DOOM Eternal One-Shot

"DOOM Eternal One-Shot"
One-shot episode
"DOOM Eternal One-Shot" (OSx37) thumbnail with the cast.
Episode no.Episode 37
AirdateMarch 16, 2020 19:00 PDT
Running time3:42:11
Game systemDOOM-based d20 homebrew
Anjali Bhimani as The Pain Elemental
Sam Riegel as The Archvile
Jasmine Bhullar as The Revenant
Laura Bailey as The Mancubus
Taliesin Jaffe as The Marauder
Matthew Mercer as the Dungeon Master
Special guest
Darin De Paul as Dr. Samuel Hayden (NPC)
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"DOOM Eternal One-Shot" (OSx37) is the thirty-seventh one-shot episode of Critical Role. Game Master Matthew Mercer leads a horde of demons on an adventure based on the DOOM Eternal FPS.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

A group of champion demons, consisting of Kreel the Marauder, Phyllis the Pain Elemental, Reva the Revenant, Ickybod the Archvile, and Mancubus the Mancubus, meets on the steps of the Blood Temple, and travels inside to meet with the Infernal Bishop, Deag Grav, who has a mission for them. Dr. Samuel Hayden, as a part of the ARC, a human resistance movement, has created a weapon that could possibly threaten Hell’s armies. The demons are charged with infiltrating the ARC base housing the weapon, and destroying it alongside its creator. After giving the demons their mission, Deag Grav opens a portal directly to the ARC base, which the demons swiftly travel through.

The portal takes the demons to a red rock mesa, which the base sits upon. They find themselves facing a set of sealed doors leading into the base. Mancubus shoots the locking mechanism causing the doors to open. Mancubus then rushes through the open doors and finds himself in a loading bay occupied by three ARC workers and two ARC marines. Combat ensues as Mancubus fires on them. Over the course of the combat, both the workers and the marines attempt to flee through a set of doors leading deeper into the base. While they are all killed before they escape the scene, in the process of killing the second marine, Kreel enters the second room, drawing the attention of an ARC battlemech and an ARC marine commander. Combat continues until Mancubus kills and eats the pilot of the battlemech and Kreel kills the ARC commander.

After combat Ickybod searches the body of the ARC commander and finds a keycard which the demons use to open a door leading to the rest of the base. Reva quietly scouts ahead and enters the comm center, and finding it abandoned, gives the all clear for the rest of the demons to follow. In this chamber the demons find a map of the base and a data pad with a list of names including that of Dr. Hayden. At the mention of the doctor, Mancubus smashes the data pad into the floor, cracking it and causing it play a voice message from Dr. Hayden. In this recording Hayden speaks of something called the Argent Hammer, a device powered by three Argent plasma generators located in the base that Hayden believes could turn the tide of the war against Hell. The demons surmise that this is the weapon they were sent to destroy. Hoping to get more information, Mancubus stomps on the data pad, but only manages to shatter it. The demons decide to attempt to disable it by cutting off its power supply, and after studying the map they found, decide to head to the generator closest to the medical bay. They hope to also find materials in the medical bay to heal Ickybod, who had been severely injured during the previous combat. Before leaving Ickybod picks up another data pad in hopes he can glean more information from it.

As the demons make their way to the generator, they pass by the armory, the door to which Mancubus opens using brute force. Kreel then searches the armory and locates three grenade-like devices, two spherical and one cuboid, though he is unable to discern what they do. Kreel keeps the cuboid device while Reva and Phyllis take one of the spherical devices each.

The demons proceed to the generator door; Phyllis listens at the door and hears the sound of the generator as well as that of someone working within. She warns the groups of this, and so Mancubus drops a smoke bomb to conceal their entrance as Ickybod uses the keycard to open the door. Inside the demons see a number of pillars, and a panel covered in levers presumably for controlling the generator. They also see a single armed civilian worker. Mancubus fires on the worker, liquifying him but also hitting the control panel and fusing one of the levers in place. Ickybod studies the control panel and find three levers more prominent than the rest: one red, one unmarked, and one striped yellow and black. It is this third lever that Mancubus’ wild shot has fused. Not understanding the Argent tech, the demons decide to kidnap a human scientist from within the base and force them to shut off the generator.

Kreel decides to search the medical bay and manages to locate a doctor as well as a store of medical supplies. The demons intimidate the doctor into using a stim pack to heal Ickybod. Phyllis then guides the doctor into the generator room hoping to convince him to shut it off, but he doesn’t understand the technology either. The demons allow him to go back into the medical bay, escorted by Reva, to get a data pad and call a scientist who understands the generators. He begins typing something on the data pad, which the demons eventually recognize is a message to the head director of the facility revealing that the demons are there. Phyllis slaps the data pad out of his hands, but too late as a base wide alert begins going off. The doctor is subsequently killed by Reva. As his data pad hits the floor, it triggers a message from Science Officer Angela Dravis detailing that the Argent technology in the base is interfering with the base’s teleporter. Mancubus, meanwhile, decides to pull the red lever on the generator’s control panel. This causes the other levers to lock and the generator to power up. Manucbus attempts to stop this effect by shooting the control panel, to no avail.

