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Newfaire is a city in the Fairelands of Hale, the setting of Candela Obscura and the roleplaying game of the same name. It is populated by a variety of individuals, most notably investigators of the Candela Obscura organization who seek to protect humanity from bleed.

Characters on this page appear in the Candela Obscura series; characters who only appear in the Candela Obscura game materials are not included. Unless otherwise specified, characters are played by the gamemaster for the series in which they appear.

Player characters[edit | edit source]

Player characters are members of Candela Obscura, either new to the organization or established within it.

Circle of the Vassel and the Veil[edit | edit source]

The first chapter follows the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil, which comprises four investigators:

  • Arlo Black, a Weird of the Occultist specialty played by Laura Bailey, is a young woman of the wealthy Black family. She was previously a member of a circle with Howard, who was also her former professor at Briar Bank College.[1]
  • Auggie James, a Slink of the Criminal specialty played by Ashley Johnson, is an orphan performing various odd jobs throughout the city. He was raised in Saint Mannigan's Lodging House for Children. He is brought into Candela Obscura in "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01) after he experiences a phenomenon that killed Donald Kinzel.[2]
  • Charlotte Eaves, a Face of the Magician specialty played by Anjali Bhimani, is the proprietor of the Sight Unseen bar in the Red Lamp district.[3]
  • Howard Margrove, a Scholar of the Professor specialty played by Robbie Daymond, is a doctor of philosophy and professor at Briar Bank College. He was previously a member of a circle with Arlo, his former student at Briar Bank College.[4]

Circle of Needle & Thread[edit | edit source]

The second chapter follows the Circle of Needle & Thread, comprised of five investigators:

Circle of Tide & Bone[edit | edit source]

The third chapter follows the Circle of Tide & Bone, comprised of five investigators:

  • Cosmo Grimm, a Weird of the Occultist specialty played by Liam O'Brien, is an elderly man who has been with Candela Obscura for his entire adult life. He owns a bookstore, The Antiquarian.[15] He is Oscar's son, but due to Oscar's unaging immortality poses as his grandfather.[16]
  • Madam Cordelia Glask, a Face of the Magician specialty played by Gina Darling, is the proprietor of the Glass Cat Casino and the madame of its secret brothel.[17] She employs Oscar for security.[18]
  • Dr. Elsie Roberts, a Scholar of the Doctor specialty played by Ashly Burch, is a physician working with patients with a degenerative lung disease.[19] She lives above The Antiquarian[20] and has a past romantic history with Rajan.[21]
  • Oscar Grimm, a Muscle of the Soldier specialty played by Sam Riegel, is a security guard and recently out of prison.[22] He previously worked for the circus,[23] and is seemingly immortal and unaging, and therefore poses as Cosmo's grandson despite being his father.[16]
  • Professor Rajan Savarimuthu, a Scholar of the Professor specialty played by Noshir Dalal, is a professor of archaeology[24] and a former romantic partner of Elsie Roberts.[21]

Circle of the Crimson Mirror[edit | edit source]

The fourth chapter follows the Circle of the Crimson Mirror, comprised of four investigators:

  • Dr. Edgar Lycoris, a Scholar of the Doctor specialty played by Alex Ward, is a surgeon at Grand Halen Hospital.[25]
  • Grimoria, a Weird of the Medium specialty played by Aimee Carrero, is a young woman with a sensitivity to spirits and magickal artifacts.[26]
  • Leo Amicus, a Face of the Journalist specialty played by Taliesin Jaffe, is a man of leisure who enjoys writing about his experiences.[27]
  • Malcolm Trills, a Muscle of the Soldier specialty played by Imari Williams, is a veteran of the Last Great War who lost his hand to a magickal phenomenon.[28] He is estranged from his wealthy family, who gave him a top-of-the-line prosthetic.[29]

Circle of the Silver Screen[edit | edit source]

"Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59) follows the Circle of the Silver Screen, comprised of four investigators:

Candela Obscura[edit | edit source]

