Edgar Lycoris

Edgar Lycoris
Player character
Official art of Edgar Lycoris, by Lisa Fricke.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorAlex Ward
RoleScholar (Doctor)
Biographical information
PlacesNewfaire, Hale
AffiliationsCircle of the Crimson Mirror
Cause of deathInjuries caused by Bleed fungus — "Into the Abyss" (CO4x03)
First seen"Seeking Serenity" (CO4x01)
Last seen"Into the Abyss" (CO4x03)
StreamCandela Obscura (3 episodes)

Edgar Lycoris is a member of the Circle of the Crimson Mirror. He is played by Alex Ward.

Description[edit | edit source]

Edgar is on the tall side and appears tired, but is otherwise unexceptional to look at. He dresses well, though he gives off the impression that he did not select his clothing himself. He tends to wear high-necked shirts and be fully covered by his clothing.[1] Edgar has a scar on his thigh.[2] He also has a glowing scar that appears like a handprint on his neck,[3] and a number of other handprint scars all over his body.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Edgar, a surgeon at Grand Halen Hospital,[5] can be quite blunt and impatient,[6] but does worry about the well-being of his circle members.[7] He feels guilty about murder even in self-defense because of his role as a physician,[8] though he did not hesitate to kill again when his circle members were threatened.[9] He dislikes parties and can be socially awkward.[10]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Eighteen years prior to the events of "Seeking Serenity" (CO4x01), Edgar's sister Elizabeth disappeared in Regent Park, fading into dust behind him due to an unknown supernatural event.[11] Edgar woke up on his doorstep covered in burn scars, all the shape and size of Elizabeth's hands.[4]

Two years prior to the events of "Seeking Serenity" (CO4x01), Edgar removed a tumor from the brain of Mr. Gunner, a hospital board member.[12]

Candela Obscura: Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

During the storm, Edgar operated on Sunny, a crew member whose leg was badly injured by the ship's steel barrels breaking free and pinning him to a wall.[13] The following morning, he dissected the body of Heath, the crew member killed through exposure to the bones of Atia Griffia, and took a sample of his flesh for further research.[14] While on the Isle of Serenity, he, like the others, attempted to speak to the locals; he assumed their strange behavior was because the circle were strangers in a remote location.[15]

In the fight at the Murphy home, Edgar was stabbed by Nora, but was able to wound her badly with a scalpel, and she eventually bled out from those wounds.[16] He also used ether to anesthetize Decklan Murphy so that the circle could bring him onto the boat and return to Newfaire.[17]

Edgar assisted Dr. Hector Aguilar in the treatment of Decklan while in the Fourth Pharos. Upon returning to Newfaire and resuming work, he found himself feeling guilty about killing Nora and recalled the death of his sister, but successfully completed a difficult surgery.[18] After the circle realized they needed to attend the masquerade at Hayden House, Edgar reluctantly called in a favor with Mr. Gunner and obtained two tickets, one of which he gave to Zora Manning to attend with him.[19] Leo noticed Edgar's tension, and in a note to him told him that he could come by if he needed a place to vent.[20] After Grimoria mentioned it would be useful if she could make Oliver and Cynthia Fogg fall ill at the masquerade, Edgar declined to provide specifics on his own but left out a text for Grimoria so that she could determine what drugs to use.[21]

At the masquerade, Edgar asked Zora about Grimoria's role within Candela Obscura, given how young she was, as well as Zora's choice to return to the field.[22] After the Pyre members stole Griffia's remains and began their ritual at Sacred Ascension Cemetery, Edgar offered to help the unknown agent stabbed by one of them provided he answered his questions. He noted that the beam weapons the unknown third party used killed people in a way similar to how Elizabeth disappeared, and while trying to get his answers, was shot by one of the Pyre members.[23] When the agent was uncooperative and aimed his weapon at Malcolm, Edgar killed him with a brick and stole the gauntlet weapon.[24] He used Grimoria's text to re-seal Griffia's bones, and brought the unconscious Grimoria to the room where Malcolm created a portal to the Fourth Pharos before bringing her in.[25]

In the Fourth Pharos, Edgar again worked with Dr. Aguilar to treat Grimoria and Leo. He also provided the wallet of the agent he had killed to Zora. Due to his having killed a second person, particularly one who might have been able to provide information about Elizabeth's disappearance, he began to have increased difficulty sleeping.[26] After Leo became responsive, the two spoke while Edgar treated his hand injury about the respective traumatic deaths of their sisters and how they were received afterwards.[27] Following Decklan's death, Edgar took several samples and inspected the body, confirming the white matter seemed to be centered along the area of the respiratory tract.[28] He then pulled Grimoria aside after the party was given their next assignment and told her that in the interest of her safety, if Malcolm began to act strangely, she should avoid him.[29]

Edgar had difficulty in Oldfaire, panicking while going through one of the narrow caverns and falling unconscious in the canyon, requiring the rest of the circle to pull him up.[30] When the party came upon the bodies of the Circle of the Wyrm he began to inspect them, but was interrupted when Alessandra Gregory triggered the artifact causing the floor to fall out.[31] He remained conscious, across the room from the others, and was able to help them up.[32] He initially warned Malcolm against setting the fungus on fire,[33] but later, while hallucinating the hands of his sister, he shot Malcolm in his confusion.[34] He fired the gauntlet at the fungal angel creature, but died from his injuries.[35]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

  • Medical kit[36] containing:
    • Forceps
    • A scalpel
    • A vial
    • Gloves
    • Gauze[37]
    • Ether or chloroform[38]
  • Vial containing a sample of Heath's flesh[39]
  • Rare artifact allowing access to the Fourth Pharos. The single-use artifact is a small clay wheel with a sun etching, a small quartz chip, and various alchemical glyphs cut into it. It was destroyed after Malcolm Trills used it in the Sacred Ascension Cemetery.[40][41]
  • Duncan Webb's wallet: Under the alias William Criswell. Given to Candela[42][43]
  • Duncan Webb's gauntlet: A metal and leather glove with lines of alchemic sigils. It is used as a weapon, and draws magickal energy to cause disintegration[44]
  • Lantern, shattered in a fall[45]
  • Backpack with food provisions[45]
  • Maryanne DeWitt's gun[46]

Scholar abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Occult Researcher[47]: Edgar may take a Brain mark to let Alex ask Liam for an unrevealed "important occult detail" present in a scene that Edgar would recognize from his studies. If there are no occult details, he does not take a Brain.
  • Dissection (from Doctor)[48]: When Edgar makes a Focus roll to inspect or dissect a piece of organic matter, he is not affected by bleed even if the organic matter is. He also gilds an additional die.
  • Anatomical Strike (from Doctor)[49]: When attacking an enemy, Edgar can roll Focus instead of Strike.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Rating Ref.
Original (After first scar)[50] After Body scar
Move (Gilded)[a] 1 (+1) 2 [51][50]
Strike 0 0 [52]
Control 1 1 [53]
Read (Gilded) 2 1 (-1) [54][50]
Survey 1 1 [55]
Focus (Gilded) 2 2 [56]
Sense 1 1 [57]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

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