Cuisine of Exandria

Official art of a banquet of Exandrian dishes, by Kent Davis.[art 1]

The cuisine of Exandria is as rich and varied as its people, differing depending on climate and culture. Listed here are various foods and drinks found across the continents and regions of Exandria.

Wildemount[edit | edit source]

Dwendalian Empire[edit | edit source]

The colder climate of Western Wynandir has its people favor hearty dishes of red meat and root vegetables. Spices are rarer in favor of butter and herbs, and fermented and pickled foods are common among all classes. The best cuts of meat are reserved for the upper class, while cuts like feet, tongue, ears, and tripe are consumed by the lower class. Imported wine is enjoyed by the wealthy, while ale is favored by the common folk.[1]

Notable foods and drinks:

  • Bratwurst, apple slaw, and bacon: Breakfast special at the Nestled Nook Inn in Trostenwald.[2]
  • Brawn: Meat jelly made from boiled calf head, also called head cheese.[1]
  • Changebringer's Nectar: Maple syrup grain alcohol, house special at the Grumpy Lily tavern in Deastok.[3]
  • Corndog: Battered sausage on a stick, fried in oil. A street food in Rexxentrum.[4]
  • Dampfnudel: Steamed rolls served in sweet custard or savory potatoes.[1]
  • Dumplings: Steamed potato bread filled with meats or vegetables.[1]
  • Dyolet fruit: Plum-sized fruit that grows only within the Velvin Thicket. A delicacy, it can be imbued with healing properties.[5]
  • Pickled plums[1]
  • Pretzel: Baked pastry twisted in a knot.[6]
  • Radler: Imported lemonade mixed with beer.[1]
  • Rütga: Traditional liquor of Grimgolir made from heavy root vegetables.[7]
  • Sauerbraten: A peasant dish from the Zemni Fields, made from pickled horse meat served with cabbage.[1]
  • Schweinshaxe: Zemnian peasant dish, long-marinated pork knuckle that's been roasted.[1]
  • Spanferkel: Roasted suckling pig, served at royal parties.[1]
  • Steak with béarnaise sauce.[8][9]
  • Swamp Swill: A whiskey sold in Berleben that makes people intoxicated faster and for longer.[10]
  • Trost: A sweet dark ale brewed in Trostenwald.[1]
  • Wines made by Lionett[11] and Stassman families from Kamordah, including Truscan Sunrise White and Red wines made by Stassman family.[12]

Greying Wildlands[edit | edit source]

Sparsely populated, the hardy denizens of the Greying Wildlands enjoy fresh game and foraged roots and berries. Many exotic foods are smuggled across the continent by the Tribes of Shadycreek Run and the Myriad.

Notable foods and drinks:

  • Black moss cupcakes: Dessert sold in Uthodurn with an earthy, charcoal taste and a matcha-like aftertaste.[13]
  • Blazing tea: Beverage of fermented fireroot and hot spices.[1]
  • Dwarven rootbake: Root and tuber casserole wrapped in seaweed.[1]
  • Elf-mash: A creamy dish of mashed overripe cloudberries.[1]
  • Jam porridge: Xhorhasian rice topped with salmonberry jam.[1]
  • Mushroom toasts: Toasted sandwich with ricotta cheese and mushrooms, created by Caduceus Clay.[14]
  • Sbiten: Honey and spice drink, served hot.[1]
  • Venison: Either served charred with roasted potatoes, or served raw and still dripping with blood.[1]

Menagerie Coast[edit | edit source]

The open trade practiced in the Menagerie Coast has lead to a varied mix of foods blending indigenous Ki'Nau recipes with those from Tal'dorei and Marquet. The coastal locale means that seafood is common, and the tropical climate brings fresh, sweet fruits to the local palette, which is often distilled into alcoholic cocktails or dried and baked into pastries and bread.[1]

Notable foods and drinks:

  • Bear claws: Fried pastry, often made with cinnamon in Nicodranas.
  • Beet hummus with carrots.[15]
  • Ceviche.[16]
  • Feolinn red and white wines, often made with plums, including products by Oveso Family and Cuthras Silver Vineyard. Prices range from 30 to 60 gold pieces for a bottle of wine.[17]
  • Fusaka fish: Fish cutlets coated with fusaka and fried in oil.[1] Served with chips and vinegar.[18]
  • Gazpacho: Cold soup made from pounded fruit and vegetables.[1]
  • Honeyflame bread: Fried dessert, served with honey and Marquesian spices.[1]
  • Paella: Made from rice, white beans, and seafood.[1]
  • Palma Flora: A fruity cocktail named for Palma Flora, where it was invented.[19]
  • Panzanella: Includes pomelos and cara cara oranges.[20]
  • Plantain cups: Fried plantains stuffed with meat and rice.[1]
  • Queen's water: A soft drink made from syrup, honey, guava, and tamarind.[1]
  • Ruby of the Sea: Cocktail of mezcal, ginger, and hibiscus, served at the Lavish Chateau, named for its owner and star performer Marion Lavorre.[21]
  • Silvertooth: A sweet brandy distilled from palm lily root, sweetened with fermented pineapple and sugarcane.[1]
  • Snakelocks noodles: Honey battered sea anemone, delicately fried.[1]
  • Steamed fish and seaweed salad[22]

Xhorhas[edit | edit source]

Most vegetables in the wastes of Xhorhas are roots, tubers, and grasses. The swamps provide the Kryn Dynasty with an abundance of rice and cranberries. Large game such as mastodon is also common. Wealthy drow cuisine often makes use of mushrooms, lightless vegetables, and rarer game found in the Underdark. Spirits enjoyed in Xhorhas include plum wine and a mushroom-based beer.[1]

Notable foods and drinks:

  • Erzfaalyu: Fermented rice spirit.[23]
  • Frost worm stew: Served with herb dumplings, popular dish served by Den Thelyss during consecution banquets.[24]
  • Keltaly: Frozen dessert made from mixed heavy cream and black currants.[23]
  • Kinespaji spaaldl: Mushroom and vegetable soup, boiled in the spit of a horizonback tortoise, popular among the goblins who raise them.[23]
  • Mastodon kor'rundl: Grilled mastodon served with kor'run and rice.
  • Rzukaal: Sautéed rice noodles, mushrooms, and giant spider legs.[23]
  • Umarindaly: Rice pudding with gooseberry jam.[23]
  • Yunfaalyu: Plum liquor, served cold and garnished with currants.[23]
  • Yuyandl: Spiced grilled yuyo served with rice.[23]

Blightshore[edit | edit source]

Notable foods and drinks:

  • Blight ichor: An illegal liqueur brewed from a fungus native to Blightshore. It is bitter in taste, green in color, and has psychedelic properties.[25]

Tal'Dorei[edit | edit source]

Notable foods and drinks:

Marquet[edit | edit source]

Notable foods and drinks:

Issylra[edit | edit source]

Notable foods and drinks:

  • Honey Polenta: Eaten for breakfast on Highsummer in Vasselheim.[52]
  • Smørrebrød: Open-faced sandwich popular in Shorecomb, often topped with seafood, cheese, and vegetables.[53]
  • Scaldseat salmon: Smoked salmon, named for the subaquatic Scaldseat volcano nearby to Shorecomb.[54]
  • Slayer's Take Stew: Game meat stew served by the Slayer's Take during Civilization's Dawn festivals.[55]
  • Succotash: Corn and bean dish, popular in Vasselheim during Wilds Grandeur.[56]

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