Critical Role wiki:Known issues

The following is a list of current non-content issues, typically bugs in extensions or problems with theme styling, that are known to the wiki's administrators. If you do not see an issue here, please bring it to an admin's attention through the Administrators' noticeboard, their user talk page, or the Discord server.

  • Mobile: Sidebar of custom links does not reliably appear
  • Mobile: The new Lua infoboxes often have an extra border between the header and a data cell (minor cosmetic issue)
  • Infoboxes: Uneven spacing between main box and sub-boxes. Sometimes uneven (Dancer), sometimes flush (Cerrit Agrupnin). Seems to be based on what fields are present.
  • Extensions: MsCalendar (Upcoming events) no longer displaying items nor saving new items. Otherwise functions fine as a blank calendar.