to confront Molly or tell anyone else.

The two frequently collaborated in Zadash, particularly in causing a distraction at The Guided Hand Infirmary, and in trapping Nott when she attempted to go through Fjord's things in their shared room at the inn.[240][241]

Before leaving the town of Berleben, Fjord confided in Molly about his concerns about the new eye in the center of his falchion.[242] Molly attempted to charm him in response to get more information, but it failed.[243]

After being rescued from the Iron Shepherds and learning that Molly had died, Fjord was saddened. He felt like the death was partially his fault for not being able to fight back when the Iron Shepherds kidnapped him. He made Molly's sword, Summer's Dance, his pact weapon to honor Molly's memory.[244]

Kingsley Tealeaf[edit | edit source]

Kingsley sailed under Fjord's captaincy aboard the Nein Heroez and worked for him at Stone's Throw Shipping. Taliesin said that Kingsley loves Fjord and that Kingsley believes he can do Fjord's job as captain better than Fjord can and is specifically attempting to undermine Fjord at all times.[245] Kingsley told Beau and Yasha that, even when it appeared otherwise, he will always have a respect for Fjord, who with Jester taught him almost everything he knows.[246] He refers to Fjord only as "Captain",[247][248][249][250] even outside of Fjord's hearing.[251]

Fjord took on the pact with Zehir himself, preventing Kingsley from volunteering to do so, but Fjord gave Kingsley the boon, the Fang of the Spire King, after warning Kingsley that his choices matter and that this has a "dark connotation".[252] After he stole a ship from Fjord and absconded to Darktow, he left a note expressing his gratitude for all that Fjord had done for and taught him and promising to "gladly and always be [Fjord's] humble servant", though he threatened to kill Fjord if Fjord attempted to take the ship back.[253][254]

Uk'otoa[edit | edit source]

Uk'otoa:  "Watching."
Fjord:  "What—what are you?"
Uk'otoa:  "Watching."
Fjord:  "Watching... me?"
Uk'otoa:  "Potential."
Fjord:  "My–my potential? What–what–what are you asking of me?"
Uk'otoa:  "Learn."
Fjord:  "Learn... What would you have me learn?"
Uk'otoa:  "Learn. Grow. Provoke. Consume."
Fjord:  "Learn, grow, provoke, consume. I don't understand."
Uk'otoa:  "Reward."
Fjord:  "A reward for this? I'm listening."
Uk'otoa:  "Patience."

— Fjord and his Warlock patron during a dream[255]

Fjord's Hexblade patron is a mysterious entity. After Fjord defeated a nergaliid and left Trostenwald, the patron came to him in a dream. While falling asleep, the air seemed to transform into a cold, dark ocean. Struggling against the currents, Fjord gasped the cold water into his lungs, and eventually he was able to breathe it. A giant yellow eye appeared, and an entity communicated eight words directly into Fjord's mind: watching, potential, learn, grow, provoke, consume, reward, patience.[256] Upon waking, Fjord coughed out the salty water from his dream.[257] He then gained the ability to summon and dismiss his falchion as a pact weapon.[258]

When Fjord made another weapon into his pact weapon, his falchion eventually absorbed the other weapon's properties. This is apparently what Fjord's patron meant by "consume."[259]

After meeting Captain Avantika, Fjord discovered she was another follower of his patron and learned its identity: a mighty leviathan known as "Uk'otoa".

Fjord claims he does not want to release Uk'otoa nor does he want the kind of power Uk'otoa seems to offer his "chosen". He believes control over the seas is too much power for one person to have. He told the Mighty Nein he did not know who he would be if he had power like that.[260] Fjord seems to be afraid of Uk'otoa and hopeful that the Wildmother may be able to keep the leviathan at bay.[261]

Fjord's relationship with Uk'otoa took a turn for the worse when the group journeyed to Xhorhas without releasing the leviathan. After introducing the word "punish" to the dreams,[262] Uk'otoa appeared to somehow limit Fjord's warlock powers following another punishment dream.[263] This limitation seemed to pass by the morning.[264]

