Fearne Calloway

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Fearne Calloway
Player character
Basic information
ActorAshley Johnson
RaceSatyr (Faun)[fn 1]
  • Druid (Circle of Wildfire)
  • Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
Biographical information
Age112[1] (in 842 PD)
LanguagesCommon, Deep Speech, Druidic, Infernal, Sylvan[2][3]
StatusAlive (Resurrected; as of 843 PD)
Cause of deathStabbed by Otohan Thull ("Blood and Dust" (3x33))
Mechanical information
Creature typeFey
AlignmentChaotic Neutral[7]
Level13 (Druid 10 / Rogue 3)[8]
12 / 18 / 19[a]
walk 35 ft.
Stats reference[9] See also her level page.
First seen"The Nameless Ones" (E1x01)
Last seen"Downfall: Part One" (3x99)

Time is a weird soup.

— Fearne Calloway[10]

Fearne Calloway[11] (/ˈfɜrn/) is a faun druid and member of the Crown Keepers and later Bells Hells. She is played by Ashley Johnson.

Fearne was raised in the Fey Realm by Morrigan. In 842 PD, she journeyed to Exandria in search of her parents, Birdie and Olly Calloway. There, she traveled to Emon where she met and joined a group of adventurers who came to be called the Crown Keepers, as well as a wildfire spirit in the form of a monkey she named Little Mister. In 843 PD, she and two members of the Crown Keepers, Orym and Dorian Storm, traveled to the city of Jrusar in Marquet, where they would join another adventuring party named Bells Hells.

Description[edit | edit source]

Fearne is a six-foot-tall faun including her horns[12] with large eyes, large furry ears,[13] and sea-foam green hair.[14] Her hooves have bits of moss around them. She wears flowy clothing and is covered in poisonous flowers including hemlock and oleander.[15] After holding the Circlet of Barbed Vision, her left hand blackened and became claw-like.[16]

When Fearne gets closer to the essence of the Fey Realm, her features temporarily change, becoming sharper with otherworldly feel to them. Her ears and limbs lengthen, eyes get bigger and deeper with rectangular, goat-like pupils, and the flowers she wears begin to turn and open.[17][18]

During her visit in Uthodurn, Fearne bought herself a new outfit in the Catlyn's Clothier. A sheer corset dress made of silks, equipped with poofed sleeves, and incorporated into her Gloomscale Breastplate. She also got finger jewelry.[19]

While on board the Crimson Abyss, Fearne got a tattoo of a flaming bell[20] on her inner thigh.[21]

Immediately following the absorption of the shard of Rau'shan, Fearne's hair curled in flames, and her eyes took on a flame-like appearance. Her horns developed red veins and flames appeared on her arms and at her fingers.[22] Once her transformation faded, she still retained a small spark in the middle of each pupil, and emitted a slow wisp of black smoke.[23]

Before heading to Aeor, Fearne redesigned her outfit, making it more grounded. She put on FCG's jacket, ripped in parts and stitched together with yellow threads. On her belt Fearne hung Chetney's wooden wolf figurine. Fearne got a red thread and violets wrapped as bracelets, and ankle gaiters with the jade stone she got from Orym attached to her hooves. Her hair was messy and plopped on the top of her head.[24] Fearne adorned herself with flowers: edelweiss, borages, bird's foot trefoils, cherry blossoms, magnolias, gardenias, violets, and wisterias.[25]

Portrait gallery[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Fearne is unperturbed and direct. Her soft, demure voice contrasts with her somewhat erratic, insensitive, and self-possessed behavior, in much the same way as the wonderful-looking flowers she wears are actually all poisonous. Fearne is described as coming across as sweet or naïve,[26] but having "a darker streak that manifests itself in her wildfire nature magic".[27]

Bells Hells frequently see her behavior as potentially reckless, but Fearne does not see herself that way.[28][29] Fearne once said that she rarely felt guilty while living in the Feywild, but in her travels with Bells Hells, started to experience it from time to time.[30]

Fearne told Birdie that she relates to Athion Zathuda "extremely selfish and manipulative" qualities. Birdie noted that Fearne has a better heart, which is key difference.[31]

At least around "Phantasmal Parley" (3x72), among Bells Hells members Fearne was "the most optimistic about everyone surviving this adventure", which came from her mindset: if "she pretends that that's not a possibility, everything will be okay". She didn't know how to deal with loss of the loved ones, which (i.e., the loss) is uncommon to the Fey Realm livelihood.[32]

