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Episode no.Episode 21
AirdateMarch 5, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time1:59:45[fn 1]
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"4-Sided Dive: Feat Fetishes" (4SDx21) is the 21th episode of 4-Sided Dive, discussing up to "Doorways to Darker Depths" (3x86) with Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O'Brien, Sam Riegel, and Travis Willingham. Sam was the host, and the guests played Caper Cards: Bells Hells.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Sam, speaking with a British accent, states that this episode will feature a "deeply serious and thought-provoking discussion" with "absolutely no bits" as a gentle piano melody and vintage desaturated video filter set the tone.[1] He introduces the fellow cast members, but breaks down halfway through the monologue and says that it's impossible to make the show anymore without the bits or a charming British guest host. They failed at making a good episode last month, Travis got lost in a secret passageway and is now stuck with a horrified expression on his face, Liam has been passed out in his chair for the past three days, and Taliesin was turned into a baby doll. Sam declares that the bits must be brought back and - against the protests of the producers and Doll Taliesin's concerns about the viewers who hate the bits - pulls the Emergency Bit Break. Triumphant music plays as the Tower of Inquiry reassembles, the Consequences box and various props materialize from the ether, a screaming Taliesin transforms back into his human self, and the scene returns to full color.

What the fuck is up with that?[edit | edit source]

Ruidus! Everyone's excited to finally be on the moon after all the talking the group has done about it leading up to this. Taliesin says everyone needs to slow down and have fun there, since they usually rush around everywhere. Travis asks Taliesin what "fun" on the moon would look like for him and Taliesin says he wants a spacesuit, a rocket, and a jetpack. The group briefly discusses Otohan's backpack (it is not a jetpack, it just holds the Potion of Possibility that she draws on for power - her jumping ability comes from her psionic powers) before going back to talking about how much they want to explore the moon.

Sam says that it doesn't make any sense for the moon's gravity to be roughly the same as Exandria's. Travis proposes that the effect is because Ruidus is actually a being that could generate gravity rather than just a celestial body, while Taliesin offers the explanation that Exandria is actually hollow and so has a mass closer to that of the moon. Liam questions how a flat disc can be hollow, with the response being that it becomes a donut.

Taliesin later brings up how the inhabitants of Ruidus haven't really talked about the gods of Exandria much, and the group discusses the perspective on religion they heard from Barthie. Even though the party hasn't really had experience with the gods directly intervening in their lives, there's still a long history of the gods influencing the world either directly themselves or by speaking to people who act on their behalf. By contrast, Ruidians don't have that same history of godly influence - it's more like myth that they hear about sometimes through people's dreams.

Because Ruidus and its people were originally part of Exandria, Travis wonders whether that original group of people were split between the planet and the moon (and so might have descendants alive on Exandria) or everyone got snatched up when the moon was made.

Rough landing: Travis talks about how poorly the group handled their arrival on the surface - standing on the landing pad and trying to figure out what to do instead of immediately running, hiding, or attacking something. Sam adds that when they did end up deciding where to go, they made a huge show of which direction they were going, and the cast agree that stealth is not the party's best skill. Sam feels that things would've gone differently if Matt had mentioned a gate for the party to go through. Travis confirms that Matt had said the party could only see a fence, and that there were no gaps in the fence even though they were present on the map (hence why the party asked so many questions about the layout of the lakeside town). The group then sympathizes with Matt and the job he does, saying that he can't really tell the group outright when there's nothing relevant around. Going back to the messy arrival, Travis thinks the group could've quietly taken out at least one of the people around the landing pad and gotten a look around the camp, and Sam says that the difficulty of the battle never let up and so the party experienced so many close calls until they made their escape.

The village of Razora: Taliesin compares the village to Hokkaido and Liam jokes that this just means Ruidus is Japan. The group compliments Matt on the way he introduced the peoples of Ruidus with Dono and Barthie and their cytaas, as well as their perspective on Exandrians with the idea of the "Blue Promise." Liam goes back to the interrogation with Edmuda where the party learned that the people of Ruidus intend to move to Exandria, and Sam jumps in to add that they don't currently intend to take it over - they would find a place to call their own and then decide what to do next. Liam builds off of this by recounting the attack on Zephrah and stating that the Reilora are essentially asking the Exandrians to trust them after they attacked and killed people who had done nothing to them.