In "Clay and Dust" (2x72), Uk'otoa (again displeased with Fjord's procrastination) further tormented and punished the half-orc, taking his powers a second time. However, Fjord resisted and attempted to take command of his pact by placing his Sword of Fathoms slowly deeper and deeper into his own chest, claiming that Uk'otoa needs Fjord more than Fjord needs him. However, all of his attempts were fruitless, and he cast his blade into the lava forge of the Kiln, severing his connection to Uk'otoa.[265]

In "Dark Waters" (2x98), Fjord had a dream in which he tried to summon the Star Razor, but ended up summoning the Sword of Fathoms instead. Fjord and the rest of the Nein then found themselves facing off against multiple agents of Uk'otoa. Later, it was revealed that the agents were sent to retrieve the Cloven Crystal and Fjord in order to break the final seal. In "The Chase Begins" (2x112), the Mighty Nein once again encountered a deep scion, chuuls, and the undead form of Avantika. However, their attempt to retrieve the Cloven Crystal was again unsuccessful and Avantika was killed.[266]

Fjord's dreams/visions[edit | edit source]

Fjord has had dreams in "The Open Road", "A Favor In Kind", "Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37), "A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41), "Cornered" (2x53), "Agreements" (2x61), "Chases and Trees" (2x65), "Clay and Dust" (2x72), and "Dark Waters" (2x98). Sometimes he has denied having an unusual dream or lied about the contents of the dreams.[267][268] Some of the dreams have given him physical side effects, such as coughing up salt water,[257][269] blood in his mouth,[270] and losing his magical abilities.[271][272]

Fjord has had visions or heard Uk'otoa's voice while awake when in proximity to a Cloven Crystal in "Stalker in the Swamp" (2x21),[104] "Lost Treasures", "The Diver's Grave" and "The Second Seal" (2x47). When near the sea for the first time after over a month in Xhorhas, Fjord heard Uk'otoa's voice in his head say "return" as he stepped into the Teleportation Circle to return to Xhorhas.[273]

Recently, Fjord has received visions from the Wildmother in "Chases and Trees" (2x65), "Refjorged" (2x76), and in "The Chase Begins" (2x112). Unlike his previous dreams where he was surrounded in freezing waters, these visions were warm and inviting. He felt more at peace, instead of being anxious and scared.[274][275][276]

Avantika[edit | edit source]

The relationship between Fjord and Avantika was complicated. Their patron Uk'otoa brought them together, but Avantika tried to maintain constant control over Fjord and the Mighty Nein. She conscripted them into the crew of the Squalleater, eventually forcing Fjord to become her quartermaster.

During the weeks that they knew each other, neither of them wholly trusted the other. However, their mutual desire to hide their true intentions led them to pursue a physical relationship. During this time, Fjord told Avantika he shared her goal of releasing Uk'otoa; but told the Mighty Nein he was just using her for information.[277]

Avantika openly yearned for the power Uk'otoa might grant her when released, while Fjord denied any desire to release Uk'otoa outside of her presence. When Fjord shared new dreams from Uk'otoa, Avantika became jealous due to her belief that Uk'otoa favored Fjord over herself. This fueled the race to claim Uk'otoa's boon in "Dubious Pursuits" (2x40), which she won.[278]

Fjord did not trust Avantika or her long-term plans, even conceding that she probably wanted to kill him. The degree of her fervor for Uk'otoa led the Nein to plot her downfall, culminating in the theft of her journal in "A Hole In the Plan" (2x42). Fjord slept with Avantika to ensure she did not interfere in the plan (though neither Jester nor Nott went through with disguising themselves as her). The following day Fjord was called with the rest of the Mighty Nein to Avantika's ship, where a battle ensued.

After the Plank King arrived with knowledge of her journal and plans, Avantika claimed Fjord had blown up the Tide's Breath, though Fjord had never informed her of Sabian's sabotage. She also claimed that Fjord seduced and manipulated her by using the memory of Vandran against her. Fjord did not seem bothered by her death at the hands of the Plank King.

After her execution, Fjord used her journal to pinpoint the location of the next temple of Uk'otoa, apparently in the jungles of the Menagerie Coast north of Nicodranas.