Fearne loves to collect various trinkets,[33] and she enjoys stealing them from others.[34][35] However, at one of the encounters with Percival de Rolo, Fearne managed to suppress her urge to steal an object, in this case Percy's glasses.[36]

Fearne likes inventing stories.[27] She also has hobby of subtly cutting off other people's braids or taking someone else's teeth, keeping them in her collection.[37]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Fearne's mother Birdie resided in the Twilight Citadel of the Unseelie Court and was enthralled by the affection of Athion Zathuda and his promises of the importance of their union. During her stay she developed a friendship with Oleander Calloway (who was imprisoned by the Unseelie), invested in his kindness.[38]

Fearne was born on the Material Plane in the Verdant Expanse of Tal'Dorei, Exandria. As was arranged by Zathuda, Birdie gave birth to Fearne as Ruidus flared, making her Ruidusborn.[39][40] Shortly after they returned to the Feywild. Zathuda's affection dried out, and Birdie felt that her usefulness to him has ended. In this difficult time, Birdie found shelter in Oleander' kindness, and through conversations with him realized the manipulative intentions behind Zathida's agreement, who was courting Birdie only to take away her future child.[38]

Birdie and Oleander escaped the citadel taking the newborn Fearne with them. They lived on the hidden paths between the courts. Ollie treated Fearne as his own child. When Fearne got "a bit older", Ruidus' light started bleeding into the plane when it hadn't before, and Ollie had a vision of the destructions that the Ruidus will bring.[41][42]

Birdie and Ollie sought explanations for the goings-on but couldn't find one, all while being pursued by the Unseelie Court[43][44] and becoming outcasts in the eyes of the Seelie Court.[45] Eventually, Fearne's parents left the Feywild in search of more answers, leaving Fearne in Morrigan's care[46] because it was an unlikely places for the Unseelie Court to go or look.[44]

At home in the Feywild, Fearne had a beautiful bedroom where she kept all of the trinkets she had stolen on her travels around the world.[33] During this time, if Fearne felt lonely, Morrigan sent her fey animal friends:[47] Sweet Pea the sun bear, Bompers the crocodile, Peepers the rabbit, and Dr. Nesbitt the owl. Fearne also claimed to have visited the Unseelie Court, to which she said several of her aunties belong to.[48]

Fearne traveled from the Feywild to the Material Plane through Artagan's Gate, built by Vox Machina for the archfey Artagan.[49][50] She came to the Material Plane to explore, to see the rest of the world, and to find her parents, believing they left to do something important, although she isn't sure what.[51] Morri also gave her a Weave Lens before she left, to be given to her parents if she ever saw them. According to Fearne's memory, they last saw one another approximately 90 years before Campaign 3,[52] Birdie believed it had only been almost six years.[53]

During her travels, Fearne has received letters, gifts, and postcards signed in the name of her parents, Birdie and Oleander Calloway. Although, according to the forlarren[54] sent by Lady Elmenore to retrieve Fearne, her caretaker, Morrigan, was the one who sent her the gifts, Fearne was convinced she was lying,[55] and still maintained that idea visiting Jrusar[56] and in her early days in Bassuras,[57] but accepted it after meeting her mother.[58]

Exandria Unlimited[edit | edit source]

With the rest of the Exandria Unlimited party, Fearne woke up in a house in Emon with no memory of the preceding week. When the party found a baby ankheg in a warehouse they robbed, she was very worried about it and had to be talked out of going back to get it.[59] Later, she suggested taking the crown, they had found, to Morrigan in the Feywild, but wasn't sure how to get there right now.[60]

During the battle on the Oh No Plateau, Fearne transformed into a dire wolf and was able to save Little Mister when Dariax attacked him while thinking he was an enemy.[61] She was also instrumental in getting the group away from Poska's attempted kidnapping by casting Charm Person on Poska and convincing her to tell the Nameless Ones to stand down.[62]

During the party's travel south toward Byroden, Fearne realized they were on the road she took to travel to Emon. While in the main thick of the Verdant Expanse, she led the group off the Wildwood Byway and deeper into the woods, feeling a strong sense that she needed to check something. Her eyes began looking more goat-like. They reached an open glade with a strange gate in its center, which Fearne recognized as the gate she came through from the Feywild. She found herself wanting to go through the gate, but when she tentatively put her hand in, a misshapen twin stepped out wearing the Circlet of Barbed Vision. The creature invited Fearne to come home, saying, "I found my power," and a battle ensued.[63]

Fearne took part in the Gem of Byroden pageant, but failed to place. Along with others in the party, she dreamed about the Circlet and heard the voice of Lolth,[64] and she was contacted by the Wildmother at the obelisk near Qoniira.[65] Within the ruins of Niirdal-Sarqet, Fearne deciphered the final side of the cube and seized control of it, shattering it and releasing bright blue arcane energy.

