Critical Role Cooldown

Critical Role Cooldown
Key art for the series, by Critical Role.[art 1]
Hosted onBeacon
Running time9 to 15 minutes
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes19 (as of June 28, 2024)
First airedMay 6, 2024

Critical Role Cooldown (also Critical Cooldown or CR Cooldown) is a Beacon-exclusive series documenting the cast's post-episode discussions and reactions.

Content[edit | edit source]

Critical Role Cooldown is recorded after the sign-off on an episode of Campaign 3: Bells Hells and features the cast's immediate reaction to that episode's events. Episodes often include discussion, additional lore, or clarifications on the session.[1]

The first eleven episodes,[a] the post-show to "Ruidus" (3x83) to "Bittersweet Reunions" (3x93), were released alongside Beacon's launch, and new episodes are released exclusively to Beacon every Thursday after the corresponding Campaign 3 episode.[1]

Special episodes of Cooldown were also released along with the one-shots "The Menagerie Returns!" (OSx58), "Candela Obscura Live" (OSx59) and "Ménagerie a Trois" (OSx60).

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  1. The announcement for Beacon's launch states that the first ten episodes were released, but the series page at the time actually listed eleven episodes: archived version of the series page from May 9, 2024.



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