Avantika reappeared as an undead creature of some kind in "The Chase Begins" (2x112) on the deck of the Midnight Hammer after the ship was attacked by minions of Uk'otoa. Saying "Darling, we have business elsewhere," she attempted to grab Fjord. Fjord fought back but Avantika was able to retrieve the Cloven Crystal and Dimension Door away. She was pursued by the Mighty Nein. In the ensuing fight, Fjord landed the final blow, bisecting Avantika and recovering the Crystal. Her remains were then devoured by a group of orcas.[279]

Vandran[edit | edit source]

Vandran was captain of the Tide's Breath at the time it was sabotaged and sank. Fjord has described him as a mentor and father figure[280], and seemed surprised to learn of his previous connections to Avantika, The Revelry, and Uk'otoa. Seeing that someone had looted Vandran's quarters after the Tide's Breath wrecked seemed to make Fjord angry.[281] Fjord claimed to the Mighty Nein that one of the reasons he appeared to ally with Avantika was to find out what had happened to Vandran.[282]

When the party reached Kravaraad on the quest to reforge Dwueth'var, Fjord cast Minor Illusion to conjure an image of Vandran's face to help Jester contact him via Sending. From this, Fjord learned that Vandran was "retired on an island with good folks",[283] but this only seemed to confirm his own fears that Vandran was not looking for him. Later, Fjord dropped the accent he had used since the rest of the party met him, and adopted thereafter his own, native accent. He explained that Vandran had been widely renowned and greatly respected, and Fjord had wanted not just to emulate him, but also "to be him."[284]

After defeating Lucien and Trent, Fjord, Jester, and Kingsley sailed off to Bisaft Isle to seek out Vandran using the information gathered from Jester's Scry. He eventually found the small driftwood house that Vandran was living out off and convinced him to come aboard the Nein Heroez, so that they could reconnect with each other once more.[285]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Fjord was on his way to the Soltryce Academy in the hopes of learning more magic there and more specifically about his powers.[286]

Fjord wants to find his former crew mate Sabian, who sabotaged the Tide's Breath and caused it to sink. He wants to get answers about why Sabian caused the shipwreck. Depending on the answers he gets, Fjord may want revenge as well. [288]

Ever since his vision of his former captain and mentor Vandran absorbing a Cloven Crystal, Fjord has wanted to find Vandran again.[291] He wants to know if Vandran survived the Tide's Breath shipwreck. He was disappointed not to see another vision of Vandran after putting the second Cloven Crystal in place to release Uk'otoa.[292]

  • Caduceus Clay confirmed through Divination that Vandran is still alive in "The Second Seal" (2x47).[293] He told Fjord in "Homeward Bound" (2x48).[294]
  • In "Clay and Dust" (2x72) Fjord showed Jester an image of Vandran by casting Minor Illusion. Jester cast Sending to tell Vandran Fjord was alive and looking for him. Vandran responded that he was glad to hear Fjord was ok and that he himself was retired on an island. After hearing this, Fjord wondered if he should continue searching for Vandran. If Vandran truly is at peace, Fjord does not want to disrupt that.[295]
  • Fjord chose not to send a message to Vandran before the party's perilous journey to Aeor. He held his desire to speak to Vandran as "more reason to come home" and felt confident that he would live to see Vandran afterward. He also reiterated that, should he not be able to see him, he did not wish to disrupt Vandran's peace.[296] Regardless, in "Into the Eye" (2x131), Jester secretly used Scrying and Sending to contact Vandran and collect a message for Fjord. This spurred Fjord's interest in contacting Vandran more immediately, and he instructed Jester to ask Vandran where he was staying. Vandran told Jester that he was on one of the small islands near Bisaft Isle.[297]
  • He eventually saw Vandran again in "Fond Farewells" (2x141), and Vandran explained his own past with the Cloven Crystal. Vandran joined Fjord's crew aboard the Nein Heroez for at least short trips so they could catch up further.[298]

Fjord has not said what his intentions are as far as the final seal of his former patron Uk'otoa.