In the final battle, Fearne again utilized her dire wolf form. The party decided to stay together for at least the time being.[66]

Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

Following the events taking place in Exandria Unlimited, the party returned to Byroden. When Keyleth sent Orym on a mission to Marquet, she told him that his friends Fearne and Dorian could be helpful. Keyleth used Transport by Plants to sneak them to the skyship port in Emon, on which they traveled eventually to Jrusar.[67] They soon found themselves responding to a mysterious attack of animated objects in the streets, fighting alongside Ashton Greymoore, Fresh Cut Grass, Imogen Temult, and Laudna, and they attracted the attention of Bertrand Bell, who was able to arrange them work with Ariks Eshteross.[68]

Toymaker Chetney Pock O'Pea hired them to locate Gurge Kisgregg. Imogen suggested to Fearne that Chetney might make her a toy, and off Fearne's, Laudna's, and Dorian's excitement, Chetney agreed to pay them in crafted wooden toys. During the investigation, an attempt to distract the cook Pretty led to him asking her, Laudna, and Imogen on a date. They accepted, but after the date, Pretty declined to pursue anything further with them. The group tracked Gurge to a secret workshop of Ira Wendagoth, the Nightmare King. Ira recognized Fearne as a Calloway, though Fearne did not recognize him. Because of her presence, he hesitated to cast an acidic spell on the group and instead chose to escape.[69]

As Armand Treshi was connected to many of these strange events, Eshteross wanted to plant a tracker on him by replacing his ring at a Chandei Quorum ball. Fearne successfully engaged Treshi in a dance. Despite his wariness of her as a fey, due to his distrust of Ira, she was able to slip his ring off,[70] allowing the others to eventually replace it with the tracker. During the ball, Preston Drodelon became enamored with her; though she gently rejected him on the basis that she was "a bit old" for him (despite Preston being an older man).[71] Events during the ball forced Dorian to flee Jrusar with his brother Cyrus Wyvernwind during the night, upsetting Fearne greatly.[72]

The next day, she and Chetney arranged to meet at his room at 3:00 am to have sex. However, he slept through the night and missed the signal, and she returned to her own room.[73] In the morning, Laudna asked Fearne about her life in the Feywild and the reason she was in Exandria. Fearne said that she was seeing the world and that Morri told her that she might find her parents here. She had not seen her parents since she was young, but she received numerous postcards from them, the latest of which from Aeor.[74]

Some time later, they departed for Bassuras via skyship to capture Treshi. There, they met Dusk,[75] who was also searching for Fearne's parents.[76] Fearne told the others that her parents left because they "had to do something very important".[77] With her permission, Imogen contacted Fearne's mother Birdie over Sending and arranged to meet them at Imahara Joe's workshop in a few days.[78] Over the next days, Fearne and Dusk bonded over their experiences in the Feywild and desire to find Fearne's parents.[79] Bells Hells examined the postcards more closely and discovered that they were in unusually good condition and hand made.[80] Fearne grew confused and uncertain when they suggested that Morri lied to her about the origin of the cards, but her friends reassured her that they supported her regardless of what happened with her family.[81] That night, while on watch, Fearne showed Chetney a green gemstone that Morri said Fearne's parents needed.[82] Chetney, in turn, gave her the toy he had been making as payment: a wolf.[83] He again extended an open invitation for a sexual relationship but felt tonight was "tone deaf" due to personal revelations in the group throughout the day.[84]

