Entropis was a tower at the center of Thar Amphala, described as an "ominous, commanding, massive spire of obsidian black... A jagged monolith that exudes ancient hatred."[1] The tower was created by Vecna, the Whispered One, and destroyed at the end of the battle for Vasselheim in 812 PD.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Entropis was at least six or seven stories tall and about 170-180 feet in diameter.[3] The tower was a solid monolith with no windows[4] seemingly made out of obsidian or an onyx-like material.[5] At the top, Entropis had three curved finger-like spires, shifting and pulsing with energy,[4] condensed for Vecna's resurrection and the Ritual of Seeding. In the center between these spires the tower had a small altar.[6]

The first level of Entropis had a large foyer chamber, supported by pillars. Two spiral staircases led upward to the second story.[7] The second floor divided into two chambers, one of which was an arcane laboratory, occupying the center space. There were six overlapping runic circles covering the 30-foot walkway between the laboratory and the stairs to the third floor. Shelves and tables were laid out with strict precision.[8] One story above, there was a torture chamber filled with chained, still fresh corpses, one of which was Scalebearer Desona.[9] It was used to retrieve information that would be potentially helpful to Vecna's Ritual of Seeding. On the same floor, there was a research laboratory established to extract magic from ancient relics and fuel Vecna's ascension.[10]

History[edit | edit source]

On 12th of Misuthar, 812 PD, the main body of the tower collapsed by the conjoined Earthquakes cast by both Keyleth and Pike, but the apex platform and its three spires remained in place, held in the air.[11] Three day later, the tower was already restored.[12]

During the battle for Vasselheim, Etropis was sundered by Vecna's Meteor Swarm, only held in place by the green translucent tendrils created by him.[13] In the aftermath of Vecna's banishment, the tendrils faded away, and the tower eventually has fallen.[14]

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