Fight at the Museum...

"Fight at the Museum..."
Campaign 3 episode
"Fight at the Museum..." (3x21) thumbnail featuring Liam O'Brien and Taliesin Jaffe.
Episode no.Episode 21
AirdateApril 21, 2022 19:00 PDT
Running time3:47:43
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"Fight at the Museum..." (3x21) is the twenty-first episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Bells Hells may have located their quarry, but the heist is far from over as they face down freshly formed formidable foes...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Announcements[edit | edit source]

  • No Ashley Johnson tonight because the COVID caught her. She's feeling fine and will be texting in directions for Fearne. The six-player table feels weirdly familiar and Matt hates it.
  • First sponsor tonight is Cash App, presenting the second Finger Championship Games (FCG), this time featuring the Digital Dominator vs the Finger Blaster. The Finger Blaster wins again! Use code CRITROLE for $15 (terms apply).
  • Second sponsor is ELEX II, a new open-world science fantasy RPG featuring the voice talents of Taliesin Jaffe. Liam particularly likes its heroes Jax and Dex. Use code CRElex2 at to save 10%.
  • The Red Nose Day fundraiser is still going. Next Thursday, 28 April 2022 at 7 pm Pacific, Marisha, Ashley, and Sam will be reprising their Mighty Nein characters alongside Stephen Colbert.
  • The second episode of 4-Sided Dive will be 3 May 2022 at 7 pm Pacific on Twitch and YouTube.

Part I[edit | edit source]

Roll initiative!

Imogen Commands both clay wardens to "grovel" on their turn, while Orym again attacks the glass case with his sword, doing slightly more damage. Laudna then holds her rock chisel in place at the enclosure for Ashton to whack with his hammer, cracking the glass significantly. When Laudna moves away, however, the constructs use their reactions to hit her, knocking her unconscious into a corner. Fearne casts Cure Wounds to bring her back and then summons Little Mister. Chetney completely shatters the glass case with his chisel, snatches the earring, and sprints for the door they entered through.

On their turn, the clay wardens follow Imogen's previous Command and fall prone. The party all run toward the door, doing what damage they can to the constructs on the way, but Ashton discovers the door outward is jammed shut, and Chetney realizes The Verdict has taken the immovable rod they left behind earlier in the museum and used it to wedge the door closed. They all immediately reverse course back into the room holding the wardens and toward the second door leading outward from it into a twin to the lion statue room they entered through.

Fearne gets the final blow on one of the wardens with Scorching Ray and uses Little Mister's fiery teleportation ability to move Laudna slightly away and nearer the other exit. Laudna passes her bag of magnets to Chetney who passes them and the earring to FCG, and FCG uses the magnets to hide the earring inside his mouth. The remaining clay warden picks up Orym and throws him at Imogen, damaging both, and only FCG's intervention saves Imogen from unconsciousness. Orym then gets the How do you want to do this? on the final creature.

Everyone is damaged, several of them severely. While Chetney determines which of the floor tiles are trapped in the twin lion-statue room and FCG casts Aura of Vitality on the party, they discuss possible strategies, including luring The Verdict by playing dead and substituting a fake earring. Laudna badly crafts a fake which they insert into Imogen's music box and leave on Wind Folly's former pedestal. Eventually they decide to try for a short rest, while Imogen remains on guard against entry by The Verdict from either side, ready to telepathically trigger the floor tile traps with ball bearings if The Verdict moves into the lion rooms.

Only a few minutes in, they hear The Verdict entering one of the adjacent rooms and identifying the trapped tiles. As the rival party moves forward and begins trying to open the door leading to where Bells Hells are, Imogen telepathically drops a ball bearing on one of the tiles, triggering a blast of flame from the mouth of the lion statue. Chetney and Ashton are able to hold the door closed, trapping The Verdict in the lion room as Imogen sets off the flames again. The party hears screams and a voice crying, "Severo is down!" and when they hear Severo being moved out of the room, Imogen triggers the flames a third time.