Fearne was reunited with Birdie at Imahara's workshop. However, Dusk revealed themselves to actually be Yu Suffiad, an agent of the Unseelie Court sent after the Calloway family due to their theft of the Moontide Crown.[85] After Bells Hells convinced Yu to come back in a month for both Birdie and the Crown, Birdie explained to them that she and Ollie had been working with Ira on a device to learn more about Ruidus, as Fearne was Ruidusborn and Ruidus had been recently encroaching on the Feywild, seemingly due to her influence.[86] Birdie also believed to have only left Fearne behind six years ago.[87] Bells Hells followed Birdie to her and Ollie's hideout outside Bassuras. Ollie corroborated Birdie's story, though several members of the party, notably Ashton and Chetney, were suspicious.[88] Fearne realized that Morri had created the postcards, and asked her parents if she had been given to Morri in exchange for the Weave Lens, which they denied but which Ira evaded answering.[89]

After Ira completed the Veilscatter Scope and teleported away, Fearne began to express her frustration with her parents for leaving her behind for so long.[90] After it became clear that her parents had been manipulated by Ira, and possibly Morri, she spoke with them, telling them that she was angry and felt she didn't really know them at this point, but that she was willing to slowly build a relationship on her own terms.[91]

Fearne was killed in the battle against Otohan Thull, but resurrected by FCG immediately after.[92]

While the party was in Yios and the Elemental Plane of Fire, Fearne suggested that the party visit Morri to ask for help in dealing with the Malleus Key in the Feywild.[93] After her and Imogen's encounter with Ludinus Da'leth, the party agreed, and Ryn transported them there.[94] In the Feywild, she brought the party to Ligament Manor, where she had grown up, and happily reunited with Morri.[95] Fearne showed the rest of Bells Hells around,[96] reunited with several of her friends,[97] and served as their guide in the Feywild.[98] Her Wall of Fire was instrumental in destroying the key.[99]

Fearne briefly saw her parents again while picking up Ira outside of Bassuras.[100] Initially, at the Tishtan excavation site, Fearne stayed on the Silver Sun as the rest of the party went to investigate, intending to fly the skyship into the key, but later went with FCG to the site.[101] During the ritual, the red mist that came off all the Ruidusborn present came off her as well.[102] Following the key's activation, Fearne was transported to the Crystalsands Tundra with FCG, Imogen, and Chetney. After meeting Deanna and FRIDA, they made their way towards Uthodurn, where her casting of Dominate Beast on Umudara gave the party time to figure out what he wanted and bring him safely out of the city.[103]

Fearne asked for a temple of the Wildmother while in Uthodurn, and asked the Wildmother to keep Orym safe and tell him she was okay, although she was doubtful she received a response.[104] On the way to Molaesmyr, her ability to Speak with Animals was useful in guiding the party through the dangerous landscape.[105] After the party escaped Molaesmyr into the Savalirwood, Deanna invited Fearne to have a threesome with her and Chetney, which Fearne accepted.[106]

Upon returning to Jrusar, Fearne, Chetney, and Orym had a vision of the Champion of Ravens, trapped and screaming, while at a temple of the Raven Queen.[107] They then went to Zephrah, and were sent on to the Grey Valley to find the remedy for Keyleth's injuries. While fighting in the Iridon Bastion, Fearne successfully persuaded a cambion paladin of Asmodeus, Teven Klask, that Bells Hells were his allies.[108] After she killed Extovass, the demon in charge, Teven offered her a pact, which she accepted.[109]

While in the Shattered Teeth aboard the Crimson Abyss, Fearne attempted to sneak into Novos's quarters to steal back Graz'tchar, which had been offered to him as part of the payment for transport to Kalutha. He caught her and invited her to come to his chambers, where he asked if she would share her warmth. She did so, which resulted in her permanently losing 5 HP, but gaining a boon.[110] After meeting with Evontra'vir elsewhere in the Teeth and being sent to Athos Peak on Igthuldus, she helped Ashton retrieve the spark of Rau'shan by jumping into the lava pool with them and using her ring to loosen the shard.[111] She was taken hostage by the Simulacrum of Ludinus that appeared after the spark was freed, but was able to escape after Imogen broke his concentration.[112]

