Crown Keepers

Crown Keepers
Official art of the Crown Keepers in Kymal, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 1]
Organizational information
TypeAdventuring party
Favored deity
EstablishedLate 842 PD
Disbanded14 Quen'pillar 843 PD
Total members6
Notable members
AlliesBells Hells
EnemiesNameless Ones

The Crown Keepers are an adventuring party based in Tal'Dorei, active in 842 and 843 PD, and are the protagonists of Exandria Unlimited. The party was formed by the chance acquisition of a dangerous relic, the Circlet of Barbed Vision. Their adventures brought them from the metropolis of Emon, to the quaint town of Byroden, to the hidden city of Niirdal-Poc, and to a heist in Kymal. Several members of the party broke away from the Crown Keepers to form another adventuring party, Bells Hells. Following the 843 PD Apogee Solstice, the Crown Keepers were forced to disband as the Betrayer God Lolth claimed one of its members as her champion to combat the threat of Predathos.

Adventures[edit | edit source]

Exandria Unlimited[edit | edit source]

Official art of the Crown Keepers in Emon, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 2]

In late 842 PD, a group of adventurers later to be named the Crown Keepers met in Emon, all missing memories of the previous week, and proceeded to party at the Everdawn, an ongoing end-of-year celebration. Upon waking up the following morning, after getting breakfast, they returned to the townhouse in which they were staying and found a woman putting a symbol on the door. The woman eventually introduced herself as Poska, told them she was negotiating on behalf of an organization called the Nameless Ones, and suggested they steal something for her - anything "nice" will do - from the docks of Emon, with the implication that this will lead the Nameless Ones to leave the building in which they are staying alone. The group - consisting of Dariax Zaveon, Dorian Storm, Fearne Calloway, Orym, and Opal - agreed to do so. Upon going down to the docks, they noticed one particularly large and unmanned ship, The Blightstar, from Issylra. Upon going on deck they found that the crew were all dead. They went below decks to find a crate containing an onyx circlet, which made Orym and Dorian immediately ill, and which the sailors appeared to have died defending. Dariax was able to handle the crate, and Fearne stole 500 platinum. They then delivered some of the money to the warehouse Poska had told them about. While there, multiple figures appeared and asked for the circlet, promising the party all the other spoils of the warehouse, but the party killed them instead when they attacked.[1] They then decided, on Orym's advice, to go to the Scar of the Cinder King and speak with the Ashari there, rather than returning to Poska.[2]

On their way out of the city, they realized they were being watched after Fearne dodged a dart blown at her, but Dariax was able to put their pursuers off their trail, and Opal and Dorian managed to charm and incapacitate two more figures at the gates. The group noticed there seemed to be few city guards, and realized the Nameless Ones were likely pursuing them. While camping outside the city on their way to the plateau with the Ashari, Dorian realized the circlet was the Circlet of Barbed Vision, a Vestige of Divergence associated with the Spider Queen. This strengthened Orym's belief that the Ashari were their best help, as his leader, Keyleth, also had a Vestige. Fearne mentions that her grandmother in the Feywild could also be of help, but is more difficult to reach. After a night in which Opal argued with her sister Ted, whom she has a mental connection with, and Dorian noticed Poska riding near their camp, they reached the Fire Ashari encampment and spoke with Lorkathar, the leader of the group there. After the party defeated an elemental and noticed a strange sigil, Lorkathar directed them to Shaun Gilmore back in Emon to help with the circlet.[2] They returned to Emon in disguise, though some Nameless Ones still attacked them, and found safety in Gilmore's Glorious Goods. There, they purchased a number of items and spoke with Shawn Gilmore at length. He confirmed the crown was indeed the Circlet of Barbed Vision and gave them a box that would allow them to send the item to him, as well as told them that the sigil originated from a pre-Calamity culture south of Emon known as the Qoniira Tetrarchy. He offered to help them escape the city after learning the Nameless Ones were pursuing them, and they took his offer. They were stopped by Poska, but Dariax told her they'd sold the circlet to Gilmore and couldn't give it to her. Fearne was able to successfully charm her long enough for them to escape, and Orym used the box to warn Gilmore that Poska was coming. The group continued south.[3]