Hive mind hijinks: Taliesin and Sam mention an idea they'd had for FCG to enter the dreams that Ruidus's inhabitants can see and potentially figure out a way to sabotage the hive mind through those dreams, and Taliesin goes on to share his theory that the seed from All-Minds-Burn might also end up corrupting the Ruidian hive mind once planted. On a brief tangent about All-Minds-Burn, Travis asks Taliesin to clarify the organization's goals and recruitment methods, as he's been visualizing it similar to an opium den where people can go in but then it's difficult to leave. Taliesin answers that they're not really looking to expand and they don't really have to do outreach - people just come in and, after partaking in the drugs, have the experience of becoming part of a family. Dani chimes in to say that this sounds similar to the way Ruidus makes all of its inhabitants feel safe and connected to each other.

The Tower of Inquiry: Round 1[edit | edit source]

SpookyDookie: What moment, in any campaign, has scared you the most? — pulled by Taliesin, 42:46

  • Taliesin: The baby experiment in Aeor
  • Travis: That first time Matt reached over the screen at Travis. Whenever he reaches over the DM screen, it triggers a fight or flight.
  • Liam: He was scared handing over the beacon, but that's a different kind of scared. He was also scared when Vax spoke to the Raven Queen at Raven's Crest.
  • Sam: Similar to the beacon moment, he was scared when Scanlan was a triceratops, by himself.

Liam accidentally pulls two questions. They ask for a ruling, and Kyle Shire allows them to answer two questions: "Why not?"

awesomebyjenna: What is a characteristic or skill that your character really admires about another member of the Bells Hells? — pulled by Liam, 46:20

  • Ashton admires how bad Chetney is at lying
  • FCG marvels at Fearne's ability to remain optimistic and deterministic
  • Chetney admires Fearne's blind joy, at least the visage of it.
  • Orym loves Imogen's intelligent

MamaLaw1021: Has seeing the Campaign 1 characters through the lens of your current characters affected how you view/feel about them? — pulled by Liam

  • Out of Vox Machina, Bells Hells still neither met Scanlan nor Grog. Travis jokes Grog is waiting in the center of Ruidus, waiting for aid against Predathos. After Sam jokes about them being dead, Liam points out that both Scanlan and Grog are famous, and the party would certainly learn about their departure. They also agree Matt did a wonderful job at continuing Vox Machina's story, developing PC characters further post-C1.

Sam insists that he and Travis pull blocks simultaneously. Sam nearly knocks the tower over, but Travis prevents it from falling.

Guy_in_tiedye: Living in a fantasy world, where flying ships and giant monsters are common, what kind or level of magic would be impressive to your character? Is there anything your character thinks is impossible? — pulled by Travis or Sam, 52:43

  • Time-travel. FCG impressed by Laudna's ability to animate objects. Taliesin/Ashton recognizes how difficult it is to craft magicless technologies in the arcane world. They would be stunned by cosmos-sized disasters.

Lux: How would your character react to bring dropped in Newfaire? — pulled by Travis or Sam, 54:50

  • Percival, Chetney will be exactly where they want to be. Chetney would open up a wood production company and rebel against industrial revolution. Caduceus would freak out. Orym would not care for it. Caleb would adapt. Molly would hate it.

The Deep Dive[edit | edit source]

Taliesin: What is it like for Ashton to have a form where he doesn't feel his chronic pain?

  • Taliesin talks a while to consider the answer. The lack of pain is a reminder that it will be back soon.

Travis claims that his question is, "What is it like to carry the entire campaign on your back?" He says that it is "a noble but necessary responsibility." Dani chides him for making it up and putting words into her questions.

Travis: Chetney made a bargain with Nana Morri. What was that experience like for you as a player and why did Chetney change his mind about regaining his youth?1:00:15

  • At first Travis thought of making Chetney younger, but didn't feel right for the character. The wish to become the greatest toy maker came out of nowhere. Matt gave Travis a feat. Travis insists that, while around a hag wish-giver, they had to bargain with her.

Liam: Orym secretly made a fey deal with Nana Morri for everyone's safety in exchange for serving her. Why did he make this bargain and why did he word it the way he did? Does he hope to get out of the deal somehow? Why has he not told Fearne?

  • Orym didn't bring it up yet, but he is expecting it to reveal itself rather soon and doesn't hide it. Liam did it, because the concept of the bargain was scary and he wanted to push through the scare. Liam also wanted to get magic, since he loves at least a little bit of magic for his characters.
  • Liam/Orym think it is a good bet, at least several members of Bells Hells will die, but with this deal he made sure everyone survive, but only Orym will be punished.

Sam: FCG had an interaction with a bird that was, while antagonistic, at least productive. How is his bird phobia? Do they feel more comfortable around birds now that Shithead is dead?1:03:30

  • Sam/FCG question whether Shithead is really dead, still feeling paranoid about him and the bird in general. He thinks birds are scary: they don't have arms, don't have lips, yall loudly.

Taliesin: How did Ashton feel about being the only Bells Hells member to fail one of Nana Morri's therapy challenges?