During the second visit to Whitestone, the party suggested that Fearne was an acceptable candidate to absorb the spark with the newly repaired Quintessence Array due to the danger that holding two shards would pose to Ashton, and she hesitantly agreed.[113] With the absorption process scheduled for the following day, she spent the night wandering around Castle Whitestone with Laudna and Imogen in an attempt to help Laudna recall some of her memories.[114] In the morning, Orym gifted her a spyglass he had stolen from the Crimson Abyss,[115] and she admitted to Ashton that she felt like the spark belonged with them more than her.[116] That afternoon, she helped Ashton take the shard in her place and healed them throughout the process.[117] However, she was furious after Ashton was nearly destroyed by the process, and kicked them in the face before attempting to destroy their hammer. Imogen convinced her to stop, at which point Fearne grabbed the harness and walked off.[118] Chetney followed her and listened to her concerns that she might turn into a bad version of herself, and after they both broke a number of the windows of the castle in order to feel better,[119] Fearne spent the night in the woods and returned to the party, as she had promised Chetney, the next morning.[120] She then suggested the party go to Morri's to recover before their mission, which Bells Hells agreed upon.[121]

Upon arriving in the Fey Realm, she learned her parents were there, having fled the outskirts of Bassuras. Morri told her, when she learned that Fearne had seen the forlarren version of herself and that she had made a deal with Teven, that Birdie was keeping a secret about her birth.[122] Fearne asked Birdie, who upon being asked told Fearne the truth: her biological father was Athion Zathuda, who had enthralled Birdie. While involved with Zathuda, Birdie became friends with Ollie, then a prisoner of the Unseelie Court, and he helped her break free of her spells and the two escaped together, with Ollie raising Fearne as his own. However, prior to breaking free, she had given birth to Fearne on the Material Plane under a Ruidus flare, as arranged.[123] Fearne thanked her mother and embraced her, and after the team-building exercises and processing this information, she decided to take the shard, and successfully absorbed it.[124] In doing so, and in making contact with Ashton, she also awakened their shard of Ka'Mort.[125] The party then left for the Tishtan site for their mission.

In the base camp, Fearne confronted Earthbreaker Groon after noticing he was eyeing her and Imogen, and he told her he had sensed she was Ruidusborn. Others mentioned that past Ruidusborn on missions had gone missing, but Allura vouched for the party and for Fearne and Imogen.[126] While on Ruidus, Fearne and Imogen realized they could sense each other and exchange spells or sorcery points.[127] Fearne's Ruidusborn status came up again when she and FCG encountered Otohan in Razora; Otohan tried attacking FCG to convince Fearne to reveal Imogen's location, but the two escaped when FCG used Banishment.[128] All of Bells Hells regrouped in Wind Walk form and eventually found a subterranean cavern containing ancient Exandrian structures, and traced the underground river to its source, a crack in the wall through which water flowed. Fearne, Wildshaped, volunteered to go through, and found herself in a lake, seemingly no longer on Ruidus.[129] Bells Hells joined her, and learned the village was in Issylra and named Ria'Doin, but after an encounter with a shadowy entity in the lake, they returned to Ruidus to rest. The following day, Fearne and Imogen both experienced a Ruidus flare on the surface, which was uniquely euphoric for them.[130]

Fearne used Disguise Self and pretended to be a Willmaster when the party reached Tyren A, and succeeded with help from Imogen,[131] but when she tried to pass herself off as a Vanguard member to Kreviris Imperium members while in Kreviris and then escape in Wildshape, they attacked her with an avadon, inciting a fight that Bells Hells won.[132] Fearne used Wildshape again when she successfully convinced more Imperium soldiers searching for Bells Hells as a result of the previous fight that she was one of their slithers and led them away from the Jagged Edge.[133]

Upon learning that Zathuda was on Ruidus and one of the Volition's missions was to disrupt the excavation he was helming, Fearne spoke with Ira Wendagoth, who was leading the detonation mission, about why Zathuda might have wanted a Ruidusborn child. She later joined that mission, and expressed a desire to take Gloamglut for herself as a mount.[134] During the mission, Ira Dimension Doored her to safety,[135] and, as she, Ashton, and FCG were escaping, Zathuda noticed her, though the three were able to escape.[136]

After the party returned to Exandria, while resting in the western encampment, Fearne was lured out by a sugar glider early in the morning. In the desert, she met Zathuda, who expressed his disappointment that she was not exaltant, and summoned her forlarren selves for Fearne to fight.[137] With the help of Orym, who had followed her, she was able to defeat them, after which Zathuda noted she seemed motivated by protecting her friends, more so than protecting herself.[138]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Calloway family[edit | edit source]

Fearne's caretaker, Morrigan,[6] sent her from the Feywild to Exandria. She passed through a gate and arrived near Syngorn.[139]

Fearne's parents are outcasts. Fearne was told by a dark version of herself that the Archfey Elmenore wanted her back.[140] After the battle that followed, Fearne could feel the displeasure of Elmenore at the dark alter ego's failure.[141]