  • He raced Avantika to place a Cloven Crystal breaking the first seal on Urukayxl, but she was able to put her crystal in place first.[299]
  • Fjord chose to travel to the Gravid Archipelago to place the crystal breaking the second seal of Uk'otoa.[300] After that, however, he showed no interest in pursuing the breaking the third seal,[301] saying to Caleb that he did not mean to pursue it any further, and if he could, would like to find a way out of it.[302]
  • When Fjord broke his pact with Uk'otoa by throwing the Sword of Fathoms into the lava at Kravaraad,[303] he believed that the third cloven crystal had been destroyed with it. However, he later discovered it was within him until removed by a Greater Restoration.[304] Caleb took it and put it in his Vault of Amber where they believed it would be safe from detection by Uk'otoa or anyone else.[305] When the rest of the Nein suggested trying to destroy it, possibly in the lava on Rumblecusp, Fjord was non-committal.[306]
  • During the events of "The Chase Begins" (2x112) and "A Heart Grown Cold" (2x113), the Cloven Crystal was released from the Vault of Amber by using Dispel Magic and was briefly in Avantika's possession. The Mighty Nein retrieved the crystal after defeating Avantika. It then kept inside Fjord's Bag of Holding for safekeeping.[307][308]
  • When the Bag of Holding was stolen by the Lucien in "Fair-weather Faith" (2x123), Fjord lost possession of the Cloven Crystal and repeatedly worried for it. Lucien was aware that he now had possession of it. After Lucien's death in "Long May He Reign" (2x140), Fjord regained possession of the Bag of Holding after Lucien's death and was visibly relieved to confirm the Cloven Crystal was inside.
  • Fjord seems generally unsure of his exact plans for the Cloven Crystal afterward. For a while, he carries it with him in his travels aboard the Nein Heroez. He is considering giving it to the Cobalt Soul for safekeeping after he and Jester thoroughly investigate the location of the third temple. Upon being reminded that the Nein Heroez is repeatedly attacked at sea by agents of Uk'otoa in search of the Crystal, he indicates accelerating plans. But, overall, he seemed unsure about that plan of action.[309]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Current items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

  • +1 Shield. A beautifully crafted diamond shaped shield with a gold border, and two gold lion heads facing away from each other on a metallic graphite field. Bought from The Invulnerable Vagrant.[328] Retconned to a standard shield[329]
  • Sword of Fathoms[330]
    • This weapon was not revealed by Caleb's Detect Magic spell[331] because the Falchion in itself was not magical.
    • When Fjord invoked Hexblade's Curse against a target, the blade of his falchion transformed from polished metal to a barnacle-covered blade that sourcelessly dripped water as if it had just been pulled from the ocean.[332] The sword disappeared when Fjord established his Pact of the Blade. When he summoned the weapon for the first time, it appeared in its transformed state.[333]
    • Absorbed the power of the Waste Hunter Blade and took on some of its physical qualities.[334]
    • Absorbed the power of Summer's Dance Scimitar after making the scimitar his pact blade. This caused the power of the Waste Hunter Blade to disappear from the falchion, destroying it.[335]
    • Thrown into the lava of the Kravaraad Volcano by Fjord,[336]
  • Dagger of Denial[337] given to Fjord by Nott and returned to her when Fjord regained his magic powers
  • +1 Hand Axe,[338] given by Jester later returned at an unspecified time before "Between a Ball and a Hot Place" (2x129)[339]
  • Inescapable Lash,[338] given by Jester, later gifted to Kingsley Tealeaf[340]
  • Ring of Fire Resistance,[341] given to Jester
  • Breastplate,[314] to which Fjord transferred a Mariner's Armor enchantment.[342] Apparently destroyed when the Zehir's mark burns through it during the resealing of Uk'otoa.[343]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Unless otherwise noted, the following abilities are assumed from the standard Dungeons & Dragons materials:

Half-Orc abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Darkvision (60 feet)
  • Menacing
  • Relentless Endurance[344]
  • Savage Attacks[345]

Feats and other abilities[edit | edit source]

  • War Caster[346]
  • Tough[19]
  • Mobile[347]
  • Eyes of Nine: During the Nein's fight with a mutated Cree, Fjord was exposed to the "Pattern" of the Somnovem,[30] granting him new abilities over time. These abilities disappeared with the eyes after Lucien's final defeat.
    • First eye: mild form of telepathy with others also bearing eyes within 120 feet. Never used.

