Divisive Portents

"Divisive Portents"
Campaign 3 episode
"Divisive Portents" (3x89) thumbnail featuring Laura Bailey and Marisha Ray.
Episode no.Episode 89
AirdateMarch 21, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time3:36:10
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"Divisive Portents" (3x89) is the 89th episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Bells Hells join the Volition rebellion, where they learn about the inner workings of Kreviris and its leaders known as the Weave Mind...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

Rashinna asks Bells Hells what they can offer to the Volition, expressing doubt they are up to facing the Weave Mind, and Laudna provides some of the party's knowledge and insights on Ludinus Da'leth. Imogen offers their allies on Exandria as well. Rashinna tells them they can join and help, or do nothing, and when FCG and Laudna express excitement, she warms slightly and tells them to join her, leading them to another room, past a roughly made table. As she does she impresses upon them the sacrifices the members of the Volition are willing to make and asks they do the same. Orym tells her they will do what it takes to earn her trust, but Rashinna tells him that her father died from trusting too easily. A Reiloran Juggernaut joins her, followed by three mushroom-like creatures. Rashinna introduces the massive figure as Gaz Tomo, her right hand man. Bells Hells introduce themselves to him, and he tells them he's been with the Volition and, when asked by Fearne, that the mushroom creatures are called myceits.

Rashinna, realizing the party is not very familiar with Ruidus, provides some information regarding the purposeful breeding program the Weave Mind has overseen: not all Reilora have telepathic abilities, depending on their specialties. She explains that the Weave Mind is made of five mystics who appear to have been in charge since they took over, 400-500 years prior. She explains that nearly all reilora are "marked" by them and those marked can be overtaken by the Weave Mind and used as eyes and ears. The Volition's goals are to instill more paranoia and unsettle the Weave Mind, making them more vulnerable; she also tells them that she is unmarked - her bioengineered implant, which was implanted in the Arx Creonium, was taken out by her father. Ashton asks if there are any independent places on the moon and she tells them there once were, but no longer. While the history is unclear due to destroyed records, there have been four points when the society on Ruidus has been "reset" and Kreviris has been rebuilt twice. Imogen asks about worship of Predathos and Rashinna explains the gods of Exandria do not reach Ruidus; their only understanding of the gods is through dreams. They only have the Weave Mind; very few people have connections to Predathos, but it speaks to Exandrians more than most people on Ruidus.

Orym asks for more history, and Rashinna tells him that the previous non-Kreviris Imperium society was The Collective, spread across the moon, but the last of it felt during the Crush, a catastrophic moonquake about 300 years prior. Chetney asks for more information about the "marked" implants, but Rashinna tells him they are all destroyed for security purposes. She then returns to the topic of the moonquakes; historically they have been rare, though the Crush was devastating, but they have recently been coming as frequently as every few days, which Imogen realizes may mean Predathos is waking up. Rashinna then tells them of her father; he had been a guild stonemason, and the hammer is a family heirloom that became a symbol of the Volition. Gaz then provides some background on other threats from the Imperium: the Dominion of Cruth is run by Ozo Cruth and those of his bloodline have a connection to many of the creatures of Ruidus, including slithers, bane worms, and the like. FCG asks about the Tectus, and is told that it is a political body that serves as a go-between for many of the other factions; they are Volition members and sympathizers among them. After Imogen explains an idiom Rashinna only knew through dreams, and Gaz talks about some games on Ruidus, conversation turns to the Ruby Vanguard. Rashinna tells them that since crossing the Bloody Bridge, the Vanguard members have been bringing objects with them and are excavating around the Arx Creonium. Meanwhile, the messages of the Weave Mind have been pushing the idea of moving to the Blue Promise; there has been propaganda and celebration to that effect. When Rashinna tells the party this, Orym asks if those loyal to the Weave Mind are dissatisfied with Ruidus, and she tells him that life on Ruidus is difficult, and the people of it cannot help but compare it to life on Exandria as seen through dreams; she suspects the Weave Mind hates them for the resources of Exandria.

The discussion then turns to plans for the following morning, which Bells Hells can help with to help prove themselves to the Volition. The first is a mission to disrupt the excavation of the glass pillar as both a sabotage and distraction. Zathuda is helming the excavation, and past attempts to detonate tunnels resulted in all of the Volition's team but one dying. At this, Ira Wendagoth emerges from the shadows and greets the party. The second is to infiltrate the Colloquium of Candescence, at the base of the Arx Creonium, to retrieve or discover the fate of a Volition spy, Evoroa, a bormodo scientist involved with Ludinus's research, who had recently vanished. The final is a rescue mission, at which Rashinna directs their attention to the large green dragonborn woman. The woman introduces herself as an Exandrian, a champion of the Strife Emperor, and says her name is Vezoden Amerai and the rest of her allies were imprisoned in the Glasshold Garrison. She and FCG have a tense exchange, as the Strife Emperor and Changebringer are opposed, and she tells them she does not wish FCG to join her mission.

