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de Rolo family
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The de Rolo family[1] is a noble family residing in Whitestone Castle.

History[edit | edit source]

Founding of Whitestone[edit | edit source]

The de Rolo Crest[2]

Not long after 612 PD, the de Rolo family wrecked their ship in the Shearing Channel during an expedition from Wildemount. Survivors braved the wilderness of Alabaster Sierras for weeks before finding a glowing tree and building their home around it. Today this settlement has grown into a robust city, largely due to a unique mineral, with several useful magic-enhancing properties, called whitestone.[3]

The Third House of Whitestone[edit | edit source]

Lord Wolfe de Rolo,[4] a member of the third generation of de Rolos to be born in Whitestone[5] had an arranged marriage with his cousin, Lady Melanie von Musel - the founder of the Third House of Whitestone - and they became the lord and lady of Whitestone.[6] However in around the 730s PD,[7] she created the back gardens of Whitestone Castle, where she grew poisonous plants from Wildemount with which she planned to murder Wolfe,[5][8] slowly poisoning him in order to take over the city herself.[6] She was eventually removed from her position for suspected witchcraft and raising of the undead.[5]

By the end of the conflict between Lady von Musel and Lord de Rolo, the de Rolos had acquired the third house of Whitestone.[6] Despite Melanie's bad reputation, it became a tradition in the de Rolo family to carry her surname, "von Musel".

Briarwood coup[edit | edit source]

Around 805 PD, the Briarwoods slaughtered almost the entire de Rolo family and seized control of Whitestone.[9][10][11] Two members of the de Rolo family survived: Cassandra was badly wounded and captured while helping Percival escape. In order to cement their rule, the bodies of the other members of the family were left hanging on the Sun Tree to instill absolute fear of fleeing and quash any potential rebellion.[12]

The de Rolo restoration[edit | edit source]

Percival de Rolo returned with the other members of Vox Machina and removed the Briarwood regime. Percival and Cassandra then picked up the mantle of leadership in Whitestone—Percival as sovereign, and Cassandra as head of the Chamber of Whitestone. Percival secretly married Vex'ahlia in 811 PD and they had five children,[13] starting with Vesper Elaina in 812 or 813 PD[14] and then the twins Wolfe Kristoff and Leona Pike (in an undetermined order), Vax'ildan Frederick, and the youngest Gwendolyn Zahra Melanie von Musel.[15][16]

Known members[edit | edit source]

Official art of de Rolo Family of Whitestone in 832 PD. Top: Vesper, Gwendolyn, Percival, Vex'ahlia, Wolfe, and Leona. Bottom: Vax'ildan de Rolo, Charlie, and Trinket, by Jessica Scates.[art 1]

Family tree[edit | edit source]

Names in italics and bordered with red are deceased as of 836 PD.

WolfeMelanie von Musel
some generations
FrederickJohanna von Musel
Vessar family
JuliusVesperPercival IIIVex'ahliaOliverWhitneyLudwigCassandra
Vesper ElainaWolfe KristoffLeonaVax'ildan FrederickGwendolyn

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The de Rolo surname is made up of two elements: de is a French or Spanish preposition meaning "of"; Rolo, on the other hand, is a variant of the Norwegian name Rollo, which in turn derives from the Old Norse name Hrodwulf (hrod meaning "renown" and wulf meaning "wolf").[25]
  • The de Rolo family may have a distillery, which brews four types of liquor which they have named Dire Heart, Courage, Snow Mead, and Green Tear Whiskey.[26][27]
  • The family crest used to have five stars, but when Vex'ahlia became a champion of Pelor, Percy decided to add one more star in her honor.
  • Originally Laura and Taliesin considered naming one of Vex and Percy's children after the latter, in order to have a Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo IV in the family.[28] However, this name was not present among the couple's children as of 836 PD.[29]
  • In The Legend of Vox Machina, which is a separate continuity from Campaign 1,[30] an "Uncle Nathaniel" is mentioned by Cassandra.[31] A "Nathaniel de Rolo" has not been mentioned elsewhere.

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