Warlock abilities[edit | edit source]

Due to Fjord's decision to throw his pact weapon into the lava during "Clay and Dust" (2x72), thus severing his connection to Uk'otoa, Fjord temporarily lost access to his warlock powers. Under his new pact with the Wildmother, established in "Refjorged" (2x76), he regained access to them.[348]

  • Otherworldly Patron (Hexblade)
  • Pact Magic (Charisma-based spellcasting)
  • Eldritch Invocations (6, plus 1 granted outside of class levels)
    • Agonizing Blast[353]
    • Gift of the Depths[354]
    • Mask of Many Faces[355]
    • Relentless Hex[356]
    • Thirsting Blade[357]
    • Sculptor of Flesh[358]
    • Dank Water Powers, boon from Uk'otoa:[359] Control Water once per day[360]
  • Pact Boon: Pact of the Blade[361]
    • In place of the ability to create new weapons or attune to other weapons as his pact blade,[362] Fjord was given the Sword of Fathoms as his pact weapon.[361] Performing the ritual to designate a weapon as a pact blade "consumes" that weapon[363] and transfers its magical properties to the Sword of Fathoms, which otherwise retains its weapon die.[364]
    • Destroying the Sword of Fathoms and breaking his pact with Uk'otoa presumably allows Fjord to interact with the mechanics of this pact boon normally. In his warlock pact with Melora, he has used only the Star Razor as his pact weapon.
    • Summoning his sword to his hand using this feature creates a spray of ocean as the weapon appears in his hand. With the Star Razor, presumably due to the iceflex in its blade, the water freezes where it lands.
  • Mystic Arcanum: Arcane Gate[365]
  • Mystic Arcanum: Crown of Stars[366]

Paladin abilities[edit | edit source]

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Athletics Background (Sailor) [376]
Deception Warlock [376]
Intimidation Menacing (Half-orc) [377]
Investigation Warlock [377]
Perception Background (Sailor) [377]
Navigator's Tools Background (Sailor) [376]
Vehicles (water) Background (Sailor) [376]

Spells[edit | edit source]

As a level 14 warlock, Fjord knows four cantrips and twelve spells. He has three 5th-level spell slots, which he regains on a short rest. He can replace one of his spells when he gains a level, so he no longer knows all of the spells listed in the warlock table below; though typically this is only allowed when he gains a warlock level, he is possibly able to do this even when he gains a paladin level.[378] He additionally knows one 6th-level spell and one 7th-level spell that he can cast once a day each without using spell slots as his Mystic Arcanum.

As a level 6 paladin and a +5 Charisma modifier, he has four 1st-level and two 2nd-level spell slots that he regains on a long rest and can prepare up to eight spells from the paladin list a day; these spells must be of a level for which he has paladin spell slots, i.e. 1st-level and 2nd-level only. Oath spells, granted by his subclass, do not count against this number.[379]

Warlock spells
Spell Level Notes Ref.
Booming Blade Cantrip [380]
Eldritch Blast Cantrip [381]
Minor Illusion Cantrip [382]
Friends Cantrip [383]
Armor of Agathys 1st [384]
Hex 1st [385][386]
Disguise Self 1st Mask of Many Faces [355]
Witch Bolt 1st [387]
Wrathful Smite 1st Hexblade Expanded Spells [350]
Crown of Madness 2nd [388]
Blink 3rd Hexblade Expanded Spells [389]
Counterspell 3rd [390]
Hunger of Hadar 3rd [391]
Hypnotic Pattern 3rd [392]
Major Image 3rd [393]
Thunder Step 3rd [394]
Water Breathing 3rd Gift of the Depths [354]
Charm Monster 4th [395]
Control Water 4th Dank Water Powers [360]
Polymorph 4th Sculptor of Flesh [358][396]
Shadow of Moil 4th [397]
Sickening Radiance 4th [398]
Summon Greater Demon 4th [399]
Banishing Smite 5th Hexblade Expanded Spells [400][401]
Cone of Cold 5th Hexblade Expanded Spells [402][403]
Enervation 5th [404]
Far Step 5th [405]
Arcane Gate 6th Mystic Arcanum [406]
Crown of Stars 7th Mystic Arcanum [366]
Paladin spells
Spell Level Notes Ref.
Command 1st [407]
Cure Wounds 1st [408]
Heroism 1st [409]
Searing Smite 1st [410]
Shield of Faith 1st [411]
Create or Destroy Water[372] 1st Oath spell [412]
Expeditious Retreat[372] 1st Oath spell [413]
Augury[372] 2nd Oath spell [414]
Misty Step[372] 2nd Oath spell