Candela Obscura, often simply Candela, is an organization investigating phenomena and fighting against the bleed to protect humanity. Candela is made up of field investigators, which includes all player characters, and Lightkeepers, experienced members who have retired from field work who guide field investigators and assign cases.[34]

  • Lightkeeper Alexandra Elise O'Neill is the Lightkeeper for the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil.
  • The unidentified Lightkeeper, played by Taliesin Jaffe, narrates the prologues to each episode and serves as a steward.
  • Reggie is the owner of The Gilded Rainbow, a bookstore and Candela safehouse.[35]
  • Edmund Hornsby delivered the summons to Howard, Arlo, and Charlotte about a case at the beginning of "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01). He has a hunched posture and a raspy, weathered voice and wears a dark blue navy coat and a fedora.[36] He reappears in "The Collectors" (CO1x03) to deliver another summons, and his name is given in that episode.[37]
  • Lightkeeper Draven Kingsley is the Lightkeeper for the Circle of Needle & Thread.[38] He is a tall man with hair that is long on top and shaved along the sides, and a long scar that begins below his ear and travels down his neck and arm.[39] Many of the Circle's members have questioned some of his and Candela's decisions, notably regarding Allison Suarez.[40] The creature hunting Allison's circle brought him near death and pretended to be him in "Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02); the Circle of Needle and Thread was unable to save him after he took so much bleed, and killed him at his request.[41]
  • Allison Suarez is a Candela investigator from the Circle of Silver Flame. Nathaniel Trapp was introduced to the organization when she sacrificed herself to save him from a creature while he was investigating some goings on in his family's subway projects. As of "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01), she is alive, but significantly transformed, and her son Lucas was told she was dead.[40] She was alive but badly injured and being kept in the Fourth Pharos as of "Broken Path" (CO2x03); it is unknown if she survived her injuries.[42]
  • Adrian is a Candela agent who was tasked to guard the home of Joshua Fisher following the attack on the Suarez home, and upon Joshua's murder, was the one to find his body and the body of his husband.[43]
  • Joshua Fisher is a Candela investigator from the Circle of Silver Flame who lives in The Eaves. He was murdered by a creature that killed and took on the appearance of his husband.[44]
  • Farrah Morales is a Candela investigator from the Circle of Silver Flame who has a Periphery badge and lives in The Varnish. Beatrix went to speak to her upon discovering their circle was being hunted.[45] She was later killed in a landmine explosion in Westwreck while traveling with the Circle of Needle & Thread.[46]
  • Duncan Walters is a Candela investigator from the Circle of Silver Flame who lives in The Steel. He is an owler, someone who can help navigate through Westwreck.[47] Sean went to speak to him, and found that the creature hunting their circles had taken on Duncan's appearance when Duncan shot him.[48]
  • Lightkeeper Dolores Finch is the Lightkeeper for the Circle of Silver Flame who recounted the attacks on their chapter house. Her fate is unknown.[49]
  • Lightkeeper Nokari is the Lightkeeper of the Circle of Tide & Bone. They are tall, bald, and clean-shaven, with dark skin, and they wear sharkskin suits.[50] They are a medium, and after permitting the Circle of Tide & Bone to protect Mina, were chastised by the Council of Lightkeeepers.[51]
  • Eloise is a retired member of Candela Obscura who now works in Cosmo Grimm's bookstore.[52]
  • Bran is a Candela agent who was sent to the Glass Cat Casino to neutralize Mina, and was killed by Oscar.[53]
  • Tolliver is a Candela agent who was sent to the Glass Cat Casino to neutralize Mina. He attempted to shoot Mina as the Circle of Tide & Bone fled, but Oscar took the bullet instead and the circle escaped.[54]
  • Lightkeeper Zora Manning is the Lightkeeper of the Circle of the Crimson Mirror. She is a tall woman in her 60s.[55]
  • Decklan Murphy is an experienced member of Candela Obscura from the Isle of Serenity who served as a mentor and fifth member of the Circle of the Crimson Mirror before being transferred to a new circle.[56]
  • Dr. Hector Aguilar is a physician who worked with Dr. Lycoris on treating Decklan Murphy at the Fourth Pharos.[57]
  • Dr. Alessandra Gregory is a professor and member of the Circle of the Wyrm. She served as a guide for the Circle of the Crimson Mirror on their rescue mission for the rest of her circle.[58]
  • Alonzo Whitlock is a Candela investigator from the Circle of the Wyrm, with dark skin and white hair. Alessandra Gregory described him as their circle's analogue to Grimoria; possibly a Medium.[59]
  • Maryanne DeWitt is a Candela investigator from the Circle of the Wyrm. She has bobbed hair and wears a bomber jacket.[60]
  • Nestor Ronquillo is a Candela investigator from the Circle of the Wyrm, and was in the Halen Navy.[60]
  • Hilda Greenwald is a Candela investigator from the Circle of the Wyrm. She is a young woman with light colored hair, and serves as the party's muscle.[60]
  • Kahn is a Candela member in the Fourth Pharos. He has a well-groomed and waxed beard, and wears a suit and fez.[61]
  • Lightkeeper Greta DeClaire is the Lightkeeper for the Circle of the Silver Screen.[62]

