Division of Public Benefit

Division of Public Benefit
Organizational information
Also known asThe Division
TypeAdventuring party
BaseBassuras, Marquet
EstablishedIn or before 843 PD
DisbandedThunsheer 843 PD
Total membersAt least 9 (including 4 non-sapient automatons)
Notable members

The Division of Public Benefit, or simply The Division, was an adventuring group operating from Bassuras in Marquet. The group most notably included Dancer and the aeormaton Fresh Cut Grass. In 843 PD, they were hired to clear creatures out of a silver mine near Evishi in the Oderan Wilds. While they were camping outside the cave during the night, Fresh Cut Grass killed everyone but Dancer, who escaped.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Division of Public Benefit[1] was an adventuring group that originated in Bassuras in Marquet.[2]

About Thunsheer 843 PD, a couple months before Campaign 3,[3] the Rayia family of Evishi in the Oderan Wilds hired the Division to clear out giant creatures native to the area from a silver mine that the family owned east of the city. The task was more difficult than expected, and the group sustained heavy injuries. They retreated to the entrance of the cave to rest and make camp for the night.[2][4][5] While at camp, Fresh Cut Grass apparently suffered an unknown but overwhelming stressor, ultimately driving them to attack the others. All were killed except Dancer, who narrowly escaped.[6][7] The killed were eviscerated,[5] and various descriptions by Ashton Greymoore, who later discovered the scene, suggested that the bodies were horribly mangled.[8][9]

Fresh Cut Grass had no memory of the event; he believed himself to be in stasis mode while it happened and remembered the attacker to be a one-eyed monster.[2][10][5] Ashton remembered that Fresh Cut Grass had only one functioning eye when they found him.[6]

The Rayia family hired Ashton about a week later to investigate what happened. Ashton found Fresh Cut Grass as the only survivor and saw the bodies of the others. The two of them buried the rest of the Division, though Fresh Cut Grass kept some useful components of Dancer's destroyed automatons. Ashton returned to Jrusar with Fresh Cut Grass and had them repaired, and the two of them eventually became members of the adventuring group Bells Hells.[2][5]

Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

Dancer returned to Bassuras in the month of Brussendar, about one month before "Hidden Truths" (3x26). At some point before then, she acquired a metal arm, apparently having lost one in the attack. Fresh Cut Grass learned about Dancer's survival from Esmer, whom she visited.[11] They later contacted her using Sending, and Dancer fearfully asked how they found her. They contacted her again in the morning; she asked them to leave her alone and hoped to never see them again, adding "You know what you did." Her response surfaced memories in Fresh Cut Grass of the attack, causing them to suffer a critical amount of stress and shut down.[7] They then attacked Chetney Pock O'Pea,[12] ultimately leading Bells Hells and Ashton to realize the truth of the attack on the Division.[6]

Known members[edit | edit source]

  • Axer: A surly warrior who wielded an axe,[13] killed near Evishi[11]
  • Dancer: A firbolg artificer from Bassuras[5]
  • Fresh Cut Grass: An Aeormaton who believed themselves to be a construct built by Dancer[2]
  • Ozene: A presumed monk who was "great with water",[13] killed near Evishi
  • Terrawyn: A wielder of earth magic,[13] killed near Evishi[11]
  • Apple Pie, Oatmeal, Pussy, and Thunderstorm: Automatons built by Dancer and destroyed near Evishi.[2][14] Each was built to perform a specific task. For example, Oatmeal chopped down trees to make firewood, build campsites, and similar tasks.[15]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The group's initials, DPB, refer to an initialism[16] used by Liam O'Brien for "dick in the peanut butter", a phrase he uses to mean someone who is completely invested.[17] It was afterward adopted by the cast,[18] including Sam Riegel,[19] who plays Fresh Cut Grass.

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