Exoteric Order of New Sciences

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Exoteric Order of New Sciences
Organizational information
TypeScientific and occult organization
GoalsPublicly integrate science and magick[1]
FoundersElvira and Edric Dryden
Notable members
RivalsCandela Obscura

The Exoteric Order of New Sciences,[fn 1] commonly abbreviated to EONS is an organization within Newfaire that believes magick should be combined with technology and introduced to the public.

Description[edit | edit source]

EONS sees themselves as an alternative to Candela Obscura, demanding radical change in regards to magick and promote the idea that the previous societies and factions are old-fashioned and failures. EONS believes in scientific experimentation and mixing the occult with the technological, the ideals which has put them at odds with Candela Obscura.[2][1] However, there are a few people such as Jinnah Basar and Avery Choi who work with, or even claim membership in both.[3]

The core of EONS is covert from the public eye. The faction's operations realized through the public-face companies that produce and destribute the experimental magick inventions.[2]

EONS has in some ways modeled themselves after Candela Obscura, and have a laboratory beneath the Glass Sea known as The Devil's Well, inspired by Candela's Fourth Pharos. The faction has a strong presence in the Briarbank college. Their lab, Galvanica Engineering Works, is located in The Steel, and they have been working on an experimental serum, Adjuvant, intended to counteract the effects of Bleed in humans.[2][1] Among their other inventions are hoverbikes, which are dirigible-powered bicycles that can be used to traverse the mine-infested Westwreck,[4] and magickally enhanced explosive chickens to be fed to the creatures in the sands outside of Newfaire.[5]

EONS has significant ties with both Briarbank College and Meridian Film Studios.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

Dr. Jinnah "Jean" Basar joined EONS prior to the events of "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01), and her father was being kept alive by Violet Boucher, one of the members.[7] The Circle of Needle & Thread, of which Jean was also a member, was assigned to track down an EONS device being transported by train on Summer 13, 1907.[8][9] In the ensuing fight, Sean Finnerty obtained the device, but not before Violet attempted to make Jean swear her loyalty by killing Avery Choi. Jean refused and resigned, and Violet threw Avery from the train, seemingly to their death.[10] The device was later revealed by Draven Kingsley to contain an androphage, a creature that provides an initial sense of euphoria before taking over the host. According to Jean, EONS would use androphages as anesthesia.[11]

Later, it was revealed that Jean's father was being kept alive by adjuvant.[12] Jean injected Draven Kingsley with a vial to keep him alive after an attack so that he could answer questions.[13]

Duncan Walters purchased hoverbikes from EONS, who came to collect payment after he had unbeknownst to them been killed by the shapeshifting creatures.[14] The Circle of Needle and Thread escaped and headed for Westwreck on the hoverbikes and were pursued by members of EONS. They took Stephen Kabach with them.[15] Several members of EONS died in the pursuit, notably Violet Boucher, who set off a landmine after ignoring Jean's plea to stop.[16]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. In the transcript for "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01), it's written as "Esoteric", but Spenser pronounces it as "Exoteric", and it is spelled "Exoteric" in the Quickstart Guide.

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