Epic Level Battle Royale

"Epic Level Battle Royale"
One-shot episode
Episode no.Episode 21
AirdateDecember 7, 2017 19:00 PST
Running time4:44:59
Game systemDungeons & Dragons
Taliesin Jaffe as Percy
Liam O'Brien as Vax'ildan
Marisha Ray as Keyleth
Sam Riegel as Scanlan
Travis Willingham as Grog
Matthew Mercer as the Dungeon Master
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"Epic Level Battle Royale" (OSx21) is the twenty-first one-shot episode of Critical Role.  Grog, Keyleth, Percy, Scanlan, and Vax fight to the death.

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  • Satine Phoenix will do a charity stream on Saturday December 9
  • The campaign wrap-up will air on Thursday December 14, with some additional questions possibly answered in the new year
  • Critical Role notebook is in the merch store
  • Witcher thing
  • Character playlists
  • Podcast will likely be updated the week of December 14

Part I[edit | edit source]

Matt Colville encouraged five members of Vox Machina to "show me what you've got" during their sleep the night before the fight with Vecna. He ordered them to all "roll initiative."

Over the course of eight rounds, only Scanlan took significant damage. Keyleth cast Sunbeam and used five successive elemental forms, negating any damage she took. Percy used all the charges in Cabal's Ruin to severely damage Scanlan. Grog broke down several doors, but failed to attack anyone. Vax hid from the group [and the audience] in the central tower, casting Fog Cloud and using his wings. Scanlan initially attempted a strategy of stealth and enchantment, but shifted to constant self-healing, occasional attacks, and reversing gravity on the central tower.

Break[edit | edit source]

  • Becca Scott previewed Illimat
  • Self-punishing Taliesin monk ad for Chronicles of Exandria: The Tales of Vox Machina
  • Mattbot GM Tips ad

Part II[edit | edit source]

After a number of rounds, the outer force field began to shrink, eventually confining combatants to the central tower area.

Keyleth successfully Plane Shifted Grog to the Elemental Plane of Water, leaving his fate to the Kraken and eliminating one opponent.

After Scanlan successfully counterspelled Keyleth's Feeblemind, he used Wish to Feeblemind her in return, rendering her a mindless Archdruid wild shaping on pure instinct. The mindless Keyleth used an Earth Elemental form to attack the tower, causing Percy to fall and damaging herself. Percy shot Scanlan into unconsciousness and killed him with a sword.

As Vax continued to attack Keyleth, she successfully incinerated him with a Fire Elemental form. Percy was unable to wear down her elemental forms alone, and was crushed to death between the tower wall and the force field. Everyone was restored to life, and Keyleth won the grand prize of Colville telling her "good job" (which she was unable to comprehend).

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