Elsie Roberts

Elsie Roberts
Player character
Official art of Elsie Roberts, by Kent Davis.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorAshly Burch
RoleScholar (Doctor)
Biographical information
Age33 (Candela Obscura: Chapter 3; Spring 1919)
AffiliationsCircle of Tide & Bone
First seen"Candles in the Dark" (CO3x03)
StreamCandela Obscura (3 episodes)

Dr. Elsie Roberts is a member of the Circle of Tide & Bone. She is played by Ashly Burch.

Description[edit | edit source]

Elsie is a physician in her early 30s. She wears her hair pinned up and dresses in well-made clothing, but it is typically a few seasons out of style.[1] She lives with Cosmo Grimm above his bookshop, The Antiquarian.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Elsie is serious, quiet, and methodical.[3] Due to experimentation she performed on herself, if she becomes excited or anxious, she will transform into a beast, so she tries to keep to herself and to those she trusts with her secret.[4]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Candela Obscura[edit | edit source]

Elsie was previously in a relationship with Dr. Rajan Savarimuthu, which ended some time before the events of "The Antiquarian" (CO3x01).[5]

While researching cullet, a degenerative lung illness, for wealthy clients in The Eaves, Elsie developed the illness herself. She began experimenting on herself in order to address the pain it caused, and eventually dabbled in magick,[6] which led her to transform into a massive, muscular beast with orca and mantis-like features when her breath quickens.[7] In addition, in her research, she had found that cullet transmission was tied to contaminated water, but her wealthy clients requested she not share this information.[8] She had worked for Candela Obscura prior to the formation of the Circle of Tide & Bone, but only with Cosmo and Oscar.[9]

Candela Obscura: Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Elsie attended the meeting she was called to regarding the formation of the Circle of Tide & Bone but became agitated when she realized that people other than Cosmo and Oscar Grimm would be in the circle and was particularly taken aback when Rajan appeared. Cosmo attempted to assuage her fears, and she agreed to join.[10] During the circle's questioning of Silva Sarkis, she noticed that Rajan appeared unwell and was possibly using scarlet, and asked him if he was okay. He declined her help and suggestions he wait inside.[11]

She disguised herself as an employee of Grayslate Sanatorium for the circle's infiltration later that night, and while Cosmo and Madam Glask made a scene, was able to slip away into Director Greenvale's office, where she found a letter in what was, unbeknownst to her, ancient Fairen.[12] She rejoined Cosmo and Madam Glask undetected and was asked to leave with them, but once Oscar found them and told her Raj was alone by the hole in the grounds, she lost control and transformed into her beast self, killing Oscar against her will.[13] Oscar returned to life after Elsie regained control, but Madam Glask became incredibly mistrustful of her.[14] After the party descended into the Oldfairen ruins, Elsie explained the source of her beast powers,[4] and later transformed willingly under her own control in order to kill The Great Maw.[15] She then stabilized both Rajan and Cosmo, both of whom had taken grave injuries.[16]

Following the events of "The Antiquarian" (CO3x01), she gave the letters to Cosmo to translate. One evoked false memories of trysts with Sister Iovar, The Great Maw's disguise. The other mentioned giving Director Greenvale a substance known as Nighthawk, which the circle did not recognize.[17] Elsie led the interrogation of The Serious Man, now identified as Toren Gevni, and learned that he was Unabridged and familiar with ancient rituals, but he would not reveal the book from which he learned them. He also expressed a desire to create a new empire similar to that of Iomene's rule of Oldfaire.[18]

During their assignment in Groundswell, Elsie attempted to offer Mina a place to stay, but Mina mistrusted her due to Elsie's efforts to keep up appearances of wealth.[19] This, coupled with the revelation that cullet transmission through contaminated water was a major issue in the poorer areas of Newfaire, led Elsie to feel guilty.[20] Upon returning from the assignment, she and Rajan spoke about what might happen to them, as people who might be seen as threats by Candela Obscura.[21]

Not long after, Elsie was woken from a dream of the Serious Man by Rajan, who had received a warning from Nokari that Candela would be pursuing them as phenomena. Elsie nearly lost control, but managed to maintain it long enough to escape The Antiquarian.[22] However, she lost control upon seeing the Glass Cat in flames, and rolled the car she was driving, injuring Rajan and Cosmo. She was prevented by Rajan's swarm from further harming Cosmo.[23] She then fainted upon coming back to herself, and was roused by Oscar, who had run out of the Glass Cat; upon waking up, her eyes had become entirely white as part of her scarring.[24]

Elsie joined the rest of the Circle as they escaped to Groundswell, and worked with Raj to create a distraction so they could go down the well.[25] After they had descended into Oldfaire, Elsie noticed that some of Raj's swarm was attracted to her while searching for signs of the Great Maw. The two talked briefly about their own monstrosity.[26] When the party reached the Anatithenai, after Cordelia fell to the Bleed, Elsie stepped forward and, after resisting the Beast, nearly fell herself, but Oscar spoke with Iomene, who took the Bleed instead.[27]

When Elsie spoke with Iomene, she admitted that she did not want to die, even though she had done terrible things. Iomene challenged her to right her wrongs and use her time to heal others, and also told her the Beast was an aspect of her. She granted Elsie a boon of a book with the rites of the Unabridged that Elsie could either use or give over to Candela to appease them.[28] Elsie, as the only survivor of the Circle, chose not to use the book but did, within a few years, find a way to treat cullet so that it was a livable condition, if not cure it, and moved to Groundswell and continued to watch over Mina in Cordelia's honor.[29]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Scholar abilities[edit | edit source]

Beast mechanics[edit | edit source]

When Elsie experiences stressful or anxiety-inducing circumstances, she takes a token and adds it to her beast pool. At six tokens, she loses control.[33] She then rolls 6d6, and must attack or damage a number of people or creatures equal to the number of 1s she rolls.[34]

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Rating Ref.
Original After Brain scar
Move 1 2 (+1) [35][36]
Strike 0 0 [35]
Control 1 1 [35]
Sway 0 0 [37]
Read (Gilded) 1 1 [35][38]
Hide 1 1 [35]
Survey 1 1 [35]
Focus (Gilded) 2 2 [39]
Sense 1 0 (-1) [40][36]

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