The demons proceed to the teleporter relay, hoping to possibly sabotage it. There they encounter another scientist whom they kidnap and force to take them to Dr. Hayden, who is currently working on the Argent Hammer. As she’s leading them through the crew quarters towards the Hammer chamber, Ickybod manages to activate two voice messages on the data pad he took from the comm center. The first is from Safety Supervisor Carl Ingbert detailing his displease with how hazardous materials are being stored in the base and his subsequent firing after he raised his concerns with Hayden. The second is from Amaros Energy Systems Manager Frank Lobel detailing the strain the Argent Hammer places the generators under and the possibility of a total meltdown if all three generators are pushed too far. The second message excites the demons, as they had accidentally overclocked the generator near the medical bay. The demons decide to leave the crew quarters in order to power up the other generators, but they find the doorway they entered the quarters from sealed by blast doors and their keycard locked out. Attempts to break through the blast doors fail, leaving the demons no choice but to process towards the Argent Hammer, which is intermittently giving off a golden glow which is visible from the hallway. The demons decide to proceed and attempt to shut the Argent Hammer down. It is at this point that Mancubus accidentally kills the group’s kidnapped scientist.

The demons enter the Argent Hammer chamber and see the Hammer itself, protected by heavy glass and fed Argent energy through three power cables. The door seals behind the demons as they enter. The demons immediately attacks a pair of scientists visible in the room, and in the course of doing so they catch sight of Dr. Hayden on the north side of the room, himself protected by thick glass. He briefly taunts them before activating the Argent Hammer. Kreel tries to blow one of the doors open using the cuboid device he looted from the armory, but it has no effect. Mancubus tries to shoot at Dr. Hayden but this shot is blocked by the protective glass in front of him. The demons then desperately try to destroy the power cables feeding the Argent Hammer, but their efforts are in vain as the Hammer is able to activate, sending Argent energy tearing through the demons and granting them disadvantage on all future d20 rolls.

At this point the demons hear a high-pitched sound followed by an explosion as something crashes into the side of the building. Once the dust subsides the demons can see the outline of a crashed spacecraft. A door on the spacecraft opens, and out steps the Doom Slayer, who then reaches for a chain gun.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Dr. Samuel Hayden pushes a button on the console in front of him, opening all the doors in the facility, including one behind himself which he then ducks into. At this point initiative is rolled as combat begins between the demons and the Doom Slayer. The Doom Slayer begins the combat by opening fire on the demons with his chain gun. The demons flee after Mancubus drops a smoke bomb to conceal their escape. Mancubus, Kreel, and Phyllis flee east down the crew quarters while Reva and Ickybod flee south down another hallway. Thanks to her rocket boosters, Reva is able to reach the second Argent plasma generator in a single turn. The Doom Slayer is prevented from pursuing Reva and Ickybod due a flame wall Ickybod placed behind him, so instead goes after Mancubus, Kreel, and Phyllis. Phyllis ends up his primary target as she is the slowest of those three. Reva meanwhile, pulls the red lever in the second generator, causing it to power up in the same way the first one did. She then takes off further south into the base, hoping to be able to regroup with the others deeper in. Ickybod slowly chases after her.

Kreel runs towards the flammable material storage and the final Argent plasma generator, while summoning a Hell Knight to engage and hopefully slow down the Doom Slayer as Phyllis and Mancubus continue to flee from him. While fleeing, Mancubus summons a Pinky hoping to help Phyllis escape the Doom Slayer. The Pinky runs up to the Doom Slayer and harries him, but is immediately killed by him in a melee glory kill, replenishing some of his ammo and granting him 10 temporary hitpoints. Reva comes to an exosuit hanger bay, and warns Ickybod who is coming up behind her about the mechs, before using her rocket boosters to fly through the hanger and into the hallway containing the medical bay. At this point Kreel reaches the final generator, pulls the red lever to power it up and beginning the generator meltdown. As Kreel is then checking out the flammable material storage, Dr. Hayden appears from a secret door near the generator and begins heading out towards the hallway, drawing the Crucible blade as he stares down Kreel and Mancubus.