After several weeks of travel, Fearne realized they were approaching the gate by which she entered Exandria, and when she approached it, a forlarren version of herself emerged, wearing the circlet. When the forlarren invited Fearne to join her, a fire genasi woman, Fy'ra Rai, appeared and told them that it was the current version of Fearne's choice to make. Combat ensued, and after the party, joined and aided by Fy'ra, defeated the forlarren, an elven woman appeared and asked them what they had done. She introduced herself as Myr'atta Niselor, of Syngorn, and that she had been tasked to address a strange energy from the gate. She placed a residuum spike into the ground, then permitted the party to continue, though not without expressing suspicion. The Crown Keepers then reached Opal's home of Byroden, during a festival. Opal learned that Ted had left shortly after she did. The group participated in the festival and pageant, which Opal won, before leaving and continuing down into the Rifenmist Jungle, Fy'ra with them.[4] On their journey towards the ruins of Qoniira, the Spider Queen began speaking to them, tempting them to put on the circlet and become her champion. Dorian told her that perhaps Poska would be a better champion, which the Spider Queen found intriguing, though noted that he seemed to be willing to sacrifice the people of Emon in exchange for his friends' safety. As she left, Dorian also found himself remembering the missing week; the party, including Fy'ra, had all fought some battle in a space between the Material Plane and the Fey Realm, and Fy'ra had sacrificed herself so that the others could leave, hence why she recalled them and they did not recall her.[5]

Official art of the Crown Keepers in the Rifenmist Jungle, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 3]

Upon reaching the first Qoniira ruins, the Wildmother began to speak, first to Fy'ra, with whom she had a connection, and then the others within the party. As they began copying the runes on one of the obelisks, they were attacked by a Feymire crocodile, which they were able to defeat. Afterwards, Orym, noticing that Dorian no longer seemed to be negatively affected by the circlet, confronted him and told him to return it to Dariax. While doing so, both Orym and Dariax noticed Dorian seemed to have been touched in some way by the Spider Queen. As they continued on, Opal continued to have dreams of Ted warning her about Myr'atta, and Fearne received dreams tempting her to take the circlet, but she declined. Meanwhile, Myr'atta continued her journey, placing more spikes of residuum, revealing that it is damaging the Wildmother's jungle.[5]

The group then reached Niirdal-Poc, where Fy'ra had stayed, and she revealed to them that the Qoniira Tetrarchy had not fallen into ruin during the Calamity but rather still existed, albeit only this one city of the original five remains. She introduced them to her friend Elam Genar, and after a meal in Elam's home in which Elam translated the sigil as "Place of Burning", the party went to speak to the tetrarchs. Upon passing through the city square, a statue of a feline humanoid turned towards Dariax as his compass pendant began to glow. She told him she is the Observer and that he will continue to have her favor. The party then continued and met with Tetrarch Thrascuur. Thrascuur was able to tell them that the sigils referred to a place full of potential, deciding what it would be, but that it might be catastrophic. Fy'ra told them she would do anything to stop it, but when Thrascuur asked her what she truly wanted, she admitted she wished to be reunited with her sister, Fy'ra Kai. She saw a vision of Fy'ra Kai, northwest of Emon.[6]

Thrascuur provided Opal with a mirror, in which she saw her mother, Paloma, who left when she was very young, before reassuring her that she can make her own choices. They also touched Opal, causing Ted to become less agitated, and told her it will hide them from Scrying. They gave Orym a seed to keep with him. As the others left, Fy'ra admitted privately that she was worried about Dorian, to which Thrascuur agreed. They were then attacked by Myr'atta and her allies in the square. They held them off long enough for Myr'atta to escape, during which she told Opal she "doesn't deserve" what she has, and Opal felt Ted grow dormant within her and her magic faded. Fy'ra then left the party to go find her sister, after telling Dorian to stay with the others despite whatever choice he may have made. Meanwhile, Myr'atta torments Ted in whatever space she exists.[6] That night, Dariax spoke with the Observer and learned more about the powers she granted him, and the Spider Queen continued to hound Dorian. The following morning, they decided to leave in the hopes of protecting Opal from Myr'atta, and Thrascuur told them to travel towards the ruins of the southernmost city in the erstwhile tetrarchy, Niirdal-Sarqet. A young girl also gave the party a letter to deliver to Tetrarch Umejii, who had left some time earlier to head further down the Rifenmist Peninsula towards the Iron Authority's lands. The Crown Keepers left, continuing south.[7]

A few days outside the city, in the ruins, they found a floating stone cube covered in sigils, which they were able to translate as "The universe above/The universe within/Remember what came before/Decide what happens next/Provide for all/A shield to protect."[8] Upon their reading of this message, the cube shattered, granting the party new powers, but also revealing several golems. They defeated the golems, but as they did, were interrupted again by Myr'atta, who placed another residuum spike in the jungle, and addressed Ted rather than Opal, telling her she would free her and would not be stopped.[7] The party fought Myr'atta and her allies, as well as some stone constructs; during the fight, the Spider Queen repeatedly reached out to Opal and Dorian, telling them to put on the circlet in order to win. Despite feeling Ted pulled away from her, Opal initially resisted. Eventually, during the fight, Ted finally manifested as a gigantic head within the clearing, summoned by Myr'atta. As the fight grew dire, Opal took the circlet from Dariax and put it on her head, where it fused. In doing so she became the champion of the Spider Queen, and was able to defeat Myr'atta and restore her own connection to Ted. She found herself unable to take off the circlet, but the party decided to continue towards Umejii together for the time being and figure out what would come after once they'd found her.[9]