Little Mister[edit | edit source]

Little Mister is Fearne's wildfire spirit, a monkey whose mouth is a gaping furnace, burning anything that he decides to eat.[142] Little Mister is also energetic, especially when he was running with Opal to the docks.[143]

Orym[edit | edit source]

Fearne and Orym have contrasting personalities: she with a chaotic fey nature and he soberly making a conscious effort to do good and not screw people over. Despite Orym's worrying about the trouble Fearne will get herself and the party into,[144] they are attentive to each other and are close friends.[145]

Ashton Greymoore[edit | edit source]

Ashton and Fearne seem to get along with one another, and enjoy each other's mischief. They pickpocketed her when they first met, stealing a large earring of the Allhammer's symbol,[146] which she herself stole from a pachydan priest she met on her first day in Jrusar.[147] She then stole the earring back and offered it to Preio Madali as payment for a bottle of Elvish alcohol.[148] In return, Ashton stole the chamber pot with a flower growing out of it (which she originally lifted from Dugger's house) when she was blinded by electric shock. She offered to let Ashton drink some of the liquor out of her hair after Bertrand Bell accidentally threw it at her.[149]

Chetney Pock O'Pea[edit | edit source]

Fearne and Chetney have a flirtatious relationship.[150] Fearne is fascinated by Chetney's lycanthropy, and asked Gurge Kisgregg to bite her, which Chetney supported, although Gurge refused.[151]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Exandria Unlimited stats[edit | edit source]

Fearne's character stats were rerolled between Exandria Unlimited and Campaign 3. Her original stats at level 2 were:[152]

HP = 17
AC = 17

Str = 8
Dex = 14
Con = 14

Int = 10
Wis = 16
Cha = 13

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Former items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Faun (satyr) abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Ram
  • Magic Resistance
  • Mirthful Leaps[178]
  • Reveler
    • Proficient in Performance, Persuasion, and one instrument (dulcimer)[179]

Feats and other abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Chill of the Dread Captain: After relinquishing her warmth to Urlu Novos, her hit point total was permanently reduced by 5 and can use her reaction to gain resistance to cold damage until the end of the current turn.[180][181][182]
  • Shard of Rau'shan: Fearne can enter a transformation to embody elemental fire. The transformation lasts for an hour.[183] When the transformation ends, she gains two levels of exhaustion.[184] While transformed she has these abilities:[185]
    • Fearne is immune to fire damage.[186]
    • Spells and attacks deal an additional 1d8 fire damage.[187]
    • If a creature damages Fearne, it takes 1d8 fire damage.[188]
    • Fearne hovers above the ground, ignoring difficult terrain.[189]
    • When she deactivates the spark, Fearne can unleash an explosion 20 foot in radius. Creatures in the area must make a dexterity save suffering fire damage on fail, taking half as much on a success.[190]

Druid abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Druidic language
  • Wildshape[191]
  • Druid Circle: Circle of Wildfire
    • Summon Wildfire Spirit[192]
    • Enhanced Bond[193]
    • Cauterizing Flames

Rogue abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Expertise: Insight,[194] Persuasion[195]
  • Sneak Attack (1d6)
  • Thieves' Cant
  • Cunning Action
  • Roguish Archetype: Arcane Trickster
    • Spellcasting
    • Mage Hand Legerdemain

Proficiencies[edit | edit source]

Proficiency Source Ref.
Arcana Druid, Exandria Unlimited only [196][197]
History Unknown background [198]
Insight (expertise) Druid or unknown background, expertise from rogue [194]
Perception Druid or unknown background [199]
Performance Reveler (satyr) [200]
Persuasion (expertise) Reveler (satyr), expertise from rogue [195]
Sleight of Hand Rogue [201]
Survival Druid or unknown background [202]
Dulcimer Reveler (satyr) [179]
Herbalism kit Druid [203]
Playing Cards' set Unknown background [204]
Thieves' tools Rogue [205]

Spells[edit | edit source]

In addition to her Circle spells, which are always prepared, Fearne has access to all druid class spells and can learn three druid cantrips. As a 9th-level druid, she can prepare up to fourteen spells per day.[206] As a 3rd-level Arcane Trickster, she learns Mage Hand and two other wizard cantrips, and learns three wizard spells.[207]