Kreel’s Hell Knight engages the Doom Slayer allowing Phyllis to continue fleeing down the hallway. Ickybod meanwhile has finally reached the down of exo hanger bay but stops short of entering, as he sees the mechs in the bay coming online. The Doom Slayer meanwhile kills the Hell Knight. Manucubus rounds a corner and sees Dr. Hayden, and fires behind him into the flammable material storage, causing an explosion that blows Hayden into the hall, Kreel into a wall, and sets the room on fire. As Reva continues to make her way towards the group she summons a group of lessor demons which she sends into the exo hanger bay to distract the mechs and allow Ickybod to run through. Hayden engages with Mancubus and uses the Crucible blade to score two deep hits on him. Kreel gets up from where he was knocked by the exploding flammable materials and comes up behind Dr. Hayden. Phyllis meanwhile is finally able to get out of the Doom Slayer’s range and begins floating to the teleporter relay. Ickybod begins to move through the exo hanger bay, but due to his slow speed, ends up in the middle of a firefight between Reva’s demons and the ARC personnel. The lights begin to spark and flash as the Argent generator meltdown progresses.

Mancubus attempts to shoot Dr. Hayden point blank, but misses. He then retreats down the hallway only to encounter the Doom Slayer rounding a corner. Reva, having caught up to the rest of the group, attempts to use her spherical grenade-like device on the Doom Slayer, but he dodges it and harmlessly flies past him down the hall. Reva then flies into the comm center. Dr. Hayden pursues Mancubus down the hall, once again attacking him with the Crucible and killing him. Kreel summons a flaming wolf which explodes on Hayden, before himself running up to him. Phyllis continues towards the teleport relay. Ickybod manages to avoid the notice of the ARC personnel and make it out of the exo hanger bay, summoning a Hell Knight in front of him which he instructs to kill Dr. Hayden. The Doom Slayer engages Reva in melee. Despite the Doom Slayer harrying her, Reva fires a barrage of rockets at Hayden in retribution for Mancubus’ death, but a combination of the disadvantage granted by the Argent Hammer and him being fire resistant means he’s barely injured by this assault. Hayden being running towards the teleporter relay, attempting to make his escape. Kreel pursues and manages to overtake him, getting between the doctor and the relay. Phyllis manages to score a heavy hit on Hayden by using her entire soul shield as a projectile. Ickybod’s Hell Knight manages to reach Dr. Hayden while he continues to run slowly towards the group. The Doom Slayer continues to hack and slash at Reva with his chainsaw, knocking her unconscious before her body is then detonated by some loose fuel from her rocket boosters and a spark from the lights. Hayden pushes past Kreel and stands on the teleporter, which begins to power up. Kreel shoves the doctor off the teleporter before standing on it himself, causing the power up sequences to restart. Meanwhile Phyllis begins attacking the relay in an attempt to destroy it. Ickybod finally catches up to the group, only to encounter the dead bodies of Mancubus and Reva, and lament his slow movement speed.

The meltdown has now progressed to the point that the floor is superheated and causing fire damage to anyone who starts their turn standing on it. The Doom Slayer engages with Ickybod’s Hell Knight, who pushes past him to continue pursuing Dr. Hayden. Hayden pushes Kreel back off the teleporter and once again attempts to use it to escape the base. Kreel finds himself unable to shove the doctor back off again and so climbs onto the top of the teleporter to help Phyllis destroy it. Phyllis once again attacks Hayden with one of her souls; at this point he’s looking heavily injured. Ickybod’s Hell Knight attacks Hayden while Ickybod himself uses another flame wall to block the Doom Slayer’s entry into the teleporter relay, forcing the Doom Slayer to engage him directly. The Doom Slayer attacks Ickybod, knocking him unconscious and causing the flame wall the disappear, allowing him to gain entry to the teleporter relay. At this point, Hayden’s heavily damaged body begins to liquify under the heat of the reactor meltdown, and he is destroyed before the teleporter is able to take him to safety. Kreel attacks the relay determined to leave the Doom Slayer trapped in the collapsing ARC base. The Doom Slayer shoots Phyllis, knocking her unconscious. He them steps into the teleporter, attempting to escape. Kreel once again attacks the teleporter, managing to destroy it before the Doom Slayer is able to escape. As he lays on the floor after the teleporter collapses, Kreel looks up to see the Doom Slayer walking towards him. The Doom Slayer proceeds to shoot Kreel between the eyes.

Outside the base the armies of Hell and the ARC watch the mesa and the base collapse, destroying the Argent Hammer and trapping the Doom Slayer in the ruins.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

Miniatures of the Doom Eternal player characters, by Ian Phillips.[art 1]

Player characters[edit | edit source]

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Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Laura: (pigeon cooing)
    Sam: There's no pigeons in this world, it has to be something else.
    Matt: All the pigeons are dead.
    Laura: It's a demon pigeon.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

On December 16, 2020, Critical Role Productions published a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons module entitled Doom Eternal: Assault on Amaros Station, the core of Doom Eternal One-Shot. The game was written by Christopher Lockey and Matthew Mercer.[1][2] The archived version of the Doom Eternal: Assault on Amaros Station page on

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