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Travis hasn't started creating his character for Campaign 2, until Campaign 1 was over. When choosing the character's, Travis was searching for a class with both melee and spellcasting features. At the start, listening to how exited his fellow player, Laura Bailey, was about playing a Cleric, Travis wanted to be a Cleric, as well. Then she was started to look forward playing a Warlock, but ultimately, Travis chose Hexblade Warlock (a melee spellcaster class with a limited pool of spells).[415]

Travis wrote down most of Fjord's backstory on a flight from Australia.[415] He prepared everything connected with Fjord's time on the sea, but left the particulars about Fjord's patron to Matt.[416]

During their session zero, Travis assigned Fjord higher intelligence, opposite to his previous character (Grog Strongjaw). At that time, he hasn't had an accent for Fjord and didn't like it. The week before "Curious Beginnings" (2x01) has aired, Travis had a voice over session for a video game, where he used a deeper Southern accent, which inspired Fjord's accent.[415]

Regarding Fjord breaking his pact with Uk'otoa, Travis and Matt discussed possibilities for Fjord moving forward.[417] Fjord could have taken continued in warlock by making amends with Uk'otoa or finding himself another patron. Following the Wildmother was "a Paladin path", which was discussed "as the narrative as looming".[418] The first level with Melora as his patron was in paladin because it was a faith-based decision. At the time, Matt said that warlock levels were possible with narrative work,[419] and Fjord indeed later took further levels in warlock.

Travis has said on multiple occasions that Fjord is Lawful Good, though the other players do not always believe him.[420]