Office of Unexplained Phenomena[edit | edit source]

The Office of Unexplained Phenomena (OUP) is an investigative organization. Unlike Candela Obscura, they believe the public is best protected if magick, phenomena, and bleed are kept secret, though their bureaucracy and methods tend to be more harmful than helpful. The OUP and its members may work alongside Candela Obscura at times, but the two organizations are usually compete against one another on cases and members of Candela Obscura consider them untrustworthy, incompetent, and unhelpful.[63]

There are at least six field members of the OUP in Newfaire, including:

  • Field Officer Aaron Weimer, sent to investigate the phenomenon in "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01) that killed Donald Kinzel. He is a thin man who is about 6'6" and has pale gray-blue eyes and short dark hair that is graying on the sides. He apparently slept little in the days before "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01).[64] He is familiar to members of the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil.[65]
  • Silva Sarkis, a former field member who, as of 1919, had "gone gray". He escaped Grayslate Sanatorium in order to notify Candela Obscura of the actions of Sister Iovar.[66]
  • Reginald is an OUP officer on good terms with Zora Manning, possibly as a former lover, who was sent to recover the remains of Atia Griffia from the Red Hand.[67]

The Red Hand[edit | edit source]

The Red Hand is an organization that pursues relics of Oldfaire, but for power and wealth rather than research and protection of the population.[68] There are at least half a dozen members in Newfaire, including:

  • Aroha Toma-Kai is a longtime member known for dealing with members of Candela Obscura.[69] He cheated them in the purchase of Atia Griffia's remains.[70]
  • Dorna Ashefar works at the Alizarin Gallery.[71] She was badly injured during the events of "Ravage of Red Lamp" (CO1x02), but survived.[72] She is presumed dead following the warehouse fire a week later.[73]
  • Lycus is a middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper hair and a goatee. He led the summoning of The Collector and controlled it via an amulet,[74] until Auggie shot it out of his hands.[75]
  • Ogden is an elderly man with no nose. He has some expertise in Oldfairen magick, and, along with Dorna, read the ritual to summon The Collector.[76]

Black family and staff[edit | edit source]

The Black family is a wealthy family, and they are supported by staff at their home in the city.