Gaz then alludes, in a question to Rashinna, to a secret fourth mission, but Rashinna says it would be a bad idea. FCG and Imogen cast Detect Thoughts and find that Gaz is initially worried he made a mistake; he then seems to be answering telepathic questions from Rashinna regarding an assassination. At this point, Imogen telepathically asks Rashinna about the assassination. Rashinna is initially evasive, but when Imogen asks if Rashinna thinks she will have a problem with it, Rashinna responds that she likely will, though she then asks if Imogen would like to take charge of the mission, warning her it will happen regardless. Imogen tells her she'll need to think about it overnight, and Rashinna tells them to take their rest. The myceit lead the party to a chamber, and when Ashton requests a drink, brings a large container of water. Imogen tells the party about the assassination mission, and they ask how she feels about the possibility. Imogen tells them it feels sudden and she thought she'd have more time. FCG asks if Liliana can be redeemed, and Imogen admits she is unsure, and that her connection to Liliana may not matter given her mother's loyalty to Ludinus. The party discusses some of the other options, and FCG uses his Coin of the Changebringer to attempt to find out if Liliana can be redeemed, but the answer is inconclusive.

Gaz then comes by to check on them, and Fearne asks him how he joined the Volition. He tells her that a lot of what he did for the Imperium felt wrong, but he ultimately turned and joined the Volition after he attacked Rashinna's father, who appeared to be forgiving and kind even when Gaz was about to kill him, at which Gaz broke down. Rashinna's father then unmarked him and brought him into the Volition. The party asks for more information about the assassination mission, and Gaz tells them Liliana had been taking the Ruidusborn into the Woven Music Grand Hall for the past few days, so they seem to have an opportunity to strike and they don't want to wait in case this is temporary.

After Gaz leaves, Bells Hells and especially Imogen express the concern that Liliana and the Ruidusborn may be too strong and that the Volition might not know what they are in for. Chetney and Orym also stress that while she may not wish to go on the mission, this may be her last chance to speak to her mother. Imogen tells them she doesn't want to warn Liliana. Laudna and Fearne both ask if Imogen felt Liliana could have been swayed at the Malleus Key during the start of the apogee solstice, and Imogen is unsure; she and Fearne both surmise Liliana is too indoctrinated. Orym asks if there's a way she can meet with Liliana tonight, and Imogen says she can speak to her mother in her dreams. Ashton warns that while this is a last chance, it could also become very dangerous; Imogen barely knows Liliana and so this relationship has been leveraged to hurt Imogen before. Imogen and FCG decide to use Shared Dream, with only FCG joining Imogen, and the rest of the party goes to sleep. She enters a space that is empty, but warm, and looks for Liliana, who she finds, huddled, floating in the space. Liliana opens her eyes and addresses Imogen.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Liliana tells Imogen they're both stubborn, and that no matter how much she pushes Imogen away, Imogen keeps reaching out. Liliana tells her it's almost over. Imogen asks how Liliana is making a difference, and Liliana tells her that Ludinus listens to her and pulls back sometimes based on her counsel, and that she believes things would be worse without her. Imogen suggests she outright oppose Ludinus, and Liliana is hesitant. At first she says that this is bigger than she expected. Imogen asks if she can touch Liliana, and while they can't touch in the dream, they do sense each other's presence. Imogen asks about Liliana's motivations, and Liliana says she had no choice: waking Predathos will happen, and while she wishes Imogen didn't have to be part of it, because neither chose to be Ruidusborn, she believes this is inevitable as she reminisces about her life in Gelvaan. When Imogen urges her to stop or leave and put Predathos to sleep, Liliana tells her there are children on Ruidus for whom she is responsible. Liliana tells her again this is inevitable, and her role is important. Imogen insists, and Liliana tells her Predathos doesn't intend to destroy the world, but Imogen tells her that destroying the gods could destroy Exandria's protection. Imogen begs Liliana for a reason to join her, and Liliana says the gods are tyrants, and expresses doubts, but says it's too late to leave. Imogen tells her it's not to late and Liliana apologizes for not being there. She urges Imogen to run again, but Imogen tells her she is no longer running. She then says that she loves Liliana, and Relvin Temult still loves her too. Liliana expresses a desire to go home at the end of this, but when Imogen tells her that Ludinus is evil, Liliana resists. Imogen tells Liliana maybe it's her time to run before waking up.