When Hannah Friederichs was creating the portrait of Fjord for "The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (OSx54), Travis asked her to add long hair and an open shirt in at least one sketch, each. Hannah left the shirt at least partially open in most sketches, but there was only one sketch featuring Fjord with long hair. The Uk'otoa tattoo was present in the initial brief; Hannah pitched multiple variations, "including one that was just a mass of tentacles crawling down his arm like an infection and one that was mostly waves, with subtle coils of scales sliding along and through them".[421]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "We need to drop this fucker and get the hell out of Dodge." (Fjord after attacking the zombie in the second battle)[422]
  • "Is that single horse a, uh...a mustang?" (how Fjord met Shelby the Mustang)[423]
  • "We are either a team, or you are working for yourselves. Decide." (said to Caleb and Nott after Caleb is caught stealing from the High Richter's home)[424]
  • "They call me eagle eye Fjord where I come from. [cawing] Crow Fjord, maybe raven, you don't know." (Fjord claiming to the party that he has keen vision)[425]
  • "I would say something about that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but I feel pretty fucking weak right now." (Fjord to the Mighty Nein after the group fought a dragon)[426]
  • Fjord: I betcha, crackfire, slopdolly.
    Nott: What?![427]
  • Travis (describing Fjord leaving Avantika's quarters): "I turn around and I head towards the door and as I get there, I look back." (pauses) "And I walk away!"[428]
    • (Callback to Vax'ildan frequently walking away from emotional moments in Campaign 1.)
  • "Magic's new to me; this sword is new to me. I didn't have most of this all of my life. All I had was my words to get out of situations, to try and heal conflict, to try and outsmart somebody. And now all of a sudden, I have this power; and I feel like it's a shortcut and I've been cheating myself. I don't feel like I've put forth the same effort to resolve something because I can just will something into happening. That doesn't seem right to me."[113]
  • Beau: "I can understand taking the easy way out with the power you have. It's what I've done my whole life. I just don't know anything else though."
    Fjord: "I get that. Maybe we try not to do that. I check you-"
    Beau and Fjord together: "-you check me."
    Fjord: "We check the group."[429]
  • Fjord: (to the blue dragon in Halas's manor) "I have recently been putting my hands where they don't belong. And this time, it sent me to you."
    Blue Dragon: "And what have we learned?"
    Fjord: "Probably to look and not touch."[430]
  • Fjord: (to their neighbor, Lord Biylan) "I think that's how trees work."[431]
  • Fjord: "Fuckin' seaweed wraps are the shit!" [432]
  • Fjord: (to Obann) "It's time to vrock!" [433]
  • Fjord: "Wildmother, shine your light!" (said while fighting Obann in the Chantry of the Dawn)[434]
  • Fjord: "That's very cool. I do love the ocean." (said while meditating in Rexxentrum)[435]
  • Fjord: "You need me more than I need you. Give it back." (Fjord trying to intimidate Uk'otoa)[436]
  • Fjord: (to Caduceus and Caleb) "I think I'm becoming comfortable with the idea of failing with you. Makes it a little less lonely."[437]
  • Fjord: "Listen you fucking jungle! I'm a paladin of the Wildmother. You're going to move or we're going to bust you wide open! We'll wreck this place. Don't make me fucking tell you twice!" (Fjord unsuccessfully trying to intimidate a jungle) [438]
  • Fjord: "And you care about people you know, about people you don't know. You cause chaos but in the end, you don't want to hurt people." (Fjord to Jester)[439]
  • Fjord: "I have to be honest. Also, I don't really care about two hundred other people. I do care about you." (Fjord to Jester)[440]
  • Fjord: (to Jester) "One last thing."
    Jester: "Yeah?"
    Fjord: "You can tell us if something happens when you speak with the Traveler. Last time, it seemed like you carried it for a long time. You can tell me. I'll listen."
  • Fjord: (to Beauregard) "You know when someone makes you feel a way that you don't think you have any right to feel or you never thought that you might?"
    Beau: "Yeah"
    Fjord: "And that seems off because I should know who I am. I should know how I feel or what I want, but there's a gravity around Jester, at least to me. And she's the one I've known the longest in this new part of my life. And I really thought that when this started, there would be an end for me in this and I would get even, or retribution or payback and then I would be....done. And it hasn't been that way at all. It shriveled and died and in its place, seven new interests sprouted..."[441]
  • Fjord: (to Jester) "Can I kiss you?"
  • Fjord: (to Lucien) "Are you sure you don't want to hang a tie on the door? We could order some fruit snacks and have a lot of fun! We could get freakay!"[442]
  • Essek Thelyss: "I spent my entire life studying the intent to not let things like this happen to chance...That can't be it, can it."
    Fjord: "I don't know. But if you were to ask my wise friend, Caduceus, I'm sure he would tell you that life continues on. It changes, it evolves, and it grows. I don't think there's an end. You just might not be able to see the next trip. But you have more time. You have more time to study. You have a talent that I don't understand. Use that anger, that frustration. Let it fuel you. If you have any regret or grief over what you've done in your life, I see nothing but good, and nothing but an opportunity for you to turn it around. You've shown me all I need to see." [443]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fjord's second Mighty Nein playlist hinted at feelings for Jester in the description for the song "Blue Healer", which reads: "I never thought I would feel this. And despite my stubbornness, you've worn me down – and I hope for more."
  • Fjord has mentioned that his favorite color is blue.[444]
  • Fjord is allergic to cats, as is Travis.[445]
  • According to Jester, Fjord makes excellent chili.[446]
  • Fjord is an expert in accents. He accurately mimicked Vandran's accent until reverting to his original accent in "Clay and Dust" (2x72), and was able to tell that two mysterious figures (later revealed to be Astrid and Eadwulf) were putting on fake Marquesian accents in "Cat and Mouse" (2x128).[447]
  • His main "hobby" is watching and imitating people's habits, most likely to improve his disguise self (Mask of Many Faces) and deception.
  • Due to his status as a hexblade warlock and his thick Texan accent, many Critters have given the nickname "Texblade" to Fjord.[448][449]
  • Travis has joked about Fjord being a bottom on Talks Machina (due to the manner in which he first consumed a pact weapon) after talking about Fjord being submissive and acting submissively towards "higher powers."[450]
  • Several parallels can be made between Fjord and Percy. Each of them has a particularly antagonistic relationship with a female NPC (in this case, Avantika and Anna Ripley respectively); they both forged pacts with unseen higher forces (again, Uk'otoa and Orthax respectively). Additionally, each wields an enchanted weapon (either provided or influenced) by those higher forces: Sword of Fathoms and The List; Uk'otoa seems to have a dark and nefarious agenda just as Orthax did, and both appear to have their pact severed when their pact weapon is dropped into a pool of highly destructive liquid.