  • Arlo's mother and father
  • Mr. Tellbrook is a servant at the Black family home. He is an old, tall, lithe man who speaks in a proper manner. He previously fought in the war, where he learned basic medical aid.[77]
  • Ms. Thomas is a servant at the Black family home.[78]

EONS[edit | edit source]

The Exoteric Order of New Sciences is an organization that seeks to incorporate magick into science. Among their members in Newfaire are:

  • Dr. Jinnah Basar, also of the Circle of Needle & Thread.
  • Avery Choi, Jinnah's confidant and a sometimes-ally of Candela Obscura.[79][80] Jinnah saw Avery falling from the train car's door to their apparent death.[81]
  • Dr. Violet Boucher, an ambitious scientist who attempted to make Jinnah choose between EONS and Candela.[82][80] Killed in a landmine explosion in Westwreck while chasing Jean.[46]
  • Dr. Stephen Kabach, a friend of Jean's.[83] Taken by the Circle of Needle and Thread as they traveled to the Fourth Pharos.[84]
  • Duncan Webb is a man affiliated with EONS who also goes by the alias William Criswell and who wore a glove that could cause people to disintegrate. He was killed by Dr. Lycoris in the fight in the Sacred Ascension Cemetery and later identified by Zora Manning.[85]

Finnerty Family[edit | edit source]

  • Sean Finnerty, also of the Circle of Needle & Thread.
  • Sean Finnerty's father died some years before 1907.[86]
  • Margaret Mary Finnerty, who goes by Peggy, is Sean's mother and Beatrix's close friend. She was in Grayslate for over three years, and Sean and Beatrix both believed her to have been wrongfully committed in an attempt to evict her from her home.[87] At the end of "Broken Path" (CO2x03), Beatrix Monroe and Nathaniel Trapp help finalize her release, and Lucas Suarez is given to her care.[88]
  • Anthony Finnerty, who went by Tony, was Sean's oldest brother. He was a war hero prior to the Last Great War, having fought against the Elselands.[89] He was promoted during the Last Great War, but his troop was attacked and not sent artillery support. This was later discovered to be deliberate, as General Clyburn's son was in love with Tony's fiancee.[90]
  • Jimmy Finnerty was Sean's older brother. Upon discovering evidence that Tony's death was a setup, he was court-martialed and executed by firing squad.[91]

Steedwell Family[edit | edit source]

  • Leo Amicus, also of the Circle of the Crimson Mirror. Birth name Raymond Leonard Steedwell, Jr.[92]
  • Aunt Leanna is Leo's aunt and one of the family members with whom he is on good terms.[93]
  • Leo's niece of Leo's, known for being flirtatious. On good terms with Leo, and attended the party at Hayden House.[94]
  • Raymond Steedwell is Leo's father. He is estranged from Leo. They both blame each other for an unspecified event, possibly Leo's sister's death. As of "The Gilded Graveyard" (CO4x02), says he is ill with six months to live.[95]
  • Leo's sister died 23 years prior to the events of "The Gilded Graveyard" (CO4x02) in a ritual performed by the Dawn Society in the church in the Sacred Ascension Cemetery.[96]

Other characters[edit | edit source]

