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Dani Carr
Photograph of Dani Carr at Talks Machina set, by Chris Lockey.[art 1]
Full nameDanielle Christine Carr
Critical Role Productions work
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BornMemphis, Tennessee, USA
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Dani Carr is the Lore Keeper at Critical Role Productions LLC, producer, and writer of Critical Recap, as well as several other shows aired by Critical Role Productions.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

As a kid, Dani Carr often performed in theatre and has a BFA in Theatre Performance. She also has done behind the scenes work for theatre, as a stage manager in particular.[2]

Dani first acquainted herself with Critical Role by following the members of the cast on Twitter. She learned about their first streamed D&D game in March 2015.[3] During "The Throne Room" (1x07), she won a giveaway and her name was said on screen.[4] Dani actively expressed her passion for the show on Twitter, and at a time when Critical Role had an audience of only "about 1000", the cast noticed her tweets and remembered Dani when they met during SDCC the same year. In January of 2017, Dani moved from Memphis to Los Angeles and aspired to become a voice actress.[5]

In Los Angeles, Dani talked to Marisha and Taliesin, who eventually asked Dani to send her a resume as they were in need of someone with her exact set of skills (administration, paperwork processing and organization, etc.) About two weeks later, Dani landed a job as Production Coordinator at Geek & Sundry.[5]

Critical Role Production[edit | edit source]

Lore Keeper[edit | edit source]

Dani worked at Geek & Sundry as a Production Coordinator, then continued with that role when the crew transitioned to Critical Role Productions LLC. Starting roughly during the filming of Campaign 2 Arc 6: Weird Magic, Dani's job description was changed to official Lore Keeper of Critical Role. As Lore Keeper, she is in charge of protecting the canonical integrity of the world of Critical Role in its various iterations.[1]

As the Lore Keeper, Matt gives Dani some of the "fun little tidbits of inside knowledge" about the world of Exandria.[6]

Contributions and appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Talks Machina: Dani was the producer of Talks Machina, and had appeared on every episode as an off-screen observer and commentator. She sometimes appeared on screen and had her own dedicated camera, labelled "Dani Cam". Dani also hosted one of the episodes, in Brian Foster's absence.
  • 4-Sided Dive: Dani and Kyle Shire develop the questions specific to each guest, which are chosen by the cast during the "Deep Dive" segment by drawing slips of paper out of tankards.[7] Dani also reads the questions drawn from the "Tower of Inquiry", starts the show with improvised with the cast, and occasionally steps behind the bar to clarify lore details forgotten by the cast.
  • Critical Recap: Dani began hosting Critical Recap with the airing of "Zemnian Nights" (2x11) before the live streams. Following the split from Geek & Sundry, new episodes of Critical Recap premiere on Critical Role's YouTube channel on Tuesdays. The final video was for "Unwanted Reunions" (2x88). Since then, Dani has been writing recaps and posting them on the Critical Role website every Wednesday.
  • Crit Recap Animated: Dani narrates Crit Recap Animated, and is on the team of writers as well. She appears in the show as an animated version of herself.
  • Narrative Telephone: Dani appeared as a guest on Narrative Telephone Round 2: as a participant in the fifth episode and the storyteller in the sixth episode.
  • EverythingIsContent: Dani and her mom Velita played Spider-Man (2018).
  • The Chronicles of Exandria: Dani is credited with co-authoring both Tales of Vox Machina and the Chronicles of the Mighty Nein.

Player characters[edit | edit source]

Drew Bearymoore, polar bear ("Honey Heist 3: Tova's Honeys" (OSx26))

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The phrase "Is it Thursday yet?" commonly used to close off episodes was initially coined by Dani.[8]
  • Dani played Vizzini in "The Princess Bride" play in her community theater when she was eleven years old.[9]
  • In August 2018, Vex'ahlia was Dani's favorite CR character. Dani found her "journey of self-acceptance and of finding the worth in yourself" deeply relatable. Also, she loves Trinket and animal companions in general.[10]
  • Dani's first D&D character was a half-elf Ranger named Ros with a wolf companion.[1][11]
  • Her favorite D&D classes are Cleric and Rogue.[12]

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