Spell Level Class Notes Ref.
Control Flames Cantrip Druid [208]
Druidcraft Cantrip Druid [209]
Guidance Cantrip Druid [210]
Mage Hand Cantrip Arcane Trickster The hand is invisible [207]
Poison Spray Cantrip Druid [211]
Primal Savagery Cantrip Druid [212][213]
Caleb's Produce Flame Cantrip Druid [214]
Thorn Whip Cantrip Druid [215]
Thunderclap Cantrip Druid [216]
Burning Hands 1st Druid Circle spell [217][218]
Charm Person 1st Druid [219]
Cure Wounds 1st Druid Circle spell [217][220]
Detect Magic 1st Druid [221]
Disguise Self 1st Arcane Trickster [222]
Entangle 1st Druid [223]
Ice Knife 1st Druid [224]
Identify 1st Arcane Trickster [225]
Shield 1st Arcane Trickster [226]
Snare 1st Druid [227]
Speak with Animals 1st Druid [228]
Thunderwave 1st Druid [229]
Air Bubble 2nd Druid [230]
Earthbind 2nd Druid [231]
Flame Blade 2nd Druid [232]
Flaming Sphere 2nd Druid Circle spell [217][233]
Heat Metal 2nd Druid [234]
Hold Person 2nd Druid [235]
Locate Object 2nd Druid [236]
Pass Without Trace 2nd Druid
Scorching Ray 2nd Druid Circle spell [217][238]
Daylight 3rd Druid [239]
Dispel Magic 3rd Druid [240]
Plant Growth 3rd Druid Circle spell [217][241]
Revivify 3rd Druid Circle spell [217][242]
Speak With Plants 3rd Druid [243]
Tidal Wave 3rd Druid [244]
Water Breathing 3rd Druid [245]
Aura of Life 4th Druid Circle spell [217][246]
Blight 4th Druid [247]
Dominate Beast 4th Druid [248]
Fire Shield 4th Druid Circle spell [217][249]
Hallucinatory Terrain 4th Druid [250]
Locate Creature 4th Druid [251]
Polymorph 4th Druid [252]
Stoneskin 4th Druid [253]
Stone Shape 4th Druid [254]
Wall of Fire 4th Druid [255]
Flame Strike 5th Druid Circle spell [217]
Mass Cure Wounds 5th Druid Circle spell [217]
Scrying 5th Druid [256]
Wall of Stone 5th Druid [257]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Fearne, from the start, was developed as a character concept for Campaign 3 and was brought into Exandria Unlimited for further development. Afterward, Ashley had the option to choose another character for the campaign, but she chose to continue playing Fearne. Her stats were then rerolled under the same rules as other characters in Campaign 3 and prior campaigns: using the rolled method in the Player's Handbook with a homebrewed rule that if the sum of the scores was less than 70, they could reroll the scores.[258]

When Matthew Mercer was preparing for Campaign 3, writing down the main narrative surrounding Ruidus and Predathos, he made Fearne to be a Ruidusborn, bridging her story with the main narrative. However, after Laura Bailey came up with her character, Imogen Temult, and given her dreams of the storm that chased her, Matt asked her to make the storm red and decided Imogen would be the second (and the main) Ruidusborn who connects the party with the Predathos-related story.[259]

Fearne's "innocently mischievous" personality came from Ashley Johnson's mother[260] and inspired by skogsra in Swedish folklore or hulder in Scandinavian folklore. They appear as a beautiful, friendly women from the front, but when seen from behind often have tails and a hollow back or skin like tree bark. These creatures attract people into their realm who are not allowed to leave it.[261]

Ashley sent Matt a doc of ideas describing the world Fearne grew up in—Morrigan and her Ligament Manor. Ashley wanted the house to feel like a tree house "in a Swiss family Robinson style, but creepy".[262] When she visited Versailles, she liked Marie Antoinette's bedroom, which Ashley described as "so over the top", and assembled Fearne's bedroom in the same way.[263]

Ashley loves animals and loves playing a druid. Roleplaying Fearne, she often chooses to Wild Shape into a goofy, not particularly "cool badass" animals, because psychologically Fearne feels that "well this is what she got and doesn't know how she can help the situation right now".[264]

