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Non-player character
Basic information
ActorMatthew Mercer
Biographical information
TitlesGrand Demon of Loathing
Mechanical information
Creature typeDemon

Dominox, the Grand Demon of Loathing, is a powerful demon bound to an engine in Aeor. As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer.


Dominox is a demon that preys on insecurity.[1] He can communicate and influence the behavior of others through whispers and showing them visions of things they fear or regret.[2]

His symbol consists of two overlapping circles of unequal sizes, crossed with several lines.[3]


Before Campaign 3

During the Age of Arcanum, Dominox was bound to an engine in Aeor via an Abyssal soul anchor to serve as a power source.[4] His powers were neutralized via seals.[5]

According to Teven Klask, while many devils hoped to defeat Dominox, he had not been seen since before the end of the Calamity.[6]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells

Evoroa told Bells Hells that Ludinus Da'leth was in Aeor, but his efforts to uncover Aeorian tech had lately found resistence from something called Dominox.[7] Bells Hells, following this lead on behalf of the Exandrian Accord, encountered a Ruby Vanguard campsite in which one member had seemingly gleefully killed four others.[8] Chetney's Grim Psychometry revealed that this person had also carved a sigil into their chest.[9]

The party continued into Aeor, and found another Vanguard encampment, this one with a blood trail leading further into the level.[10] They followed it, and found it eventually reached an open chamber, the floor covered with blood, chains, and bodies, and more bodies hanging from hooks suspended by black chains from the ceiling.[11] Laudna determined the chains had been conjured into place.[12] Imogen, using a bracelet that permitted casting of Speak with Dead, learned that the Vanguard members here had also turned on each other, and that the source seemed to be the engine room.[13] Fearne called in her favor from Teven Klask after Chetney determined the energy seemed to be fiendish,[14] and Teven was able to identify Dominox's symbol as the "carving of gifting," as well as provide some history.[15] Chetney was then briefly overtaken by visions of children telling him he had slaughtered them while in werewolf form.[16] Imogen cast Speak with Dead again, this time on an ancient Aeorian corpse, and learned that the Aeorians had bound and sealed Dominox to run their engines.[4] Dorian was then overtaken by visions of his recently deceased brother Cyrus.[17]

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