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The following outlines our policies. As initially introduced, they were created by the administrators and bureaucrat, and took significant inspiration from policies found on successful wikis, including Wikipedia.

Should you have feedback for these policies, feel free to contact the administrators, and should you wish to change these policies, please see the Consensus page.


Article policies

  • Attribution Policy: How to properly cite sources.
  • Copyright Policy: An overview of copyrights for the wiki and for material referenced.
  • Use of Images: What images can be used, and what is required to use them.
  • Plagiarism Policy: An overview of what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it.
  • Neutral POV Policy: Information should be presented fairly and without bias.
  • Notability Policy: A guideline for which topics should or should not have an article.
  • Deletion Policy: Understanding how to mark articles for deletion and how articles get deleted.
  • Talk pages: How to use talk pages to discuss articles
  • Page Protection: Understanding the protection levels and why they may be put in place.
  • Spoiler Policy: Spoilers are nearly always permitted; this page outlines why and any exceptions.

User policies

  • Administrator Rights and Expectations: What admins can and can't do and how to become an administrator.
  • Anonymous (IP) editors: Some notes on the benefits, drawbacks, and limitations of editing without an account.
  • User Groups: Overview of the types of users and their rights and access on this wiki.
  • Civility: How to treat your fellow editors with respect.
  • Vandalism: What constitutes vandalism.
  • Rollback Policy: Understanding the rollback tool and how/why it's used.
  • Blocking: Overview of why users may be blocked, expectations for admins doing the blocking, and ways to appeal.
  • Voting Policy: Who is eligible to vote and when to do so.
  • Other Policies: A catch-all covering user blogs and the Discord server.

See also

  • Administrators' noticeboard: Report incidents needing administrator attention here.
  • Known issues: Bugs, styling issues, and similar non-content issues that adminship is aware about.
  • Suggestions: A centralized location for suggestions for improvements that affect the wiki at large.
  • Nominations: For nominations and voting for user promotion/demotion.