Some of Bells Hells are awake when she wakes up. Laudna asks if she was able to get through to Liliana, and Imogen says she thinks Liliana is too indoctrinated to leave. Orym expresses his condolences. Chetney asks what Imogen thinks Liliana knows, and Imogen says she doesn't think Liliana knows any more than Ludinus told her. Chetney, Ashton, and FCG all wonder about the deeper motivations, since the peoples of Ruidus for the most part have a vested interest in not setting Predathos free simply because of the devastation it will cause on Ruidus. The conversation turns to Exandria before the gods, and Laudna and Ashton debate the role of the titans. Imogen points out the devastation in the Grey Valley due to the apogee solstice ritual permitting fiends into the region. The party discusses the role of the Divine Gate and the texts of the Omen Archive before returning to their rest.

In the morning, Bells Hells discuss their options. Laudna asks Imogen how she feels about the assassination, and Imogen confirms that she does not want to go. Fearne goes to find Ira, who she locates, carving symbols on a device. She asks about his plan for the detonations and he provides it in detail. She also asks what he dislikes about Zathuda and admits Zathuda is her father. Ira expresses annoyance with the Unseelie Court in general, and notes Zathuda was part of the team that stole his designs, along with Ludinus. Fearne asks why Zathuda tried to orchestrate her birth, and Ira tells her that it seems to have been a plan to try to have as many Ruidusborn they could, generally, in the hopes of having Exaltants. Fearne expresses a desire to get Gloamglut from Zathuda, and Ira agrees that they have shared interests and she is welcome to join him. She then rejoins Bells Hells and talks through the detonation plan, though she admits she's unsure what her own preferences are. Laudna says that it's important to get more information and the party agrees and begin to head to the room where Rashinna is planning.

Laudna pulls Imogen aside. She tells Imogen she seems distant, and Imogen says the same of Laudna. They ask each other if they're alright and admit they're right. Laudna is hesitant at first but with Imogen's encouragement says that Liliana's abandonment of Imogen makes no sense, as someone who herself loves Imogen. Imogen points out Laudna loves her, but at the same time is drawn by Delilah's power, and while the party was split following the solstice, Laudna began to feed Delilah again. She asks if this means Laudna doesn't love her, and Laudna denies it, but cedes the point that it's hard to break free. Imogen apologies for what she said in the Feywild, and Laudna tells her she doesn't want to be a burden. Imogen assures her she is not, and that she loves Laudna while hating Delilah, but doesn't know how to help Laudna extricate herself, if it's possible. Laudna asks Imogen if she'll ever be free of Ruidus, and Imogen says she does. Imogen says she doesn't want to get rid of Delilah if she has to kill Laudna to do so but wonders why Laudna still gives into Delilah. Laudna insists it was not on purpose, and Imogen asks Laudna if she is lying again. Laudna says it's a symbiotic situation she doesn't entirely understand, and as she starts to add a condition, Imogen kisses her and tells her she won't let Laudna go. Laudna wonders if she is holding Imogen back, despite Imogen's protestations that she is not. They agree that it's complicated, and Laudna says there seems to be a widening gulf, though Imogen tells her she won't let go.

Myceits guide them to the meeting, which includes far more people than the previous day, including reilora, bormodos, Quanikkas, and others. Bells Hells ask for a review of the options and what they entail. When Rashinna mentions the assassination, Imogen recommends trying to imprison Liliana rather than kill her, as she has a lot of information, but Rashinna and Gaz Tomo indicate that it is unlikely they can keep her subdued - they have the ability to disrupt Thought-Eaters and other psychics, but only very temporarily. Rashinna also seems somewhat put off by this insistence. When she addresses Laudna, Laudna uses Unsettling Presence. The party then picks what they wish to do: Fearne, FCG, and Ashton will go with Ira to detonate the excavation, and Chetney, Laudna, Imogen, and Orym will try to infiltrate and find Evoroa. Ivanas, an older Reilora woman who tells them she was previously a designer for the Weave Mind casts See Invisiblility on all the infiltration team but Chetney, who refuses it, and then casts Invisibility on them as well. Ira, meanwhile, casts Seeming on the detonation team, making Ashton appear as a reilora, Fearne as a bormodo, and FCG as a myceit. The party then, with their teams, enter Vaterra Kreviris. Compared to Caeluma Kreviris, it is bustling and lively, with art and strains of music, and architecture inspired by yet different than that of Exandria.

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