Critical Role wiki:General disclaimer

Encyclopedia Exandria, the Critical Role Wiki at Miraheze, does not represent nor is affiliated with Critical Role Productions, its team, or any other individuals, companies, or imprints associated with the works covered by this encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia Exandria is an open-content, volunteer-based collaborative encyclopedia. It is a project contributed to and built by a community of individuals who are working to create a repository of knowledge and information. The nature of the project as an online, editable encyclopedia allows anyone to alter its contents. Thus, this project cannot guarantee that all its contents are complete, reliable, or accurate.

This does not mean that this wiki contains no useful, accurate, or reliable information. However, the Encyclopedia Exandria cannot guarantee nor promise the validity of its contents at all times. Any given page may be vandalized, fall out of date, or be incorrectly altered. You may compare this with the disclaimers of other sources of information.

Though editors and readers at Encyclopedia Exandria may engage in casual peer review by monitoring their Special:Watchlist, Special:RecentChanges, Special:NewPages, and other such feeds and correcting mistakes as they see them, there is no consistent and encompassing process of peer review. Thus, any information contained within cannot be guaranteed of their validity and is not necessarily vetted by the community. Articles that have been checked, peer reviewed, or vetted may have also been edited inaccurately in the time since.

All pages and their contents are subject to change, as is the nature of an open-edit project, and this encyclopedia is always in flux.