Diamond Nest Tavern

The Diamond Nest Tavern, in the Graveyard District in Emon, contains the secret entrance to the tunnels of the Clasp.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

The clientele is primarily construction and stoneworkers from the nearby Graveyard District.[2] When Vox Machina visited it, it was bustling and crowded, with music from Dr. Dranzel's Spectacular Traveling Troupe playing.[3] The tavern has a small stage platform for performances.[4]

The entrance to the Clasp's tunnels can be found by going down a small stairway to the left of the kitchen, in a storage room behind two sacks labeled "rice" and "grain".[5]

History[edit | edit source]

"A Musician's Nostalgia" (1x37)[edit | edit source]

Vox Machina met Dr. Dranzel at the tavern, who told them about an abandoned house in the Cloudtop District that contained treasure.[6] The rest of the party then caused various distractions while Vax went down to the Clasp tunnels to retrieve Riskel Daxio.[7]

"The Return of Liam" (OSx08)[edit | edit source]

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