Cyrus Wyvernwind

Cyrus Wyvernwind
Non-player character
Official art of Cyrus Wyvernwind, by Cris Trinci from Critical Role Abridged Episode 6.[art 1]
Basic information
RaceAir Genasi
Biographical information
Ageolder than 27[1]
LanguagesCommon, Elvish[2]
FamilyWyvernwind family
AffiliationsHubatt Corsairs
StatusDeceased (14 Quen'pillar, 843 PD)
Cause of deathKilled by Lolth's demonic spider ("Bittersweet Reunions" (3x93))
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid
First seen"The Threat Between the Walls" (3x05)
Last seen"Bittersweet Reunions" (3x93)

Cyrus Wyvernwind is Dorian Storm's brother. As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer in Critical Role and by Aabria Iyengar in Exandria Unlimited.

Description[edit | edit source]

Cyrus has blue skin, light green eyes, wavy shoulder-length black hair, and a square jaw. He wears a gold septum piercing and is burlier and taller than his younger brother. He has consistently worn a light grey cloak, a heavy hood, full-body studded leather armor, and gauntlets.[4] He is 6 foot 3 inches tall.[5]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cyrus is described as a "himbo".[6]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

Several months prior to the events of Campaign 3, Cyrus "got away" from his cloistered life in the Silken Squall, much as Dorian did.[7][8]

About two months prior to running into Dorian in Jrusar, while working as a mercenary, Cyrus was hired by Jiana Hexum[9] to protect a caravan that was carrying an expensive item. The other hired guards stole the item - a golem - and used the golem to further rob the caravan before leaving. Cyrus was blamed, and a bounty was put upon his head.[10] He made his way to Jrusar and at some point sought refuge with the Hubatt Corsairs, with whom he has been working.[11]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Cyrus was in the Root Trader Alcove safehouse, when Bells Hells visited it. First introduced as an unnamed hooded Corsair, Cyrus was described as tall and having a "somewhat broad, intimidating form". He seemed to keep watch over Yash Mangal, often with his arms crossed. He wore a heavy hood that obscured his face and a light gray cloak.[12] He listened in to the party's conversation about Ariks Eshteross and whispered what he heard to Yash.[12]

When the party returned to the Root Trader safehouse, Cyrus (still hooded and unidentified) awoke Yash and begrudgingly made coffee for the party.[13] Laudna caught him staring at Dorian and used her Unsettling Presence to back him down.[14]

Cyrus then followed the party to the Dreamscape Theater and anonymously requested to speak to Dorian. Dorian went down to talk to the unknown person, at which point Cyrus grabbed him and asked him what he was doing, and after Dorian seemed confused and replied that he was just seeing the show, Cyrus revealed himself. Dorian asked Cyrus what he was doing as well, and how their parents were doing. Cyrus then told Dorian they would speak after the show.[15] After the performance at the Dreamscape Theater, Orym spotted Cyrus at the performance, recognizing him as one of the Corsairs. He and Laudna tried to follow him out into the street but lost his tail.[16]

Cyrus tracked the party to the Spire by Fire Inn. Orym noticed him, and after Laudna and Imogen both contacted him via Message and telepathy, respectively, he left. Orym and Chetney followed him for several blocks until an exasperated Orym asked him what he wanted, at which point he said he wished to speak to Dorian. Orym fetched the party, and after Dorian and Cyrus had a tense and brief conversation, Dorian told the group that Cyrus was his brother. They all returned to the Spire by Fire, and Cyrus relayed his story to the group. He told Dorian that if he were to be caught, or worse, Dorian would be next in line. Before Cyrus left, Dorian gave him one of the sending stones and told him to contact the party if he needed any help or got in trouble.[17]

Orym noticed Cyrus at the ball in Jrusar and pointed him out to Dorian and the rest of the party. Chetney approached Cyrus and asked him what he was doing, and Cyrus responded that he was in disguise as "Lord Durtanya", and Emoth Kade was helping him find potential marks so he could steal valuables and pay off his debts.[18] Cyrus was arrested by two Green Seekers at the ball, not only for his burglary attempts there but also on suspicion of being involved in the burglary and destruction of the Moon Tower. Dorian helped him escape his guards and brought him to Lord Eshteross' home. Eshteross offered to smuggle him to Emon aboard his skyship, but hinted strongly that Dorian should accompany him, both because the two brothers would continue to be confused with one another, and to take care of Cyrus as he learned to stand on his own feet. Dorian was reluctant to leave his friends but agreed it was best, and the brothers left together.[19]

Exandria Unlimited[edit | edit source]

Cyrus and Dorian met with Dorian's friends Fy'ra Rai, Opal, and Dariax in Kymal with the intention of making money, through gambling or other means, so that they could pay off the bounty on Cyrus's head. While there, they were joined by Morrighan Ferus, a bartender at The Maiden's Wish casino who had a plan for a heist of the casino vault. Cyrus served as lookout on the stairs while the rest of the Crown Keepers fought various foes in pursuit of the blueprints to the casino.[20]

Cyrus gave Fy'ra a note from Jinoir, a young pickpocket with whom she'd developed a rapport. He stayed behind in the party's hotel room as they followed up on this lead. In the middle of the night, Cyrus had an emotional conversation with Dorian in which he admitted he felt unready for rule and wanted to spend more time out in the world, but that he was proud of his brother. The next morning, Cyrus served as a distraction so the party could get into the vault tunnels via a grate in the kitchen, and procured dynamite so that they could detach the skydeck. Following the successful heist, he sailed off on the brumestone-powered skydeck with the rest of the Crown Keepers.[21]

After Exandria Unlimited: Kymal[edit | edit source]

Cyrus continued to travel with the rest of the Crown Keepers, and was attacked and poisoned by a spider when Lolth took control of Opal.[22] He later died in the battle,[23] and Dorian was forced to leave his body behind due to a Mass Suggestion spell.[24] Dorian later asked Keyleth if the Ashari could retrieve Cyrus's body, to which she agreed.[25]

Dorian saw an apparition of his brother on one of the hooks in Aeor. The image of Cyrus accused him of not letting him solve his own problems and ultimately killing him.[26]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Sending stone, twin to one held by Dorian,[27] given to Orym as he and Dorian left Marquet so Bells Hells may stay in touch with Dorian[28]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Cyrus: (to Dorian) When you left, at first, I was angry. I was frustrated. But the more I talked with Zunado, the more they explained to me that it is the nature of our people to wander. And in my sense of betrayal at your unexpected exit, the more questions I asked, the more I began to realize maybe I was the only one that wasn't stepping out of my comfort zone.[29]
  • Cyrus: I like being called a prince. That's a thing I've learned about myself now.[30]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

As a child, Cyrus had a pet rock, which he somehow managed to kill.[31]

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