  • Aaron Ferris is the husband of Onette Ferris. He is a YA author, and is familiar with Arlo.[97]
  • Antonio Suarez is the husband of Allison Suarez and the father of Lucas Suarez. He was flayed alive and killed by a ghostly creature with the face of his wife,[98] whom he believed to be dead.[40] He was in his 40s.[98] The Circle of Needle & Thread investigated his death.[99]
  • Arthur Duffy is the Finnerty's former landlord. Sean believes that he has been paying off Sergei Orlov to diagnose poorer tenants and commit them to Grayslate to get around eviction prohibitions.[100] He was later killed by Sean.[101]
  • August Glance is a rising star actor and the male lead of The House on Barker Hill.[102]
  • Charley is the proprietor of The Endless Well, a cafe in Red Lamp over which Leo Amicus's apartment is situated. She is friendly with Leo.[103]
  • Christopher Francis Trapp is Nathaniel's father, and lives in The Eaves. He is very tall, with a pointed silver beard, a thinning widow's peak, bushy eyebrows, and an "extravagant" mustache. He has very large workman's hands and dresses very finely.[104] As of the end of "Broken Path" (CO2x03) it is implied that he and Nathaniel were slowly mending their largely estranged relationship.[105]
  • Clara is proprietor of the Clara House, a shelter in South Soffit for unhoused individuals. She is a tired-looking woman with the red hair that she wears in a tight bun. She is friendly and kind, and she does not regularly turn anyone away from the house.[106]
  • Daryl Barker was a landlord and serial killer. He was killed by Chey Tanii after a supernatural entity within the house transformed Chey. The House on Barker Hill is based on his murders.[107]
  • Darryl Schmeit is the brother of one of Lester Shaw's Periphery colleagues and an archivist at Briarbank College.[108]
  • Professor Douglas Schultz is the inventor of the duplication machine used by Idella Montaigne and a professor at Briarbank College.[109] He was killed by the monstrous entity that was hunting Idella.[110]
  • Deagan is a business associate and close friend of Charlotte's who has a safehouse in Hallowharbor. He is tall, with brownish-red hair and a beard.[111]
  • Desmond Trills is Malcom's older brother and is estranged from him.[112]
  • Donald Kinzel is an elderly retired foreman who lived in an apartment in the Steel. He was at the end of the Auggie James' paper route, and he was helped in various errands by Auggie and the scavengers. He had a sister he had not spoken to in some time who was traveling to Newfaire to visit him. He was killed in "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01) when he mistook a magickal object he purchased from Layla for charcoal and it exploded when he threw it into a stove.[113] The Circle of the Vassal & the Veil encountered his spirit when they returned to his apartment to investigate. He was confused about what happened to him, where he was, and why he felt so cold and was drawn to sources of warmth, including other people.[114]
  • Eddie is Arlo's fiance. He disappeared into a portal, and Arlo damaged her hand trying to pull him out. He had been involved with the Red Hand.[115] It was revealed that his time beyond the Flare transformed him into a creature known as a Collector; killing the entity freed him in death.[116]
  • Elizabeth was Edgar Lycoris's sister. She vanished into dust for unknown reasons 18 years prior to the events of "The Gilded Graveyard" (CO4x02).[117]
  • Errol Dennings is a professor at Briar Bank College. He is younger than Howard, and the two are not necessarily friends but are engaged in a "space-sharing rivalry". Errol attempts to coax Howard to socialize more often and better integrate socially into the faculty at the college.[118]
  • Eunice Park is a Periphery officer usually assigned to Silverslip who was tasked with enforcing curfew in Groundswell. Drowned by Arterax.[119]
  • Felix owns a music store near Leo's apartment, and is Leo's date to the masquerade at Hayden House.[120]
  • Gail is a bartender and veteran, and a friend of Malcolm's. He runs a catering company.[121]
  • Gertrude is an elderly woman with whom Charlotte has a close relationship. Her lucidity is inconsistent, as Charlotte and Sherman discuss if she has clarity of mind that day at the end of "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01).[122] She is a former member of Candela Obscura, and took Charlotte in when she was younger.[123]
  • Director Greenvale is the director at Grayslate Sanatorium in 1919. She is a short, thin woman with a severe blond bob and thick glasses.[124]
  • Idella Montaigne is a well-known actress. Evelyn White considers her a rival.[125] She used Professor Schultz's machine to duplicate herself so that her doubles could be murdered in The House on Barker Hill.[126]
  • Jean Basar's father is a bald man with a large beard and olive skin who was called by Marion's father to investigate Marion's scar when Marion was a child. He performed an exorcism-like ritual.[127] By 1907 he had been heavily affected by bleed in an unknown incident and was being kept alive at EONS with adjuvant.[128]
