Draven Kingsley

Draven Kingsley
Non-player character
Basic information
ActorSpenser Starke
Biographical information
AffiliationsCandela Obscura
Cause of deathMercy-killed by Beatrix Monroe and Nathaniel Trapp
First seen"Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01)
Last seen"Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02)
StreamCandela Obscura, Chapter 2 (2 episodes)

Draven Kingsley is a Lightkeeper for the Circle of Needle and Thread for Candela Obscura in Newfaire. As an NPC, he is played by Spenser Starke.

Description[edit | edit source]

Draven Kingsley is tall and has hair that is shaved on the sides and longer on top, worn to the right. He has a scar running from the top corner of his head down behind his ear, down his neck and arm to his fingertip.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Draven is reserved and provides the Circle with many resources,[2] but is firm in sticking to Candela Obscura's decisions despite their concerns, notably regarding the handling of Allison Suarez's case.[3]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Draven thanked the Circle of Needle and Thread for retrieving an androphage from EONS in their first mission of "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01) before sending them out to investigate the death of Antonio Suarez, Allison's husband, due to Nathaniel's connection to Allison.[4] When Nathaniel asked if Allison was aware, Draven asked the caretaker to bring Lucas Suarez out from the room and informed him that Candela higher-ups had told her family she had died, although she was alive and heavily contaminated with Bleed. Nathaniel expressed displeasure with this decision.[5] He told the circle after Draven left about his experience with Allison and informed them Draven had not permitted him to communicate with her since.[6]

Some time later, after this mission, Draven approached Sean Finnerty, who had been spending a good deal of time in the archives, and told him he didn't need to do it, but Sean told him it was voluntary and helpful for him. Draven expressed sympathy for Sean, and told him he had lost a sister, telling him that they were the same.[7] After the rest of the circle arrived at the chapter house, Draven began the briefing for the death of Joshua Fisher, but both Sean and Auntie Bee noticed him acting suspiciously and Bee noticed his scar seemed different.[8] Draven - now revealed to actually be the same creature that had killed Antonio and Joshua - grabbed Nathaniel's spine, knocking him unconscious.[9] Jean, having noticed a pounding from a cabinet, opened it to find the real Draven, near death and heavily affected by Bleed. She too was affected by the Bleed, and briefly fell unconscious.[10]

Sean and Marion were able to get the creature off Nathaniel, but it escaped. Jean, upon being revived, heard Draven beg for death, but instead Marion tied him up and Jean gave him a dose of adjuvant, against his wishes, to keep him alive long enough to learn more information.[11] He told her wanted to help, and directed the Circle to the appropriate portion of the archives, though they had been raided by the creature. He also told them the names of the surviving members from Allison's Circle, and when his tongue fell out due to the damage he had taken, wrote the address of their chapter house in Silverslip.[12] Either the adjuvant or bleed affected Draven's strength to be abnormally high. To ease his pain, Bee gave him a dose of scarlet.[13] The Circle eventually realized that they could not save Draven. Bee smothered him, and Nathaniel set the compromised chapter house on fire.[14]

Lucas asked after Mr. Kingsley when Sean found him hiding from the creature downstairs.[15]

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