Campaign statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Travis made the first roll of the campaign, rolling a natural 20.[451]
  • Fjord is the first character in Campaign 2 to multiclass, and the second overall to do so as a Paladin (after Vax'ildan).
  • Fjord holds the record for highest damage in a single turn targeting only one creature at a time in Campaign 2, set in "Malice and Mystery Below" (2x119). Travis stated the total to be 113 points, but he individually announced the totals for each hit to be 75 and 43 points, actually totaling 118 points. Either number is a Campaign 2 record.[452]
  • Fjord has the lowest Dexterity (11) and lowest Wisdom (7) of all of the Mighty Nein, including Frumpkin. This also ties with Scanlan Shorthalt for the lowest Wisdom score of any player character.
    • However, Fjord has the highest Charisma of all of the Mighty Nein (20) and is tied for having the highest Constitution (18) with Beau and Jester (when the latter has her Ioun stone attuned).
    • Fjord has the highest hit point total of the Mighty Nein, with 192 at level 16, making two campaigns in a row where Travis' character has the highest number of hit points at campaign's end. He still held this spot with 205 hit points when the Nein progressed to level 17 for the two-shot reunion.
    • Fjord also has a higher hit point total than all of level 20 Vox Machina, as well as their high level guest players and one-shot player characters, except Grog (277).

On "Fjord"[edit | edit source]

  • A fjord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by a glacier. The pronunciation differs from that of "fjord", but the pronunciation can refer to a type of water crossing. A ford is a portion of a river or stream shallow and stable enough to cross by wading on foot, riding a horse, or directing a vehicle through the water. "Ford" is etymologically related to "fjord"; both derive from a Proto-Indo-European word meaning "crossing".
  • Throughout Campaign 2, several jokes have been made that compare Fjord's name to that of the Ford Motor Company. For example:
    • Fjord found a mustang and named it Shelby,[453] a reference to the Shelby Mustang, which is a high-performance variant of the Ford Mustang.
    • When Fjord stated that he did not have a surname, Sam joked that it was "Tough"—which would make his name "Fjord Tough", a pun on the Ford Motor Company slogan.[454]
    • When Nott agreed to scout ahead with Fjord, she declared that she would join the Fjord expedition.
    • Sam Riegel jokes in "The Journey Home" (2x30) that Fjord's middle name is Bronco, an SUV. Sam jokes "That's canon now."
    • When the Nein reach level 15, documented in the video "The Mighty Nein Roll Hit Points for Level 15", a note added in post-production points out Fjord took the Tough feat to explain his hit point total jump, then jokes "He is literally built Fjord Tough" complete with a circular logo similar to the Fjord Motor Company logo.

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  1. Throughout Campaign 2, Fjord did not use his surname and was mononymous, introducing himself as simply "Fjord" and telling others that he did not have a surname.[5][6] By "The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1 – Unfinished Business" (OSx50), six months after the campaign, the name appeared on his stat cards (where it did not during the campaign) and he named his company after the name, suggesting that he is using his surname.[7][8]


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