  • Jonathan Sky is affiliated with both EONS and Meridian Studios, and is VP of Meridian. He requested the assistance of Candela Obscura following his discovery of The House on Barker Hill film.[129]
  • Kara Belmon is an aide to Onette Ferris and a musician in the same trio as Wayland Threed.[130] She has dealings with the Red Hand, and was a victim of the Collector, though she recovered when it was killed.[131]
  • Layla Orens is a scavenger staying at the Clara House, a shelter in South Soffit for unhoused individuals. She is in her mid-to-late 20s and and grew up in Saint Mannigan's Lodging House for Children. She is "a forceful personality" and is described as someone who would either eventually become the head of a criminal organization or in prison. She helped Donald Kinzel with his errands and unintentionally sold him the magickal object that killed him in "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01).[132]
  • Lucas Suarez is the five-year-old son of Alison Suarez and Antonio Suarez. He saw his father flayed and killed by a ghostly creature that appeared to have his mother's face.[98] He provided a statement to Candela Obscura,[133] who assigned a caretaker to him.[134] He survived the attack on the Circle of Needle and Thread's chapter house and was taken to the Trapp estate,[135] before eventually being given to the care of Peggy Finnerty.[136]
  • Malcolm Trills' mother is still fond of him despite his excommunication, and agreed to meet with him in Regent Park. There, she asked him to come back to the family.[137]
  • Maynard Van Helter is an older man who runs the Van Helter Junkyard. He is bald on top with long white hair at the back of his head, and has a long, pointed chin beard.[138]
  • Mina is a girl about 12 or 13 years old who lives in Groundswell. Her brother was killed in the water riots over the well in Calinus Market, and after she called for a miracle on the coast, she was granted a seawater protector in the form of Arterax.[139] She briefly lived with Madam Glask, and following the events of "Candles in the Dark" (CO3x03), became Elsie's lab assistant.[140]
  • Oliver and Cynthia Fogg are nouveau riche dealers of antiquities, some of which are counterfeit, based in The Eaves.[141]. They are Grimoria's guardians, and use her abilities to make sales.[142]
  • Onette Ferris is a Chamberwoman of the Primacy and was in dispute with various trade unions over tariffs when she was attacked by a supernatural entity. She was also, at the time, carrying on an affair with Wayland Threed. Her husband is Aaron Ferris.[143]
  • Rudy Ginsmith is the master of ceremonies for the film Q&A following the showing of Mr. Terrible. As this was a live show, he was played by the actual master of ceremonies, Taliesin Jaffe.[144]
  • Dr. Sergei Orlov is the doctor who committed Peggy Finnerty to Grayslate. Sean believes he is taking bribes from Arthur Duffy to falsely diagnose tenants so that they can be removed from their apartments.[145] He was later killed by Sean.[146]
  • Sherman is the elderly caretaker of Gertrude.[147]
  • Captain Simon is an officer of the Periphery, the police within the city. He is a usual patron of the Sight Unseen and is called to attend to the bodies of two people near the Evanoch Foundry in "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01). He is played with an Irish accent.[148]
  • Skiddy is an unhoused war veteran who often stays at the storeroom in the Getaway Grand Hotel, and who witnessed the creature that attacked Onette and Wayland. It took his friend, Enom.[149]
  • Smithe Crow is a director affiliated with Meridian Studios and a rival of Jackie Renoux's. He was found dead in the Daryl Barker house during the filming of The House on Barker Hill.[150]
  • Stinson is the barkeeper of the Sight Unseen and Charlotte's right-hand.[151]
  • Chief Teren Roakes is a captain in the Periphery and was the lead officer on the scene for the Onette Ferris case, and was knocked unconscious by Howard.[152]
  • Terry Bode is an unhoused older man who often stays at the storeroom in the Getaway Grand Hotel, and who witnessed the creature that attacked Onette and Wayland.[153]
  • Toren Gevni,[154] also known as The Serious Man, is a man with a tight face, slicked back dark hair, and a thin mustache. Cosmo and Oscar encountered him in around 1829,[155] and he is responsible for Oscar's immortal state.[156] He was also connected with Rajan's mother.[157]
  • An unidentified woman at the Alizarin Gallery in the Varnish pays scavengers like Layla Orens for various objects, though she did not give Layla her name. Layla describes her as an intense "hoity-toity artist", and she has short black hair and wears a pair of brown gloves.[158]
  • Walter Timley is an antiques dealer Leo knows.[159]
  • Wayland Threed is a musician in the same trio as Kara Belmon. He was having an affair with Onette Ferris when the two were attacked by an Oldfairen creature in the Getaway Grand Hote.[160]

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