  • "Honestly, Ashton's been feeling shitty for awhile and finally at the the ghost town he was finally like 'I am sick of being the one because all of you are fucking up and I'm shutting the fuck up about it and I'm tired of shutting the fuck up about how you are all fuckwits'."

Travis: Clearly Chetney's fey bargain with Nana influenced his ability to make toys. What can you tell us about his new masterpiece ability?1:06:26

  • Chetney can spend an hour making a toy, enchanting it with the essence of the greatest toymaker (Chetney). Those who observe the toy become entranced by it for 1d6 minutes.

Liam: Orym has kept up his pressure on the group and especially Imogen in order to see this through. What is it like for him to be a soldier facing his family's murderers and also a man trying to protect his new loved ones?1:07:40

  • Orym thinks this is the most dangerous event of his life and he must protect his allies whatever the cost. He doesn't want to lose any of BH, especially Imogen, because he thinks of her as a leader of the group.

Sam: Though Turn Undead has been very useful, it also affects Laudna. How does FCG feel about the spell's effect on his undead friend?

  • If it's the will of the Changebringer, then maybe Laudna deserves it in a way. The Changebringer's judgment is righteous and true, if Laudna is evil dead who suffer the punishment, FCG can't do anything about it.
  • Just before the party slept in the recent episodes, FCG was at the brink of stressing out and raging at the party (he was around three points away from the trigger). Sleep cleared off all the points.
  • During his lifetime Chetney was a part of many large-scale events of Exandria. Now, he feels jolly about participating in a big event, which he can influence in a major way.

Taliesin: How does Ashton feel about their relationship with Bells Hells after the fallout of taking the shard?

  • Ashton is trying to be patient in proving they've got what it takes to be helpful and be sensible, which is really difficult for Ashton, since he is the one who shouldn't be the sensible, responsible one, and it's going against everything they hold dear.

Travis: How does Chetney think he will be able to bring Nana Morri a piece of Predathos in order to uphold his end of their deal? Is he (or you) worried about what may happen if he fails?

  • "I ain't worried about it, baby. I ain't sweating it one fucking bit."

Liam: Orym attempted to reach out to Dorian, but Dorian didn't respond. Orym later asked Imogen if she had a theory about why Dorian didn't respond. How worried is Orym about Dorian's safety?

  • Orym is afraid Dorian can be dead. It will a schrodinger's Dorian for a little while.

Sam: Throwing it back to the M9 Echoes of the Solstice Reunion why did you decide to play as Luc instead of Veth? What was it like bringing that character in for the game?

  • Sam likes to break the form. Also, Veth didn't have a reason to continue adventuring with M9, risking herself away from her family. This was already a dilemma through the second half of Campaign 2.

The Tower of Inquiry: Round 2[edit | edit source]

Taliesin and Liam pull a block each simultaneously, as Sam and Travis did before.

The Pudding Pack: From your many guests that have been on the show, is there a guest combo that you would you like to see that have not roleplayed together at the table? — pulled by Liam or Taliesin

AJ Hitchner: How much control do you retain over your characters after a campaign has ended? Do you hand the reigns over to Matt completely or do you still like to have some input over your previous PCs' stories after their main story ends? — pulled by Liam or Taliesin, 1:19:30

  • All previous PCs became NPCs and came under Matt's control, but they all agree that they trust Matt to be respectful towards their characters.
  • Travis reveals Matt's suggested a few ideas for Grog Strongjaw and he's vetoed all of them. Matt asked Taliesin about Whitestone before Bells Hells first got there (Percy's office or his workshop and the relationships with his kids).

unsaltysaltines: As an actor, have there been things you've taken from roleplaying at the table and incorporated into your process in other mediums? — pulled by Sam, using his teeth, 1:23:47

  • It's harder to read lines off script for an audition than spend 4 hours a week playing in front of cameras. The improv classes paying off. For Travis, roleplaying is the fastest way to improv, so these games help a lot.

More-Sided Dive: Caper Cards: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Sam: FCG has a looser connection with the Changebringer on Ruidus, which is seemingly why Scrying failed. How does FCG feel about being gated from their god?

  • FCG always feels the connection with her, even if she's not present and reachable.

Liam: Orym's efforts paid off when Sending finally worked. What was it like to hear from Caleb and realize that communication was back online?

  • Orym felt their chances shot up. They were cut off all this time from allies then suddenly everybody was on the phone.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The drink special on the chalkboard during the Twitch countdown was water.

References[edit | edit source]

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  1. This episode was uploaded in two parts. The first, which covered the question portions, was uploaded as 4-Sided Dive and ran for 1:28:43. The second, which covered the game portion, was uploaded as More-Sided Dive and ran for 0:31:02.


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