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Episode no.Season 2, Episode 17
AirdateApril 3, 2022
  • January 3, 2024
  • December 6, 2023 (subscribers)
Running time28:57
Illustration byElena Muños
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"Blood Ties" (Midst 2x16)
"Boss" (Midst 2x18)
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Too little, too late.

— Official logline[1]

"Compensation" (Midst 2x17) is the seventeenth episode of the second season of Midst.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Jonas, who has been out of sorts and withdrawn since the incident with Imelda and Moc Weepe, is summoned to appear before the Upper Trust. He assumes it is because of that incident, but instead, Fleit Sr. tells him three things. First, Phineas's dismissal as Prime Adsecla has been finalized and a group separate from Jonas's will be tasked with retrieving him and bringing him back to serve the Trust in a more appropriate way. Second, Sherman has not provided any useful information in the investigation of Fuze nor Maximillian Loxlee's murders and is to be released and reinstated to his role as bartender at the Delagny Hotel; Jonas has been taken off the case. Finally, Jonas is to be court-martialed regarding Phineas's actions on Midst, since they have begun to circulate among the population and someone needs to be made an example of. Jonas realizes he is only being used as a scapegoat, and considers the possibilities - whether he will be fired or merely fined, neither of which would be ruinous - when Fleit interrupts his train of thought and asks if he has any questions. Jonas tells him he understands. When Fleit moves to end the session, with no mention of the incident at the Arca, Jonas asks if he can inform Sherman personally of his release. Fleit allows him to do so. However, as he leaves, Backpack follows him. When she asks if she can follow him he tells her it's confidential, but she provides clearance and also tells him Jedediah Pom is on assignment elsewhere, which adds to Jonas's feelings of disempowerment and being used. Accompanied by Backpack, he knocks on Sherman's door. Sherman hesitantly lets him in, at which point Jonas provides him with the official statement of release, despite finding it overly cold and formal. Jonas also thanks him, telling him Phineas will be brought to justice. He also tells him that he has searched for signs of Tzila but found none, good or bad, though he will continue to use what resources he can (privately wondering if he will retain those resources much longer). They all awkwardly leave in the elevator, Backpack still recording despite Jonas's clear distaste. Frustrated with the entire situation, Jonas tells the departing Sherman to wait, and offers to pay off his balance of Caenum. Sherman equivocates, and Backpack turns off the microphone. Jonas pulls over a notary, who informs him that there is a special order not to reveal Sherman's account. Jonas angrily pulls rank and the notary leaves as Sherman tells him that he did what he had to do for Tzila; Jonas's offer came too late. The notary returns showing a large anonymous donation to Sherman. Jonas demands to know the name of the benefactor, and is told it was Weepe. He then rounds on Sherman and asks why he provided information to Weepe instead, given Weepe sold him out, and Sherman tells him that while Weepe betrayed him, he only did it once and he will do it to the Trust as well, in comparison to how the Trust has treated him. Jonas expresses doubt and notes people can change, but Sherman asks him if that's true as he leaves.

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