When Orym cautiously investigates the now-charred room, there is silence and drag marks leading outward. The next room is also deserted, but in the central chamber the group finds, charred and unconscious, Hutchin and Severo the goblin, with Tejana standing over them. FCG casts Spare the Dying on both and Fearne heals Hutchin. They discover the other two members of The Verdict hiding with crossbows, but convince them to stand down. Orym recovers the immovable rod. Laudna convinces Chetney to steal the alleged "Journal of Vespin Chloras" as they leave, apparently unnoticed by The Verdict.

Bells Hells moves back upstairs. On the way, Ashton takes the helmet from the strangely familiar suit of Hishari armor. Angry at the level of danger they've encountered, Ashton wants to take further retribution on Evon Hytroga before leaving, and the party moves to the second floor where they locate and steal some hidden papers and a pair of glasses in a locked drawer. Satisfied, the group moves back downstairs and exits through the kitchen door.

Break[edit | edit source]

Part II[edit | edit source]

Once outside, Chetney drops his werewolf form. Surrounded by guards, Evon Hytroga is waiting, and FCG presents the earring to him. Evon congratulates the group and tells them he will notify Jiana Hexum of their victory. As a reward, he takes out and holds up a mirror-like object toward them, then takes them inside to show them the portrait of them it has created, which will hang proudly on the wall as the first victors of what he is thinking of making an annual contest.

The group is worried about returning to their hotel, and travel out of town to sleep in the woods. After a long rest, Fresh Cut Grass casts Remove Curse on Imogen, removing her blue coloration. As the spell fades, he also casts Detect Thoughts in an attempt to dive deeper into her mind, but she shuts him out and tells him not to try it again. He notices, however, her hand move toward the shard of Gnarlrock in her pocket.

FCG Identifies the stolen glasses as being Eyes of Charming, able to cast Charm on those they look upon. While FCG can't use Identify again that day, Ashton determines that the stolen papers (all apparently blank) are magical because they can't be torn. Imogen sends a message to Jiana Hexum, telling her of the party's victory in the heist, while Chetney determines that the "Journal of Vespin Chloras" is a fake.

Before they leave town, Chetney wants to stop by Knot Forgotten and talk to the toymaker Zadro Ichlen, so he and Orym go there. Chetney is impressed with the workmanship on display and learns that Zadro learned her trade in Uthodurn. When Chetney asks her if she knew Oltgar, her entire demeanor changes, becoming hostile and suspicious. Even when Chetney tells her he has no love for Oltgar, she remains wary and they agree to forget they ever met. Chetney's anger seems to almost overpower him inside the shop, and when Orym questions him outside, Chetney tells him Oltgar is "the worst kind of person."

On the way back, they run into Roe Estani leaving the inn, who tells them that through the years, he's had friends with similar interests as the Lumas twins. The friends called themselves the Grim Verity, a hundred-year-old collective of collegiate scholars "uncovering conspiratorial secrets of history to a borderline blasphemous degree by theological standards." The twins were members. If Bells Hells go to the Aydinlan Seminary in Yios, they should find Ebenold Kai and deliver to her a sealed letter which he gives to Orym.

Orym and Chetney rejoin the group, who have reclaimed the horses and settled up at the inn. They mount up and travel uneventfully to Jrusar, along the way learning that the papers stolen from Evon become readable in extreme cold, which Laudna provides with a Ray of Frost. The papers are mostly to do with Evon's acquisition of artifacts from around the world. A recurring name is SP.Y.SH-N, which Orym recognizes as referring to Spireling Shenn (a leader in the Emon sect of the Clasp). There is also a letter concerning Jiana Hexum's transactions with dealers in Wildemount: three separate shipments of 3'x1'x1' crates which she immediately sent onward. Ashton saw a similar crate on his last job with the Nobodies and remembers pulling something from it, but his memories of that night are very hazy. The other papers establish that the relics in the museum are fakes commissioned by Hytroga. Ashton gives Imogen the papers concerning the crates to hold and slips Fearne the stolen Eyes of Charming.