Between Exandria Unlimited and Exandria Unlimited: Kymal[edit | edit source]

Dorian, Fearne, and Orym stayed together, first traveling to Zephrah, and later Marquet on a mission from Keyleth. Dariax stayed with Opal as she gained insight into her new powers.[10] Fy'ra searched for her sister, eventually reuniting with the others after some time back in Niirdal-Poc.[11]

Exandria Unlimited: Kymal[edit | edit source]

After Dorian returned from Marquet, where Fearne and Orym remained, having become part of the adventuring party of Bells Hells, he and his brother Cyrus reunited with Opal, Dariax, and Fy'ra in The Maiden's Wish, a casino in Kymal. Their initial goal was to steal from the vaults so as to be able to pay off Cyrus's bounty. There, they met and connected with Morrighan Ferus, a bartender and thief, who admitted she also wanted to get out due to the Nameless Ones becoming a force within Kymal. They managed to steal blueprints that revealed both the location of the vaults as well as that they could escape on a platform with brumestone supports, and defeated several Nameless One assassins. After Jinoir, a young urchin whom Fy'ra had met the previous night warned them that the Nameless Ones were planning to fully take over the city, and that Fy'ra Kai was among their generals, they decided to perform the heist the next day and get out. That night, the Spider Queen officially made Opal her champion, granting her increased powers, though she was uninterested in Opal's heist plans and urged her to find the Children of Malice instead.

The party then performed the heist successfully. While in the vaults, Morrighan, who had been sent to the Material Plane by Fearne's grandmother Morri, was compelled by frantic birdsong within her head to destroy a bust which seemed to contain the unreadable mortal name of the Matron of Ravens. They then detached the brumestone platform and slowly flew off, escaping from the Nameless Ones' takeover.

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

Following their escape from Kymal, the Crown Keepers fled in the direction of Kraghammer along the Wildwood Byway, staying off the road when they could, though they did hear rumors of the events of the apogee solstice. On their trip, Dorian received a message from Orym via his sending stone asking him for help and telling him to find Keyleth. Not long after, Lolth, in an effort to ensure Opal was entirely loyal to her as her champion, overtook her physically and forced her to battle the others, destroying many of her memories in the fight.[12] In the course of the fight, Opal resisted and cast Mass Suggestion, which forced Dorian and Dariax to leave and seek Orym. One of the spiders summoned by Lolth killed Cyrus in response. Morrighan fled with a few of Opal's memories so that Opal would not lose herself entirely, becoming the champion of the Raven Queen in the process. Dorian and Dariax both left, though in parting Dorian cast Geas on a massive spider telling it to kill its mother. Fy'ra found herself in a position to remove the circlet, but not without killing Opal, and chose instead to go with her. Dorian then left Dariax at a tavern and continued on to Zephrah, where he met with Keyleth.[13]

Name[edit | edit source]

The group remained unnamed for much of their adventure in the Rifenmist Peninsula. During this time, several names were proposed for the group, shown below sorted by who suggested the name:



  • Hot Pie Biters[18]
  • Tummy Rubbers[19]
  • Dorian Storm and his Blades of Fury[20]
  • Crown Keepers[21]


Fy'ra Rai



  • Sexy Six[31]
  • Dariax and his Dashing Backup Dancers[32]
  • Hot Cross Buns[33]

Of these, the most popular seemed to be the Odd Lot and the Ash Holes. The Crown Keepers was first suggested by Dariax as they traveled toward Niirdal-Poc,[21] in reference to their desire to keep the Circlet of Barbed Vision away from those who would use it for evil;[34] the party later chose this name after Opal began wearing the Circlet, saying that if they gave up the crown they might change their name.[35]

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Class Status Location
Dariax Zaveon Sorcerer/Bard Alive Traveling Tal'Dorei
Dorian Storm Bard Alive Adventuring with Bells Hells
Fy'ra Rai Monk Alive Traveling with Opal
Fearne Calloway Druid Alive Adventuring with Bells Hells
Morrighan Ferus Rogue(formerly); Paladin Alive Traveling to parts unknown
Opal Warlock Alive Traveling with Fy'ra Rai
Orym Fighter Alive Adventuring with Bells Hells

Companions[edit | edit source]

Name Species Master
Little Mister Wildfire Spirit Fearne Calloway
Ted 2 Familiar Opal

Allies and friends[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]


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