Crown Keepers

Crown Keepers
Official art of the Crown Keepers, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 1]
Organizational information
TypeAdventuring party
Favored deity
Established842 PD
Total members6
Notable members
AlliesMorrighan Ferus
EnemiesNameless Ones

The Crown Keepers are an adventuring party based in Tal'Dorei, primarily active in 842 and 843 PD, and are the protagonists of Exandria Unlimited.

Adventures[edit | edit source]

Name[edit | edit source]

The group remained unnamed for much of their adventure in the Rifenmist Peninsula. During this time, several names were proposed for the group, shown below sorted by who suggested the name:



  • Hot Pie Biters[15]
  • Tummy Rubbers[16]
  • Dorian Storm and his Blades of Fury[17]
  • Crown Keepers[18]


Fy'ra Rai



  • Sexy Six[8]
  • Dariax and his Dashing Backup Dancers[9]
  • Hot Cross Buns[10]

Of these, the most popular seemed to be the Odd Lot and the Ash Holes. The Crown Keepers was first suggested by Dariax as they traveled toward Niirdal-Poc,[18] in reference to their desire to keep the Circlet of Barbed Vision away from those who would use it for evil;[21] the party later chose this name after Opal began wearing the Circlet, saying that if they gave up the crown they might change their name.[22]

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Class Status Location
Dariax Zaveon Sorcerer Alive In Tal'Dorei with the Crown Keepers
Dorian Storm Bard Alive In Tal'Dorei with the Crown Keepers
Fearne Calloway Druid Alive Adventuring with Bells Hells
Opal Warlock Alive In Tal'Dorei with the Crown Keepers
Orym Fighter Alive Adventuring with Bells Hells

Companions[edit | edit source]

Name Species Master
Little Mister Wildfire Spirit Fearne Calloway

Allies and friends[edit | edit source]

Player Characters

Name Class Status Location
Fy'ra Rai Monk Alive In Tal'Dorei with the Crown Keepers
Morrighan Ferus Rogue Alive In Tal'Dorei with the Crown Keepers


Enemies[edit | edit source]


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