After four days on the road, they see the flame of the Lantern Spire and reach Jrusar just after sunset.

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These characters previously appeared in Campaign 3 or any other Critical Role work.

Mentioned[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Laura: (rolling for the absent Ashley) Somebody else roll. I can't, I can't.
    Liam: It's not you. It's the cold universe.
    Marisha: Natural 20!!
  • Matt: Go ahead and roll an attack.
    Sam: (rolls) ni-- ooh, 6 or 9?
    Laura: 9.
    Marisha: Nice.
  • Ashton: I've got a job for Mister once we're out of this room, I'm kinda curious.
    FCG: It's book keeping.
  • FCG: Smiley night to ya!
  • Evon Hytroga: I am surprised and quite impressed by what you've achieved this eve. But I am an individual that likes to keep my failures under wraps. Guards, kill them. I'm kidding! I'm entirely kidding!
  • Imogen: You really should have checked out what kind of damage those traps did to your place.
    Orym: Yeah, it didn't really fit the non-deadly category.
    Evon: You all survived, didn't you?
    Chetney: Yeah, but most of the artifacts didn't. I'm just kidding. Ha, I gotcha!
  • Zadro Ichlen (to Chetney, about Oltgar) If you ever see him, tell him Zadro keeps a blade, just in case. And he is not welcome.
  • Chetney: Oltgar is the worst, the worst kind of person. I worked with Oltgar in Uthodurn. He was a mentor of mine, taught me the intricacies of making wooden toys. Made them beautiful. And then he betrayed that very craft! It makes sense that his spies would have spread this far. It'll have to be a scorched earth campaign now.
  • Liam: You're really perceptive, but I think this might just be your... Blindspot. I'm going to hide behind the cup for a moment because I'm ashamed of myself.
    Travis: That is very CSI Miami of you.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Transferred 1 bag Magnets Laudna
Used by FCG to conceal Wind Folly in their mouth.
Transferred 1 Wind Folly Chetney FCG
Crafted 1 Fake earring Laudna Very badly crafted to resemble Wind Folly.
Relinquished 1 Crank-up music box Imogen The fake earring was placed inside the music box and left in the room originally containing Wind Folly.
Recovered 1 Immovable rod Orym
Stolen 1 The journal of Vespin Chloras Twilight Mirror Museum Laudna Determined by Chetney to be a fake, Laudna retrieved it from the swamp when Chetney chucked it.
Stolen 1 Helmet from the ceremonial Hishari armor Twilight Mirror Museum Ashton
Stolen Papers Evon Hytroga's office Ashton Later identified as records of transactions.
1 a set of glasses Evon Hytroga's office
The glasses were identified by FCG as Eyes of Charming, and Ashton slipped them into Fearne's pouch.
Transferred 1 Wind Folly FCG Evon Hytroga To prove Bells Hells' victory in the heist.
Purchased 1 Carved wooden wyvern Knot Forgotten Chetney Price 8 silver.
Acquired 1 Sealed letter Roe Estani Orym To be delivered, still sealed, to Ebenold Kai in Yios.
Transferred 1 Record of 3 shipments of crates to Jiana Hexum Ashton Imogen Found among Evon's papers, Ashton didn't want to carry it while seeing Jiana.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ashley Johnson was not present for this episode due to having COVID-19 when it was taped.[1]
  • At the end of this episode, the party leveled up to 6th.
    • FCG rolled a 5, increasing hit points to 56.
    • Ashton rolled a 4, increasing hit points to 65.
    • Chetney took the level as a Rogue and rolled 2, increasing hit points to 50.
    • Laudna took the level as a Sorcerer and rolled a 6, increasing hit points to 42.
    • Imogen rolled a 5, increasing hit points to 38.
    • Orym rolled a 2, increasing hit points to 53.
    • Fearne didn't roll since Ashley wasn't present but also leveled up and took the level in Rogue, increasing hit points to 46.

References[edit | edit source]