Ashley chose to take a level in rogue so that Fearne would be better at stealing, but she later questioned the decision because as Fearne developed, she was uncertain if stealing was still among Fearne's goals. She took a second level in rogue because "there's some fun stuff you can do with that". At London MCM Comic Con, held after filming "The Promise and the Price" (3x77), she described her goal with the character as "to be chaotic and have as much fun as possible" but said that she did not have a more precise answer for where she was going with the character outside of "some background plans".[265]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • "Time is a weird soup."[10] (a repeated phrase.)
  • (at the end of Exandria Unlimited) "I had some things that I needed to do, but I think there's still some things that we maybe need to complete. And I don't think I'm ready to leave you all yet. Because thinking about that just makes me very sad. So, let's just keep going."[266]
  • (said while looting Bertrand's corpse) "Well, one man's trash."[267]
  • "Jazz is chaos, and I don't know how you can't love it."[268]
  • "Oh, well, that's where I draw the line. I don't like sharing."[269]
  • "Time is a construct that man uses to define change. So be whatever age you want, I guess."[270]
  • "It's 112, and that's my age. But I feel about 732."[271]
  • "It's just hard when you feel something and the other person doesn't. It just happens. Every time. Always the bridesmaid.[272]
  • "I realize I'm not as good at lying as I thought. Which is weird because I do it all the time."[273]
  • (a toast) "May the hair in your ears never fall out!"[274]
  • "I don't really [steal]... I just borrow for a long time."[275]
  • Dusk: "I think you're wonderful, I think you're brave, and that you don't belong in a little boxes that people are going to try to put you in.
    Fearne: "I don't either. I certainly don't want to live life in a box. That feels small."[276]
  • Fearne: We talked last night, and I am in a whole new headspace of just living life balls to the wall.
    FCG: What does that mean? That's great. That's fantastic. You're just, you're free?
    Fearne: No rules.
    FCG: As opposed to before?
    Fearne: I mean, now, I'm just going to do whatever I want to do.[277]
  • Ashley: "There's a big, big round window where Fearne can look out onto the world, but it's also-- There's a cage of sorts around the outside of the window. A meshy situation. I think it's just a safety situation.
    Imogen: "Is that to keep you in or to keep other things out, Fearne?"
    Fearne: "Probably both."[278]
  • "I don't know if I like being in small, confined spaces. I'll do it, if I need to."[279]
  • "So, did I tell you I don't like small, confined spaces?"[280]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although the official name of Fearne's race is "satyr", she consistently refers to herself as a faun. In mythology, Fauns are virtually the same as satyrs, the main difference being their depiction throughout history. Satyrs were initially shown in ancient Greece iconography as male nature spirits often portrayed with the ears and tails of horses and an exaggerated erection, and were associated with indecency. Over time, they began to be represented as more goat-like. Fauns were spirits of peace and fertility originating in ancient Rome who borrowed their appearance from satyrs although their animalistic features are taken from deer as opposed to goats; this can be seen in Fearne's thin legs and deer-like fur patterning, as well as her horn shape similar to a kudu and other such African deer. Eventually, however, the differences between the two mythic creatures were blurred, and the terms came to be interchangeable.[281]
    • It's possible that Ashley chose to use the term "faun" because of its association with gentle, foolish spirits.
  • Her name likely is a variation of the name Fern, which itself is derived from the fern plant. The word "fern" is from the Old English "fearn" referring to the same plant.
  • According to the co-founder of Eldritch Foundry in a now-deleted post on Reddit, which created the Exandria Unlimited miniatures, Fearne's miniature was redone at least four times to meet requests about the "fullness" of her bosom. By the final result, photos of Christina Hendricks were involved as references. Fearne was also known as "Fergie" at the time.
  • Fearne is the first Critical Role player character in a main campaign to have a creature type other than humanoid. However, she's not the first one in canon Critical Role D&D episodes, being preceded by Buddy the ogre played by Liam O'Brien in "The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade" (OSx35).
  • The animation on her Campaign 3 stat card is of falling pink flower petals.[282] One of the flowers she wears in her hair, oleander, commonly has pink petals, and Oleander is also the name of Fearne's father.
  • Fearne being from the Feywild makes her one of two members of the Crown Keepers who are not from the Prime Material Plane, the other one being Fy'ra Rai.[283] She would also be the only confirmed non-Exandrian member of Bells Hells.

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Explanatory footnotes:

  1. Although the playable race introduced in D&D: Mythic Odysseys of Theros, 5th ed., p. 24 is called "Satyr", Fearne only refers to herself as a Faun.


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