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The following pages are either currently relevant to what's airing, or we've recently learned more. Some pages may not have been created yet - please make them! See our other to-do lists for other items: articles likely to be relevant soon and miscellaneous items.

Significant or ongoing updates[edit source]

These pages need week-to-week updates based on currently airing or recently aired material or need significant expansion based on new information. Assume that regular cast PCs typically need a once-over after each episode even though they are not listed here.

Campaign 3[edit source]

Candela Obscura[edit source]

Calamity[edit source]

This articles remain here on the list because reader interest in ExU Calamity articles is ongoing.

  • Avalir, need updates on plot summary and especially location and faction description
  • Ring of Brass

Mighty Nein Origins[edit source]

Nine Eyes of Lucien[edit source]

Other[edit source]

Updates for recent appearances[edit source]

These pages may need other work, but the most needed work is updates for a recent appearance or newly learned information.

Pages needed[edit source]

Campaign 3[edit source]

Candela Obscura[edit source]