Critical Role wiki:Consensus

Decisions on this wiki are made via consensus: the active editing community coming to an agreement on the appropriate step forward. This will be done via discussion on the wiki, followed by a vote.

The following are subject to consensus[edit source]

An administrator may bring other issues to a consensus vote at their discretion.

To reach consensus[edit source]

  • At least half the eligible user base (rounded down in the case of an odd number) OR eight eligible users, whichever number is smaller, votes.
  • There must be a simple majority for deletion requests and policy changes. A tie is not considered a majority.
  • There must be a 2/3rds supermajority for user promotion. There must be at least a simple majority and significant evidence for demotion.

Note: Administrators and bureaucrats may vote. They each have one vote, like any other eligible user, and can be outvoted. The exception is in the case of a vote that clearly goes against the interests of the wiki or the community, eg: we will not permit plagiarism, even if the user base were to vote in favor of permitting it. Administrators and bureaucrats also must abstain from votes pertaining to their own demotion.

Other[edit source]

While the user base is small (<15 eligible users), some decisions may be made more informally. However, these decisions and the discussion thereof will still be documented on the wiki.